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lower water absorption, which overcomes the disadvantages of most common wood-plastic flooring . The industry known as the second generation of wood. Understand the wood-plastic products are aware of, faded, moldy, surface cracks are the fatal flaws of wood-plastic products, many companies have encountered complaints returned and this. The co-extrusion method to seal the core material can fundamentally solve these problems effectively. At DeckExpo 2010 in Baltimore, USA, at the end of last year, cheap flooring options for cabinI found that

many North American companies easily extended the warranty period for wood-plastic flooring from 20 to 25 years, all of which are merits of wood-plastic co-extrusion. Direct costs do not increase the color more abundant. At present, there are mainly PVC, PE and ASA much to pay labor for deck picketts install Among them, PE co-extruded PE is mainly produced in large amount (due to the large amount of PE plastic, accounting for more than 75%). At present, China mainly uses recycled materials for production. Therefore, it is even more necessary and

urgent to use wood-plastic co-extrusion. Otherwise, it will soon be eliminated by the market. Some manufacturers worry that co-extruded wood will increase the cost of the product. In fact,hog wire privacy screen ideas the direct cost of co-extruded wood will not increase. Although the cost of the surface co-extruded layer is high, the cost of the core layer is reduced (return, Less additives, more wood flour). Co-extruded surface layer thickness is very thin (0.3 ~ 0.5mm, to emboss only 1mm), you can not usually use the good additives (UV, antibacterial,

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the plastic material, wood-plastic mixed with different types of plastic, then made of wood-plastic material will be different Generally speaking, PE, PP, PS and PVC can be mixed into plastic made of wood and plastic. One of the most commonly used polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC). Polyethylene is chemically stable, resistant to dilute nitric acid, dilute sulfuric acid and any concentration of hydrochloric acid,deck pool designs for a 18 ft pool hydrofluoric acid, phosphoric acid, formic acid, acetic acid, ammonia, amines, hydrogen peroxide, sodium

hydroxide, potassium hydroxide and the like at room temperature Solution. But not resistant to strong oxidizing corrosion, such as fuming sulfuric acid �� concentrated nitric acid, chromic acid and sulfuric acid mixture. At room temperature the above solvents will have a slow erosion of polyethylene, and at 90 --- 100 ��, concentrated sulfuric acid and concentrated nitric acid will quickly attack the polyethylene, interlocking tiles for front porchso that its destruction or decomposition. Polyethylene under the action of the atmosphere, sunlight and oxygen, aging,

discoloration, cracking, brittle or pulverized, loss of its mechanical properties. In the molding temperature, but also because of oxidation, the melt degree of decline, the occurrence of discoloration, streaks, and therefore in the molding process and the use of process or material selection should be noted. Precisely for these reasons,cost of building a deck yourself wood-plastic profiles made from mixed polyethylene (PE) are generally suitable for outdoor use. Polyethylene (PE) under the high-density polyethylene (HDPE) is a highly crystalline, non-polar thermoplastic

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"Floor King store" was selling low-quality flooring was complained yesterday, Nanchang public Mr. Zhang reflected to the newspaper, he was in Jiefang Road "floor king store" bought a poor floor. Mr. Zhang introduced some time ago, when he renovated a new house in the store fancy a "new boss bamboo board,"

the floor, the packaging is very attractive to write: "The floor of the national chain of institutions, leaching paint bright, carbonized Festival, quality assurance. " Mr. Zhang bought about 140 square meters at a price of over 100 yuan per square meter.

Know that these floors installed in the home, only half a month on the ground there was a crack. After Mr. Zhang reflected the situation to the newspaper, the reporter immediately reported the situation to Shanghai Branch of Commerce and Industry. Subsequently,

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made a price cut, when providing an invoice, to provide consumers with taxes. This situation is not allowed, businesses are tax evasion. To buy building materials to be cautious, do not let the "fake foreign brands" fainted, in order to understand the "foreign brand" in the building materials industry,

"popularity", the reporter surveyed several large building materials market weekend. You never know the full extent of things until you see them. If you do not ask the sales staff, we will think that 2/3 of the tiles and floors are from abroad. In the tile area,

see the "foreign name children" are: Nobel, Marco Polo, Rome, Mona Lisa, Romario, Summit, Unora, Slim, Louis Vuitton, Taichiro ...... in the floor area , See the "foreign name children" are: Fillinger, Gardiner, Del, Auman, Deshi, Kalmar, Hans, Oulang, Bairui, Hamburg, Japan, the Pan-American ...

