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plasticization, the use of environmental protection, cost-effective, recycling compared with traditional wood, the greatest advantage of plastic wood is to contribute to the environment, saving timber is conducive to the protection of the ecological environment, not required Paint to avoid environmental pollution,build garden box composite materials scrapped after recycling can produce no secondary pollution. Plastic wood products have not painted, plastic wood is not afraid of the advantages of water in about 10 years after the end of the period, you can also

recycle. In the domestic plastic wood after two years of promotion, the former residence of Shaoxing Lu Xun, Xuanwu Lake, Huangshan, Taiwan Bali Scenic Area and other scenic spots to the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo, to the United Kingdom, the United States,best plastic deck material France and other European and American countries, can see WPC products are more common, widely used. After coming to the company, the Internet will always encounter some of the problems raised by customers, and today, I have put

together some common questions 1. Q: Wood-plastic products are flame retardant? A: Most of the wood-plastic products themselves are made of wood flour and plastic extrusion, so it must be able to ignite, but compared to the average wood, it is more difficult to burn up. , waterproof bathroom wall boards2. Q: Can planing, the appearance of more visually like wood. A: At the beginning of extrusion, the appearance of WPC profile is closer to that of plastic. In order to make the material visually closer to the wood, in general, we will polish it. After milling,

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People likes to install real wood floor board in the shop in sitting room, bedroom, study very much now, because real wood floor is healthy sense of environmental protection, foot is good, and have very good adornment sex again. Although real wood floor is having very much advantage, but also have a few drawback at the same time. Today for what does the common flaw that says real wood floor have and point of construction of real wood floor.

What does the common flaw of real wood floor have?

The first, bug eat by moth

The bite because of the insect in lumber eat by moth, floor surface often can see the powder of one caboodle, make a person vexed.

Reason: Concern with floor select material.

Measure: It is the floor board that the choose and buy passes production of technology of oast gush steam to go out, although price is relatively high, but already killed the bug egg in lumber; entirely 2 it is to choose keel seriously, what always have bug eye or bark is uniform need not.

The 2nd, gather up seam

Some floors extend count day, larger crack appeared between batten.

Reason: This mostly as exorbitant as the moisture content before floor laid about, contract because of indoor high temperature or airing.

Measure: The moisture content before noticing floor laid is inside 8-13 interval, after and spread be over, want to go up in time oily.

The 3rd, noise

The floor can give out the noise that creak creaks.

Reason: Because the quality of floor laid is not high, when ambulating, people can discover the noise of creak above, after hearing very uncomfortable.

Measure: Want to notice keel and ground, union is firm between floor and keel, the measure that uses a hammer and length are appropriate. Meanwhile, should prevent keel span too big or moisture content is exorbitant, otherwise dry systole becomes loose after laid, also can cause certain effect.

The 4th, beautiful face

Use the batten that same tree plants, color also appears bigger difference.

Reason: If laid is undeserved, appear extremely easily piece " beautiful face " .

Measure: Using laid of floor of varnish instinctive quality, especially when off color huge cultivates kind of batten, you should consider to choose attrib wattly and be allocated, the color that accomplishs a floor by shallow enter deep, or by development shallow transfer gradually.

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Yongsheng WPC WPC varieties of wood, different models for different places, most of them suitable for flooring, wall panels, railings, fences, keel, immediately column, in addition, these WPC profiles can be made of different The color, the surface also has a variety of ways to make wood-plastic products look more beautiful and natural. Now,teak and holly laminate vinyl floors for boats many outdoor products are made of wood-plastic profiles, Yongsheng Wushu provide outdoor products are plastic leisure chairs, plastic trash, wood-plastic landscape Pieces,

WPC boxes and tree pool, welcome to ask to buy : 0575-82001678. In the online customer consultation process, an accidental opportunity came into contact with the concept of wood-plastic panels. At the time, a client asked about WPC. At that time, he asked me if my company's WPC could be used several times. At that time, I also felt baffling. Later,plastic mesh fencing in ireland I concluded that he needed a building template, and that Shangyu Yongsheng New Material Limited production of wood-plastic profiles, today, we are the difference between

wood-plastic panels and wood-plastic profiles to make an analysis. WPC is generally refers to the building template, and it is a kind of energy-saving and green products, is following the wooden formwork,price per linear foot to install wood fence composite steel formwork, bamboo glued formwork, steel formwork after a new generation of products, like and Other material WPC template, turnover times can reach more than 30 times, but also recycling. Temperature to adapt to a wide range of specifications adaptable, sawing, drilling, easy to use. The smoothness and smoothness of the surface of the formwork exceed the technical requirements of the existing clear concrete formwork, and have the functions of flame retardancy, corrosion

