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released by FPI, showing the superior FPIs represented by FPI30 and the FPI floor In terms of the FPI30 index, in July 2014, the five sub-indices that make up the FPI30 index dropped 4 1. The production index was 43.8%, up 6.8 percentage points from the previous month and below the critical level for three consecutive months,composite wood decking wholesale in ireland indicating that the production of dominant forest products, represented by the FPI30 index, continued to decrease this month. Reported 25.0% of enterprises in production increased from the

previous month, 37.5% unchanged from the previous month, 37.5% less than last month. The new order index was 45.8%, up 5.1 percentage points from the previous month, indicating that the newly-added orders of the dominant forest products enterprises represented by the FPI30 index decreased from the previous month,suppliers of plastic decking in yorkshire but the decline narrowed. In reporting enterprises, 20.8% of new orders increased over the previous month, 50.0% unchanged from the previous month, 29.2% less than the previous month. Among them,

the new export orders index reflecting the foreign trade situation was 47.1%, down 0.3 percentage points from the previous month, indicating a further decline in external demand this month. The main raw material inventory index was 52.1%,tiles training company in kumasi up 15.1 percentage points from the previous month and returning above the critical point, indicating that the stocks of raw materials of the dominant forest products enterprises represented by the FPI30 index increased from the previous month. The index of employed persons was 47.9%, an

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Industry Association to hire industry experts, And application materials were reviewed and recommended, and strictly implement the publicity, approval and other procedures, decided to grant 'fast-growing surface layer of solid wood flooring technology to enhance the development and application of' two projects for the China Forestry Industry Innovation Award (flooring industry) first-class Award; two foot high wooden fencesAward for 'low temperature heat treatment of laminate flooring projects' and other eight projects for the China Forestry

Industry Innovation Award (flooring industry) second prize; awarded 'innovative aldehyde wood flooring research and development and application of' 19 projects for China's forestry industry innovation Award (flooring industry) third prize.entrance door pictures Second China Forestry Industry Innovation Award (flooring industry) list of winners The details of the 28th FPI30 Index and FPI Floor Index Report are as follows. Report analysis Based on the index enterprise submitting data, the data collection and analysis are in the test period, not as the

basis for investment, for reference only. In July 2014, the FPI30 Composite Index was 47.0% (49.4% in July last year and 49.4% in July 2012), a 3.9% increase from the previous month. The FPI Composite Floor Index was 47.6% (52.2% in July last year and 50.7% in July 2012), a 5.7% rise from the previous month.wood sub structure flooring ideas The two indices stopped their downward trend for two consecutive months, but continued in June, with two consecutive months below the threshold and the lowest for the same period in two years

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that it has become a laminate flooring, bamboo flooring, fire panels, aluminum panels, machinery, accessories and other accessories into one of the professional exhibition. It is reported that the Expo will invite well-known domestic and foreign experts, scholars and business executives to make keynote speeches and special reports on the floor, the latest technology in the flooring industry,pvc fencing styles development and utilization, industrial development and market economy for a comprehensive and in-depth study of the future development

trend of the flooring industry and prospect. Wujin District statistics show that in 2007 the first session of the Changzhou International Flooring Expo fruitful, the project invested 51 billion yuan, the agreement, the use of foreign capital 25 million US dollars, sales of 1.335 billion yuan. The 2nd International Timber Forum hosted by China Association of Forest Products Industry and China Timber Circulation Association was held in Shanghai on June 9 and was well known by the State Forestry Administration,tongue and groove treated pine flooring liquidators industry organizations,

professional associations, environmental organizations and the world's timber industry in the world Brand representatives participated in this forum. At present, China has become the largest producer and consumer of wood processing in the world. It is the largest recognized market for timber and wood products in the world.choosing the right stain color for your fence According to the forum, leaders of the Planning and Finance Department of the State Forestry Administration pointed out that the trade and consumption of forest products in China are being renewed Under the

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exhibition economy with great success. It is estimated that by 2010, the transaction scale of horizontal floor, raw and auxiliary materials and related products in specialized markets can exceed 12 billion yuan, of which the export volume can reach 5 billion yuan. Lingwei Qi Lu Wen Dragon News - Changzhou Daily News Yesterday, the second (China Changzhou) International Flooring Expo held trade and economic cooperation signing ceremony,homemade deck cleaner quick easy reached 17 cooperation intentions. Expo investment work achieved remarkable

results. Among them, there are 4 foreign-funded projects with a total investment of 60 million U.S. dollars and an agreement of 22.62 million U.S. dollars. They are as follows: Jiangsu Zhongxin Desai Wood Co., Ltd. and Canada Tiger Construction Materials Co., Ltd. have a total investment of 28 million U.S. dollars.landscaping timbers cheap Europe and the Pacific Decoration Materials Co., Ltd. and Canada Kraft Home Furnishing Co., Ltd. a total investment of 12 million US dollars in the laminate flooring projects, Changzhou Wujin transit room