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Jinsheng International Home and many other large building materials stores. And business categories are roughly the same, emphasis on the whole, "You have, I have, all have." It is understood that Bridge North Road, Nanjing building materials market is one of the more concentrated areas,

and now due to fierce competition, the market is saturated, some building materials city has no past crowded scenes, gossip, business deserted. Building materials city like the new country in addition to rely on the roadside several still in business, most of the other have been closed because of poor management,

will be ready to engage in real estate development. The original Golden Bridge near the building materials city as early as two years ago because of the collapse has now built a community. Red Sun Building Materials City, a boss told reporters: "Now the business is not as good as a few years ago.

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Can be imitation solid wood flooring, substrate thickness should be irrelevant.There is no unified test standard wood floor sterilization is more than excuse me, recently, is to new home decoration Beijing consumer Wang somewhat confused because there are some claims on the market antibacterial wood flooring (hereinafter referred to as the floor).

Mr. Wang has a two-year-old son, it is agile age, if antimicrobial floor covered, son on the ground do not have to worry about playing. However, Mr. Wang made inquiries about the brand floor of the Internet after the rise of concern, almost every brand has antibacterial flooring products,

claiming to kill bacteria, eliminate dust mites, and some even claim to treat the disease. Mr. Wang difficult to make a temporary decision, do not know whether these claims credible. Reporters conducted an investigation. Antibacterial floor online claiming to cure According to Mr. Wang pointing,

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formaldehyde emissions, color style floor quality problems, and for the skirting, floor glue, floor mats and other accessories quality and service problems are not Pay too much attention. Some consumers think the floor buckle, skirting and other accessories is a very small floor system accessories,

the importance of their lack of attention. Some unscrupulous businesses to take advantage of this psychology of consumers, often use cheaper common plastic, or even cheaper cheaper plastic. As the saying goes, "Good horse with a good saddle," high-quality flooring if there is no corresponding high-quality accessories,

it is not complete, it can not play a good performance of the floor to. These small accessories to a considerable extent determines the installation and use of the floor performance, determines the floor life. To this end, experts said that most of the wooden baseboard in the production process with formaldehyde adhesive adhesive,

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the Ministry of Finance and the State Administration of Taxation, the National Development and Reform Commission, the Ministry of Commerce and the General Administration of Customs released the "State Administration of Taxation, Ministry of Finance, on the reduction of some commodities Export tax rebate rate of the notice,

"provides July 1, 2007 onwards, adjust the export tax rebate policy of some products. The policy adjustment involves a total of 2,831 commodities, accounting for about 37% of the total goods in the customs tariff. However, the tax rebate part of the wood products is also on the list,

and the export tax rebate for some wood products is reduced to 5%. From a macroscopic perspective of economic development, there is no doubt that the policy adjustment will play a role in promoting the healthy development of our economy. However, it is not a small impact from the perspective of the short-term development of individual industries.

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try to choose a reputable, cost-effective brand, so as not to leave regret. Mingde building materials market grand opening, June 18, is located in South Guangming Road, next to the Ming dynasty home city of southern suburbs Mingde building materials market grand opening,

it is understood, the Mingde building materials market operating area of ​​about 12,000 square meters, divided into two layers , Paint, plates, metal, smallpox, plumbing fittings and other materials, the implementation of the mall management, standardization of operations.

Building materials hall fire fire fighting "no way", yesterday morning at about 8:15, Beiliang Building, 38 Plaza, behind the sudden burst of fire in the 38 building materials area, many shops were burned. Around 8:40 am, reporters rushed to the scene of the accident.

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According to the final ruling, Chinese wood flooring companies to be sold in the United States must Uniden Dutch Dutch, "a one-time payment of 100,000 to 120,000 US dollars, each sold 1 square meters and 0.65 US dollars to pay a patent license fee." It is reported that some Chinese enterprises have paid a patent license fee.

This will greatly weaken the international competitiveness of China's wooden flooring, but also make a lot of hardships in the fierce competition of Chinese wood flooring enterprises even worse. In view of the above situation, it is suggested: First, enterprises should innovate independently and enhance the awareness of patent protection.

Enterprises should increase R & D investment, rationalize resource allocation, solve the problem of sluggish R & D investment and lack of motivation for innovation, and create differentiated products to create their own patented products. The second is to strengthen self-discipline of the industry.

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