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materials. Among them, the fastest-growing and the more applied The more widely to the wood-plastic profiles, the most common is the floor, in many parks, communities, and even in the garden everywhere to see the plastic floor, to say why the plastic floor more and more popular with the public, go The advantages are as follows: Wood floor appearance, feel and natural wood similar, according to, planing, drilling, nail holding power. According to user needs can be made into a wide range of products;horizontal fencing slats it has low water

absorption, mold acid and alkali, moisture corrosion, anti-aging, UV light, not easily deformed and 100% recyclable advantages; is real Of low-carbon products, in line with the development of 'circular economy' trend. WPC flooring has always been the main product of Shaoxing Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd., which is mainly exported to foreign countries and domestic government projects. The quality is top priority, and the cost is high. If you need to buy WPC flooring, friends can pay attention. Wood-plastic composite

materials, we said many times before, upvc window installation durbannot only has the strong wood texture, but also has the characteristics of anti-corrosion moisture moth-eaten, its application is broader than the solid wood materials, wood-plastic composite material due to excellent anti-corrosion moisture performance, So that it is also well used outdoors. Because wood and plastic both have the characteristics of water and corrosion resistance and wood texture, and because wood and plastic composites contain some plastic components, stainless steel decking panel uaeit can prevent insects and

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wood water and corrosion both the texture and texture of wood, making it a good performance and very durable outdoor building materials (floors, fences, stools, gardens or waterfront landscape, etc.); alternative port , Docks and other wood components used, but also can be used to replace the wood making a variety of packaging, trays, composite wood battens warehouse floor plate, etc. can not be enumerated, the use of a very wide range. January 5, 2017, Shaoxing Yongsheng New Material Co., Ltd. factory from time to time heard laughter. It

turned out that the company prepared for the company colleagues hearty New Year's Day, worked hard for a year of staff. In order to allow employees to eat New Year's Eve on time, the company prepared early, carefully prepared for the lively atmosphere of the raffle. At 4:40, New Year's dinner officially opened. Saltwater shrimp, braised pork, braised pork and other dishes have been put on the table, and everyone begs a blessing. pergola on an existing deck Workers from all corners of the country have become one family members and each has their best

who did not receive the gift also received small gifts. Welcome to visit our wood plastic benches series products, the size of the bench for the L1500 W430 H400, my company specializing in the production of plastic wood flooring and various plastic wood profiles. wooden railing designs for duplex home Our plastic wood flooring, high quality, rich colors, environmental recyclability, is your home decoration, landscaping ideal for landscaping. Welcome your letter calls business negotiations. Due to the plastic wood water and corrosion both the texture and texture of

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On January 4, reporter from the director of countrywide forestry office that in Zhejiang An Jishao opens the conference learns: Of the party 18 big since, our country becomes natural resources of forest of whole world of the corresponding period to grow most country. Total value of countrywide forestry property broke through 7 trillion yuan first 2017.

Zhang Jianlong of director of national forestry bureau introduces, of the party 18 big since, our country forestry reforms development to gain all-around, success that initiates a gender. Among them, land afforest is advanced steadily. 5 years of afforestation 508 million mus, the forest is enclothed rate achieve 21.66% , quantity of silvan save up achieves fifteen billion one hundred and thirty-seven million stere, become natural resources of forest of whole world of the corresponding period to grow most country. Silvan quality gets attention generally, construction and delimit country are laid in forest 47.66 million mus, the country is laid in forest the system is initial build. 5 years accumulative total processing turns land dene many mus 150 million, green the trend that retreats into sand consolidates further. Silvan city construction rises for national strategy, national forest city increases 137.

Forestry resource protection is strengthened in the round. Stop in the round natural forest commerciality cuts, natural forest protective limits enlarges the whole nation, 1.944 billion mus of natural arbor forest get be protectived effectively, reduce resource every year to use up 34 million stere, function of form of natural Lin Sheng restores stage by stage. Wet protection leads the whole nation by 43.51% rise 49.03% , started wet zoology benefit compensation, retreat return n cultivated land wet pilot, recover wet ground in all 3.5 million mus, arrangement is retreated return n cultivated land wet 765 thousand mus. Groove guard of countrywide forestry nature amounts to 2249 place, gross area 1.89 billion mus, occupy land area 13.14% .

2017, 3 industries scale is just a little of our country forestry 48 ∶ of 32 ∶ 20, tertiary industy proportion relatively increased 8 percent 2012, forestry estate structure is optimized ceaselessly. Countrywide forest owner wants an industry to drive obtain employment of 5200 much people. Condition of new job of forestry new industry develops flourishingly, among them silvan tourism became forestry industry 2017 the biggest point of growth, year welcome a visitor 1.4 billion person-time, the society is integrated production value 1.15 trillion yuan.

