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At that time, the team we organized was a national research team composed of first-class experts in our country. In this team, I worked for a full decade and learned a lot in scientific research. When I was 30, I was already in China Director of Photoelectric Technology Development Center,

and won the prize for progress in science and technology. Perhaps it is personality, it can be said that I have been unwilling to stick to the rules of the people. After ten years of research work, I encountered a bottleneck in my personal development because at that time I had reached a very high.

altitude in the field of optoelectronic technology in our country and it would be very hard for me to make further breakthroughs. At that time, I was still young. It can be said that life experiences have just begun and need to go out and break through myself.

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qqqq Nov 15

"Antibacterial flooring is certainly a future trend of the development of the flooring industry, but for now, there are many technical problems to be solved, especially antibacterial safety issues." China Professor Yang Zibin from Kyowa Medical University said:

"At present, many companies claim that their products use nanomaterials. When their particles reach nano-scale, their penetrating ability is particularly strong and they can easily penetrate the cell membrane and the blood-brain barrier The role of the cell membrane on the particle barrier),

into the cell, destroy the native tissue and the nucleus, thereby undermining cell life or gene mutations. "The problem lies in this. Professor Yang Zibin said nanoscale bactericides are medically termed "nonspecific bactericides," which means that they are "passable"

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qqqq Nov 14

In less than 5 years, the factory has been ranked at the forefront of the wood flooring industry in Guangdong Province. At the same time, the scale of production and sales ranks among the highest in the country. What are the key factors for achieving such a good performance?

Ai Liangdong: First of all, thanks to this environment, the rapid development of the national economy, real estate continues to heat up, objectively promoting the demand for building materials; people's pursuit of high quality of life also contributed to the fiery sales of wooden flooring.

Furthermore from the Sevina itself, before the construction of our plant as a foreign laminate flooring operators have accumulated considerable industry experience. After the establishment of an accurate market positioning allows our products to win sales at the same time,

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qqqq Nov 14

in the past the sales of merbau accounted for 15% of the proportion. "According to reports, in the international market, Merbau has the price as high as 660 US dollars per cubic meter, while in the country Sold at such a low price, much of it rooted in illegal logging.

Xu manager told reporters that B & Q reason for making this decision is mainly a report of Greenpeace International Environmental Investigation. The report shows that at present, merbau has been endangered and only 1 to 5 merbau can be found in forests as large as 13 football fields.

If not protected, the species will be extinct in 35 years or less . Reminded environmental groups called for the original source for consumers, how to screen wood products is illegal logging? The reporter called the Greenpeace International Office of Greenpeace Beijing office phone,

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qqqq Nov 13

"Customer acceptance increased, according to reporter Understand, Hongji Wood began a year ago to promote this new environmentally friendly pavement approach. Due to the higher cost of alternative panels, the cost of implementing this type of paving is a long way from the splice pavement commonly used before.

According to the relevant person in charge of Hongji Wood, the use of environmentally friendly pavement method, pine board itself and manual processing costs 85 yuan / square meter, and the use of splint pavement market price only 45 yuan / square meter,

expensive Nearly doubled. Because of this, Hongji Wood has just begun to promote this way of paving, and not valued by customers, only less than 2% of customers try to try holding the choice. "This situation is now a major change, the degree of customer acceptance gradually increased,

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qqqq Nov 12

the mass life has been the simple shift from simple material consumption Spiritual consumption, the consumer's sense of experience is constantly improving, and constantly pursuing a personalized experience of life, some consumers pursue romantic and innocence of life;

some pursuit of elegance and elegance; some pursuit of natural and simple. It can be said that a new era of experience consumption has arrived. Customers expect from the product innovation, experience solutions and other value-added, through a full range of interactive exchanges,

aroused looking for their own passion for life, get more full of fresh surprises experience. Whirlpool flooring to meet the customer's personalized emotional experience as the standard, through systematic market research, so that consumers have the opportunity to participate in product innovation and design,

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qqqq Nov 12

According to the insiders, the green cradle project has successfully started a new mode of donating and subsidizing students to Chinese enterprises. Instead of simply staying at the level of subsidizing poor students, it is more about cultivating students' awareness of environmental protection.

and competition and guiding students to carry out More scientific career planning. "Flooring college" sought after, Nanjing Daily set off decoration learning heat. Solid wood flooring and laminate flooring What is the difference? About the appropriate price? What floor can be paved floor?

9 o'clock on the June 9th, Nanjing Science Hall gathered in an effort, nearly 50 consumers holding pens and paper, carefully record the floor of the common problems, and warm questions. Originally scheduled for 1 hour class, due to the reader to ask too many questions,

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qqqq Nov 10

its own Thousands Yan", you can believe this is the interior wall to bring home space What kind of fun? Yes, this is the unique style of gold Asian ceramics. In addition to this "Dream of Red Mansions" series, there are 30,40 gold medal Asian interior wall tiles and the Aegean Sea series,

Impressionist series, Vienna Voice series. Floor tiles are also popular front line series, flourishing flour series, silk flower series, each series includes a number of varieties. Gold coupled with the quality of the gold medal service, gold free home measurement, design,

free home delivery, guide paving. "Today's gold medal in Asia has a strong consumer base in Tangshan," said Mr. Cao. "With this great opportunity to buy events, we want to reassure consumers once again that our best products and services are available. More than home consumers to buy hit 6.5 fold,

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qqqq Nov 9

services, products, cost-effective combination of factors that affect the final choice of consumers. The Forbidden City finally chose Ruijia floor, which is actually the pride of Ruijia floor. Ruijia will, as always, produce better products in return for the love of consumers.

Solid wood flooring paving the "common problem" floor tile arch. Tiling tile arch floor usually there are two possibilities: First, do not understand the moisture content of the floor before the pavement and the equilibrium moisture content of the local city,

the blind use of natural splicing method, which is the main cause of the floor arch. Part of the reason is that the humidity on the ground is too large. Before any moisture-proof treatment is done, the floor is over-hygroscopic to form a tile-shaped arch, so a summer-installed gap.

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so many people willing to eat dumb Ba loss. According to reports, although the species may only be a word of difference, but the market price of the two floors can be at least one or two times the difference. It is revealed that the current teak, red sandalwood floor price per square meter should be above 500 yuan,

while the teak king, red sandalwood and other flooring is about 200 yuan per square meter. Municipal Bureau of Quality Supervision, Inspection Bureau official reminded that members of the public in the purchase of solid wood flooring, the business should open the order or contract opened,

the above must be required to indicate the level, size, type, pass mark and other content, once the floor encountered problems , You can rely on to talk to the dealer to say. Several floor wax usage. At home, there is no waxing machine, just a sponge and a towel or mop.

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qqqq Nov 8
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