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carpets. Carpet and cork flooring because of low thermal conductivity and thermal insulation performance, resulting in high energy consumption, energy dissipation. Professor Gao told reporters, solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, solid wood flooring in order to reduce the thermal conductivity,

can be an alternative bedding. For the owners worried about the floor after the deformation of the deformation or formaldehyde release increased, Professor Gao said that the state of the formaldehyde emission standards on the floor have very strict requirements,

and to warm the system pipe hot water does not exceed 60 ��, the surface temperature does not exceed 30 ��, as long as Selection of the floor in line with national standards, and will not increase the amount of formaldehyde emissions floor, do not have to worry about the deformation of the floor.

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qqqq Nov 1

in the hearts of consumers has been deeply rooted. Whirlpool floor will be adhering to this excellent corporate spirit of service, in the upcoming hot summer, with a sincere service for your summer decoration to bring a trace of cool and comfortable. Whirlpool floor services throughout the security system.

pre-sale 1. Whirlpool terminal sales staff must be "floor experts" to the customer patience to answer a variety of questions. 2. Whirlpool's unique terminal demonstration system allows customers to enjoy, independent choice Your favorite floor. 3. In advance to the user room on-site measurement,

calculate the required floor area, to prepare the installation program for customers to save money. Sale 1. Delivery: Whirlpool floor delivery personnel in strict accordance with the contract with the customer delivery time. 2. Inspection: Whirlpool floor every product has entered the China Quality Management Center,

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qqqq Oct 31

The fifth is the sales process commissioned by the China Building Materials Quality Inspection Center as a third party at any time spot checks. Wendong analysis, Baidong through the five pass checks, the error can be controlled to a few, rarely appear slip through the net,

three flooring products at the same time there are quality problems, the probability is minimal Are the price of the problem caused by the home building materials, the floor caused by the war of words can be described as a wave is not flat, "Why do people always take the floor to make a fuss?

B & Q rarely before the response to this problem, because the floor itself is no problem, because the price of the floor, because B & Q settled a price of 39 yuan." According to Wendong analysis, the current market Strengthen the floor is the best-selling price is 70-100 yuan / square meter,

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qqqq Oct 31

brand image enjoys popular support, and won the "International Interior Design Association, the only recommended brand." Jusheng floor in 138 cities nationwide has more than 350 stores and more than 5,000 professional service personnel, and all take the terminal direct sales,

product price information at a glance, and resolutely reject all commercial bribery and unfair competition, so that customers clearly Consumption in vain. Jusheng floor won the "China ****", both consumers on the long-sheng brand affirmation and trust, but also for a long time to build quality brand floor,

to resist the value of low prices, to guide the style of consumption, to establish a reputation of the service reputation to win the honor The pragmatic business returns. Solid wood flooring up one in the Qingdao Decoration City, a floor exhibition hall to see,

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donkey technology in the flooring market, it should be said to be a pioneering work. Hu Yongzhong also said that the "ten years to return" is based on the second renovation, although now the maintenance of the maintenance time is gradually shortened, some families in three to five years after the second renovation,

but after all, this number of people limited. Specific to each owner, in the purchase of the floor will consider the possibility of their second renovation. On the other hand, as the saying goes, "empty no", how to ensure that five years, ten years after the return of a guarantee,

these are consumers should be concerned about. Consumers choose the floor, the need to do rational consumption, or blind consumption will have a certain risk.How do you choose the right "armor" for your home floor? No matter what kind of floor to choose,

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qqqq Oct 30

For this point, the industry has a different view: in the end is Peng Hongbin abandoned the elephant, or the elephant abandoned Peng Hongbin? Peng Hongbin said that before 1997, the elephant was his personal, and later introduced a strategic investment, he is also a shareholder,

and occupy a considerable share, no one can deprive his shareholders the right. "Unless I take the initiative to give up, no one can let me give up, and I really do that." Peng Hongbin said that although he was very young, but then already have to worry about money,

and no need to anyone " Waist ", take the initiative to give up is to start again. Question 3: Peng Hongbin where can be compared with the Niu Gensheng press release that Peng Hongbin business ups and downs and Mengniu president Niu Gensheng amazing similar. What is this similarity?

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qqqq Oct 30

Although it has been 51, Qiu Tao Road good good market within the several well-known bathroom manufacturers 51 special still hanging on the product. The Tajiku International Ceramics Museum's Tadashi Eagle Brand Ceramics Living Center is holding over 200 discounts of over 100 business trips.

to June 3. And the price of tiles also stabilized, B & Q (view map) and other building materials supermarket sales posters on the brand tiles prices compared with last month, almost no change. However, Marco Polo, Nobel and other brands are personalized tiles on the work,

an art tile prices up to two or three hundred dollars. In the new era of decorative market on the first floor of the ceramic area, new, the latest words can also be seen everywhere, a brand of four art tiles portfolio price as much as 3600 yuan. Industry sources said last year,

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qqqq Oct 29

will greatly play the "headquarters economic effect." Through the headquarters of the economy to re-allocation of resources, not only to enable enterprises to obtain in the original layout model is difficult to obtain the advantages of resources and resource allocation of integrated cost minimization,

and make the headquarters of the central city-intensive talent, information, technical resources to the fullest Performance release. With the accelerated construction of the "four centers" in Shanghai, the voice of Shanghai's development of the headquarters economy is increasing,

and the headquarters economy, as a concrete manifestation of the transnational corporations' economy, will inevitably become an important connotation and prominent symbol of the international metropolis. Through the development of the headquarters economy, to attract multinational.

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qqqq Oct 27

First of all, please the top 100 furniture chairman Mr. Chen Xiaotai. Top 100 furniture Chen Xiaotai [Chen Xiaotai]: very honored, good afternoon! I am honored to be able to attend today 's meeting. Talk about personal point of view, why cooperate with love grid?

I went abroad for 97 years, worked hard in the furniture industry for nearly 20 years, so the industry is no stranger. 97 years to go abroad, we visited a lot of furniture companies, including material suppliers, which we examine the love of home love grid plate,

in cooperation, first of all we choose a German designer, he recommended us to use love home love grid This plate, the recommended reason is very simple, is a word: ok. Where is it? With the words of our industry, that is because it is the largest in Europe; second,

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qqqq Oct 25

Rate was 95.9%. (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Dazhong Zongde Wood Products Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Jindao Wood Products Co., Ltd. three companies successfully through the quality of products, as a solid wood flooring product quality national supervision and inspection.

Part of the better quality products. The sampling, China's wood composite flooring products sampling rate and the first time in 2005 the national supervision and sampling of sample sampling rate compared to a slight increase. Spot inspection results show that the overall quality of solid wood flooring products is better,

especially the quality of large enterprises to maintain product quality, for two consecutive years of national supervision and inspection pass rate is 100%.Factory buy first debut Springs. Shanghai Guangguang factory to buy the trip, the manufacturers pay for your trip!

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