According to introducing, at present forestry estate still puts in many problems: Big and not strong, resource base is not firm, gross of silvan natural resources is insufficient, the capability of forestry property basis that prop up is weaker; The industry gathers degree low, innovation capability is not strong, labor cost rises ceaselessly, integrated competition ability is weaker wait. For this, national forestry bureau puts forward, our country will be harmonious in the near future advance development of domain of forestry industry stress, accelerate traditional industry to transform upgrade, characteristic of exert oneself development enrichs the people industry, cultivate burgeoning industry energetically, promote contemporary forestry to serve course of study to develop quickly.

In traditional industry respect, transform promotion lumber to breed, the industry such as machinery of chemical industry of treatment, forest products, forestry. Among them, the plan arrives 2020, build a country to lay in forest 210 million mus, add lumber newly every year to supply capacity above of 95 million stere, preliminary alleviate domestic timber supply and demand is contradictory. Enrich the people in characteristic industrial respect, exert oneself develops forest next economy, bamboo, wood the industry such as this oil plants, flowers.

According to introducing, reform of system of collective Lin Quan is deepened stage by stage, reform of state-owned forest zone gains level sex headway, reform of state-owned forestry centre is pushed in the round. Up to now, the whole nation counterpoises truly collective forest ground accumulates 2.705 billion mus, clear property right, contract a task is main finish, collective forestry is benign development mechanism is preliminary form, management level rises ceaselessly. Through turning hillock finds a place for, state-owned forest zone and forestry centre part appropriate finds a place for worker of have more than needed sixty-nine thousand four hundred with 70 thousand much person. State-owned forest zone reduces lumber yield every year 3.734 million stere, state-owned forestry centre reduces a forest every year to use up 5.56 million stere.

In collective Lin Quan the system reforms a respect, innovation of collective forestry finance obtains major breakthrough, collective Lin Quan mortgages loan remaining sum increases 81.8 billion yuan from 30 billion yuan; Policy of allowance of insurance cost of insurance of central finance forest covers the throughout the country, insurance area amounts to 2.044 billion mus. The respect is reformed in state-owned forest zone, inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang 3 provinces (area) reform program wins approval entirely. The respect is reformed in state-owned forestry centre, 3776 state-owned forestry centre accomplish reform basically main task, among them 95% above are qualitative for commonweal institution. The worker produces living conditions to be improved apparently, worker year all wages increases 45 thousand yuan, implementation of medical treatment of basic provide for the aged is enclothed completely, old house of the danger that finish transforms 544 thousand.

According to introducing, national forestry bureau will implement project of rustic afforest beautification, the countryside that help strength revitalizes the strategy, cent pace goes build beautiful appropriate to occupy rural area: To 2025, make the person is resided the environment is close to or reach urban level; To 2035, rustic person resides an environment to achieve or excel city level, build civilization of wind of development of zoology harmony, estate, countryside, life basically the beautiful appropriate of each rich, characteristic occupies rural area.

As we have learned, national forestry bureau already started a work out " countrywide countryside afforest plans (2018, 2025) " and " project of rustic afforest beautification implements plan " , from reinforce rustic nature ecosystem protection, accelerate forestry of countryside of construction of rustic afforest beautification, promotion to develop estate of forestry of countryside of quality, development, inheritance to develop silvan culture 5 respects begin, raise rustic zoology appropriate to live a standard, the zoology foundation of modernization of tamp agriculture country. Rustic forest is enclothed rate strive to was achieved 2020 30% , achieve to 2035 38% , achieve to this century middle period 43%

Warmth of holy Pu Lisi hints: Chuxue is admittedly beautiful, heat preservation needs to strengthen!

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calls business negotiations. Because of the water and corrosion resistance of both plastic and plastic wood and wood texture, making it a good performance and very durable outdoor building materials (floors, fences, stools, gardens or waterfront landscape, etc.); teak toe rail plasticalternative port , Docks and other wood components used, but also can be used to replace the wood making a variety of packaging, trays, warehouse floor plate, etc. can not be enumerated, the use of a very wide range. Welcome to visit our wood plastic bench

series products, L1500 W630 H860 Our company specializes in the production of plastic wood flooring and various plastic wood profiles. Our plastic wood flooring, high quality, rich colors, can bleach composite floorsenvironmental recyclability, is your home decoration, landscaping ideal for landscaping. Welcome your letter calls business negotiations. Due to the plastic wood water and corrosion both the texture and texture of wood, making it a good performance and very durable outdoor building materials (floors, fences, stools, gardens or waterfront

late, etc. can not be enumerated, the use of a very wide range. WPC flooring is my company's main products, our company specializing in the production of WPC flooring and various WPC profiles.installing exterior panel siding My company Wupu floor high quality, rich colors, environmental protection recyclable, is your home decoration, landscaping ideal for landscaping. Welcome your letter calls business negotiations. Tel: 0575-82001678 Plastic and wood as both water and corrosion of wood and texture of the two characteristics of wood,

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Hong Gu flies high, a thousand li of with one action. Assistant already, horizontal absolutely the four seas.