Equipment Co., Ltd. and Singapore Jing Thai Arts and Systems Co., Ltd. a total investment of 10 million US dollars Steel Flooring Project, Changzhou Zhouli Pipe Industry Co., 2 inch wide porch deckingLtd. and Hong Kong CITIC International Financial Investment Group Co., Ltd. with a total investment of 10 million U.S. dollars of large-diameter steel pipe project. There are 3 domestic-funded projects with a total investment of 710 million yuan, including the construction of the second phase of Henglin International Flooring City with a total investment of

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release platform, to the world . Exhibition, is to display the product image, to attract traders to facilitate the transaction is the most effective and most economical means. Previously, horizontal forest floor but need to show their own stage with others. Germany Hanover, the United States Las Vegas show, there have been horizontal forest floor figure; Shanghai International Surface Paving Materials and Technology Exhibition, horizontal forest floor is the group attack every year more than 50 exhibitors. Foreign exhibitors,plastic wood panel floor bed on the one hand

to bear the higher exhibitors, transportation and other costs, on the other hand, enterprises exhibitors, can not reflect the advantages of horizontal forest floor cluster. With the successful holding of the first floor expo last year, horizontal lin floor at home entrance group debut, save domestic and foreign merchants eyes. One day after the opening of the Flooring Expo,sears gladiator garage floor tiles Shanghai International Flooring Materials and Technology Exhibition took a large number of customers from Shanghai to Changzhou. Exposition also arranged a

special bus, between the two exhibitions. This year's Expo, Heng Lin flooring business not only allow customers to visit the door, but also the guests received at home. Exhibition will also open a car, pick-up merchants to visit the field companies, how to make outside slatted benchesso that merchants at home and abroad, zero distance inspection Henglin floor production and sales. Fu Feng, chairman of Jiangsu Provincial Floor Association, said Changzhou is not a traditional exhibition city, while the floor fair 'model of zero distance' is a new attempt at convention and

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Wood Industry Co., Ltd. China Longjiang Forest Industry (Group) Corporation Xi'an Hengrun Cork Co., Ltd. Kang when the timber products (Yunnan) Co., Ltd. Jiangsu Rocky Wood Co., Ltd. Vader Wood (Suzhou) Co., Ltd. Guangdong Yihua Wood Co., Ltd. At the just-concluded 101st Canton Fair, Chinese wood flooring companies that have undergone the '337 Locking Incident' have reaped gratifying orders in the face of unfavorable export conditions. At this fair, the products of many domestic flooring enterprises are

not only favored by traditional overseas markets, but also attracted orders from customers in Russia, cheapest way to make a backyard patio
India, the Middle East, Africa and Latin America, etc. Emerging overseas markets have become the major markets for flooring exports one. It is understood that Del floor harvest more than 20 million US dollars in the Canton Fair orders, a floor exhibitors more representative of a business. Del said that Del floor sales growth in emerging markets abroad,how to cut synthetic decking prices
significant growth, the fair's emerging markets in Shanghai, the

customers of Del floor flooring products showed great interest and great sincerity in trade cooperation, on-site turnover is very high. Customers from Saudi Arabia, Syria, Iran, Africa, Egypt, Nigeria, Latin America, Mexico, Brazil, Chile and other countries from Russia, Turkey, India and the Middle East all signed trade orders with varying amounts on the spot. In addition, the parquet at the show has also been popular in the mainstream markets in Europe and the United States,vinyl cover vertical 2x4 deck handrail
for the experience of '337 lock incident' many solid

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manufacturers nationwide, with an annual output ofsecond-tier brand products in the rural market more advantages than first-line brand products. At present, most of the products in the county flooring market are mainly composite flooring.pool deck cost calculator
Due to the added value of first-line brand products, resulting in the product retail price is too high, and most counties consumers can not afford expensive products. First-tier brands want to seize the county market in rural areas this big cake, we must adjust its product strategy. R \u0026 D some

cost-effective, not only to meet consumer demand for decorative products, but also control the price at a reasonable level. Retail terminal profit margins as a result of competition in the first and second tier cities has been very fierce market,outdoor decks johor malaysia
coupled with high operating costs, the profit margins of businesses gradually shrink, the higher the business strength requirements. As just emerging county market competition is far from one, second-tier cities so fierce. According to industry sources, most of the brand floor gross margin products

in more than 40%, and some even higher. High-end solid wood flooring products because of their higher value-added products, profit and some can double. Second-tier brands, the price is relatively low, in the county consumer affordability within the city, the market outlook is even more optimistic about the dealers.modulus of elasticity of vinyl sheet piling
With the increasing consumption power consumption in prefectures and counties, terminal profit margins will be even greater. Low market operating costs According to dealer analysis, in the first and second tier cities