Wild goose is the coronal in birds, be regarded as since ancient times " 5 constant completely " clever other people.

Take the bull by the horns, get bravely run, the wild goose that takes the lead especially provides wisdom and power more, guide whole group to fly continuously.

This below the new era that the implied meaning upgrades in consumption, be brave in a flock of innovation, exploration, cacique entrepreneur that are brave in to take on!

On January 6, 2018, annual meeting of development of estate of household of the 5th China and industry of household of 2017 year China " wild goose award " prize-giving grand ceremony is in center of conference of Beijing · country to hold.

"Wild goose award " in household industry introversion is having the place that hold the balance, the supreme award of industry of household of China be consideringed as, choose strictly jointly by 12 association.

Prize-giving grand ceremony is arranged commonly in New Year beginning, summary and looking into is grand ceremony is thematic, every year can nearly 1000 household industry leader that come from the whole nation attend an activity, discuss prospective new trend.

This year congress, emperor suffers like group president Mr Chen Jianjun invite attend, with everybody industry leader passes forum of thematic report, height, industry to commend together wait for link to be opposite 2017 undertake review and be summinged up, right the development posture of 2018 household industry undertakes discuss and be forecastinged this year.

At the same time this second grand ceremony still will be household industry to develop the company that makes outstanding contribution and individual to undertake commending to 2017 year, issue household industry Oscar the China of class lives in an industry " wild goose award " .

Emperor resembles group president Mr Chen Jianjun to have the honor to win2017 " wild goose award " figure of leader of Chinese household industry, holy elephant is had the honor to winFloor of Chinese household industry is gotten army brand!

Warmth of holy Pu Lisi hints: Chuxue is admittedly beautiful, heat preservation needs to strengthen!

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engineering cases, which is one of the works in Taizhou, Zhejiang, a river project, graffiti design fencethe main use of the railing and the floor, built by the river, due to wood plastic with water corrosion anti-moth-eaten features, it is particularly suitable However, it is important to note that the density between the best bar and bar of the wood-plastic railing used by the river is a little smaller and the height of the bar is more than one meter to prevent the children from accidentally falling This flower box is a new product recently designed by our

company. It is designed by the combination of WPC PE and PVC to meet the double requirements of customer's appearance and price, and is cost-effective. Flower boxes and tree pool is a part of our company's wood-plastic products. The wood-plastic wood-plastic flower boxes and tree pool made of wood-plastic profiles have natural wood texture, durable, easy installation, no paint, no glue, no maintenance Low cost, strong UV resistance, stable color, 100% environmentally friendly recyclable, saving wood resources.

Colorful wood and plastic profiles is a new product developed by our company, the color can be divided into Thai pomelo, black walnut, oak white, ash, wood grain ash, its appearance and feel as natural as natural wood, high density, anti-corrosion moth-eaten, Durable,under fence landscaping around a pool stable color, strong UV resistance, easy to install, no painting, reduce labor costs, suitable for outdoor temperature is -40 �� to 60 ��, 100% recyclable, protect the environment, save forest resources, product detailed parameters, see the certificate and Inspection Report (Home - Service and Support - Certificate and Inspection Report). Welcome to visit our WPC Gallery frame products, what id the cost of 440 fenceour company specializing in the

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lower water absorption, which overcomes the disadvantages of most common wood-plastic flooring . The industry known as the second generation of wood. Understand the wood-plastic products are aware of, faded, moldy, surface cracks are the fatal flaws of wood-plastic products, many companies have encountered complaints returned and this. The co-extrusion method to seal the core material can fundamentally solve these problems effectively. At DeckExpo 2010 in Baltimore, USA, at the end of last year, pvc cladding like wood effect trunkingI found that

many North American companies easily extended the warranty period for wood-plastic flooring from 20 to 25 years, all of which are merits of wood-plastic co-extrusion. Direct costs do not increase the color more abundant. At present, there are mainly PVC, PE and ASA coextruded.wpc outdoor decking floors Among them, PE co-extruded PE is mainly produced in large amount (due to the large amount of PE plastic, accounting for more than 75%). At present, China mainly uses recycled materials for production. Therefore, it is even more necessary and

urgent to use wood-plastic co-extrusion. Otherwise, it will soon be eliminated by the market. Some manufacturers worry that co-extruded wood will increase the cost of the product. In fact,laminate floor for outdoor the direct cost of co-extruded wood will not increase. Although the cost of the surface co-extruded layer is high, the cost of the core layer is reduced (return, Less additives, more wood flour). Co-extruded surface layer thickness is very thin (0.3 ~ 0.5mm, to emboss only 1mm), you can not usually use the good additives (UV, antibacterial,

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