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their own Brand. Method two: shrink front, emphasizing the input-output ratio Although this self-help method can not ensure that 'to make the world', can not ensure that 'a profit', but at least to help SMEs control the floor of the process of things, at least to protect the enterprise retreat, at least To a great extent, it eliminates the worries of business pains and worries of failure.plastic cladding for internal walls
More importantly, it can prolong the survival time of enterprises and increase the chance of survival. A key point, a solid enterprise, practice good internal

strength. Adhere to a multi-angle understanding of the environment, adhere to the depth of mining advantages, adhere to a comprehensive inventory of resources, not in a hurry, cost of vinyl railing
not unjust, not to follow suit, loss of opinion. The key point Second, business development is a continuous investment process. And investment is nothing more than a matter of input and output. Pay attention to the input-output ratio, that is, to minimize costs, to maximize efficiency, to ensure the smooth passage of time. Method three: to create a strong brand

with low cost There are many flooring SMEs doubt, is it possible to do a lot of money brand? Why is there such a question? This is because: We are 'accustomed to' big floor companies doing generous generous brand, spending big bucks, spending billions of dollars; we are 'accustomed to' the rhetoric of multinational companies, such as, in order to shape the brand, would rather lose 10 years; we 'used to' and copy Brand consulting firm's imitation strategy, wood composite cooling decks unlimited
there is no big innovation, can only spend a lot of money, on the

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meet different sectors, different needs and different venues of new products after another; systematized after-sales service, through the improvement of after-sales service enterprises to form a production, sales, pavement and after-sales service and other ancillary systems. Flooring industry to expand production capacity How small and medium-sized brands leveraging regional advantages? With the continuous improvement of material living standards,made wpc interior flooring design
people on the wood flooring varieties, functions and uses have higher and

more stringent requirements, combined with the new housing and old house renovation The surge in demand for the floor, the wood flooring industry has provided broad prospects for development, which requires the correct guidance of industry associations in new product development, large-scale operation and brand building out of a healthy development. Floor product updates, brands are always up and down, from now on, there is no single brand that can monopolize the national market,grey tongue and groove wallpaper
it is impossible to monopolize the national

market, because the floor industry threshold is low, the technical content is not high. To a certain extent, the market has set a starting line for every merchant and every brand, all giving room for survival and development. The question is how each business can make the most of this regional space. exterior door transition vinyl plank flooring
In the current complex and volatile market environment, the face of the first and second-tier brand marketing offensive, the other small and medium-sized flooring brands also follow the trend of imitation, marketing how to market in a

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table and a few chairs, even if opened.After the business fire, the holy symbol copies the pattern of the Beijing store to the whole country.At the time the copy level of the entire industry is very low, thousands of dollars or even thousands of dollars to open a shop, Back from the headquarters for dozens of free sample back, the same rack made of iron, put tables and chairs, is completely low-cost copy.But when the rapid expansion of the enterprise on the scale, deep wood grain wpc decking manufacturers
this low-cost copy also posed a threat to themselves. The reason is very

simple, this set of opponents can learn, learn, spend up to tens of thousands of dollars on the shop, leading to a series of problems --- building shop low cost, low level of competition, lower service levels, as these Low, big terminal competition is unprecedented. 'Brand:' modular 'highlights the value Recognition of the drawbacks of this industry, the upstairs floor since the beginning of 2003 4S shop layout. The iconography from the second half of 2004 to consider the establishment of the Holy Land floor 4S marketing center

,wood fence plans professional
and Yantai in Shandong and Chengdu, Sichuan began operations. It is noteworthy that the two well-known domestic brands of 4S shop almost the same requirements that 4S shop location to be located in the local building materials market, the area is past the store 2 to 3 times its decoration Arrangements have to meet four requirements: 1, brand display. To reflect the marketing idea, wooden deck floor covering
the strength of the factory and the honor, etc .; 2, sellers. To provide consumers with the latest and full range of products; 3, services. To fully

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