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results in the industry to form a huge influence, many flooring brands have followed suit and follow up, then Fulin how to deal with this situation? Duan Yi Ling: Fulin entered the market in Guangxi has been more than 10 years, Fulin floor is the most important strategic territory, its success for the Fulin in the national market expansion has played a very big strategic significance. At present, Fulin Guangxi Branch has set up more than 50 stores in the secondary and tertiary markets across the province.wood floor decorations ideas The advantages of the brand

alliance are obvious and the operation mechanism is also very perfect. Although many brands are constantly following suit, in the overall operation There is still some distance, in order to better consolidate the dominant position of branch in Guangxi, Fulin proposed Eagle strategy will be targeted at the current market in Guangxi, the establishment of a core market for the concentric development strategy, pergola mad of composed of a phospholipidfrom further expanding the scope of the market To enhance the single-store sales ability, the implementation of all break, and

constantly improve the overall operation mechanism, optimizing alliance resources, through the success of the market in Guangxi build and then copy the country, to achieve an all-round breakthrough. Reporter: Guangxi as China's window for ASEAN, Fulin floor how to use this floor advantage to strengthen the marketing of Southeast Asian markets? polyester fabric membrane for a deckSection Yi Ling: In fact, we have been doing in the Southeast Asian market, and our source of supply is also a large number of Southeast Asian markets, we have very good

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upgrades to brand upgrades, are constantly changing, then Fulin after 18 years of development, this time the focus of development in what? Duan Yi Ling: Yes, all major domestic brands are now trying their best to enhance their brand, quality and service. However, can you paint trex decking questions this is not the key to winning a competitive edge. In a highly competitive environment, there are still a large number of enterprises that have worked hard to make a comeback. Why? I think to gain competitive advantage, we must know the market as soon as possible to

understand our own situation and fight the next drug. We know how to survive the most important thing when a business is founded rather than thinking about how to brand the brand so far. rubber roof terrace tiles The same token, the development of Fulin has been 18 years, the quality has been very mature, on the contrary is the brand, due to the special characteristics of the entire flooring industry and products, the industry is still no brand to the public brand forward, consumers understand the floor brand Very few, the brand reputation is very low,

then our development focus is on this, in the formation of the market at the same time, the brand reputation from the industry brand to the public brand forward. Our specific strategy is to 'concentric' strategy to focus on headquarters for the development of key distributors strategy, the strong brand of regional concentric second and third-tier market expansion strategy, through continuous infiltration to expand the overall market to win the market ,picnic table composite wood Won the brand. Reporter: Fulin floor marketing in Guangxi has achieved good

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the earth. Sohu Chen Lin: Dazhuang and other major production floor here is not the same as the business, because it has a lot of decorations, do not buy a house can also purchase a lot of bamboo decorations. Dazhuang Xu Hengsheng: Yes, we started from last year, produced a lot of outdoor high-resistant heavy bamboo flooring, the promotion of this floor is great, and the volume growth is decking wpc moldova Our flooring is physically resistant to corrosion and mothproofing, and B-class flame retardant, and now invest in another factory, we may

be another way. Of course we also produce some solid wood laminate flooring, mainly for real estate. Large real estate developers and we have some strategic cooperative relations, our nationwide network of sales mainly bamboo flooring. Sohu Chen Lin: OK, thank you, Xu. Zhang total LM floor also talk about it. Zhang Wei, LM floor business director LM Zhang Wei: We LM floor in the country, many of my friends may not know. In fact, it is done in the international market is very good brand, mainly furniture and flooring, timber flooring sydney west furniture,

the amount of larger than the floor. We have done in the United States before the top three, A lot of flooring industry data analysis shows that the import floor is squeezing the domestic market share, and the growing trend of imports of flooring is becoming more evident, especially in many hardcover villas, upscale office space,utility trailer decking for sale five-star hotels, upscale entertainment clubs, almost No exception will import the floor as the first choice. It is understood that the growth of imported floor mainly due to two reasons, one is the growth of

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development comprehensive situation discussion; Second, 2011 floor enterprise channel condition discussion; (traditional channel and innovation channel, the best distribution business model exploration) Third, predicts 2012 draws Chinese floor consumption territory Floor industry thinker brainstorming) Host: Sohu Sohu Home Time: November 24, 2011 13:30 Venue: Sohu Shanghai Studio Attendees: wpc product kerala commercial tax Sanxiang Group General Manager Wang Xiaoyu Marketing Zhuang floor Shanghai Xu Hengsheng, general manager of LM floor

business Dong Wei, director Dong Wei process Dongwei �� live throughout the event Sohu Chen Lin: ladies and gentlemen, good afternoon everyone! Thank you very much for joining us in this forum. This is a recent national consumer survey done by Sohu. Yesterday a station was opened in Nanxun, and today is Shanghai Railway Station. Our theme is 'ignite the winter fire', first ask a question, cheap prices on rail decking boards how are you doing this year? We can say that. Sanxiang Group Marketing Manager Wang Xiaoyu Shengxiang Wang Xiaoyu: Sohu friends

Hello everyone. Indeed, the overall regulation and control of the point of view unprecedented, but this way, it should be said that the concentration of the brand will be higher and higher. In this process, well-known companies still feel slightly better than other companies. However, in fact,wood wall panel price in france compared with the previous few years, if your body massively, substantial substantial growth is unlikely, and generally maintain sales similar to the previous few years, this is the first opinion. The second view, with the development of the market,

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tax relief for floor enterprises', ready to report this report to the National Development and Reform Commission and the Ministry of Commerce Revenue Administration. Why should we draft this report? Since September this year, many enterprises are facing a crisis. Some SMEs in Wenzhou went bankrupt and went bankrupt in a row, how to polish boat non skid deck prompting the state to gradually release the policy of reducing the burden on small and medium-sized enterprises. Most of the flooring industry is also a small and medium-sized enterprise.

Therefore, we organized an expert group in Beijing according to this situation. We would like to borrow this tax reform to bring the 5% consumption tax in the flooring industry to the Ministry of Finance, the NDRC and the State Administration of Taxation Relief There is another reason, April 1, 2006 began to implement the tax, then the floor industry situation is better,best flooring for an airstream the introduction of this policy is mainly to promote environmental protection and resource conservation, a reasonable guide to the consumption of these aspects to

consider. Now the flooring industry and before the big difference, especially this year's national real estate control policies make the flooring industry more difficult. We want to do something for flooring companies when the flooring industry is more difficult. Now the flooring industry's technology has been very developed,cleaning composite table and chairs our country is very suitable for the production of wood flooring, fast-growing forest is not cut down on the growth cycle is wasting resources. When I came to see the introduction, we Nanxian floor factory has

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Products Industry Association, believes that a large number of horizontal Lin floor enterprises collectively make appearances in Shanghai and participate in the exhibition.deck railing 6 x6 welded wire mesh This fully demonstrates the great advantage of Henglin flooring industry gathering and is well-deserved; the capital of China Laminated Flooring. He hopes that Henglin flooring enterprises can speed up industrial integration, increase investment in scientific and technological innovation, continuously improve product quality and quality, and strive to create a number of

well-known, decorative outside wall appl cates influential and brand-name enterprises to achieve a new leap in Henglin flooring industry. At the opening ceremony, China Forestry Industry Association once again awarded Henglin Town; China's capital of laminate flooring; honorary title. Henglin Town People's Government also signed a comprehensive strategic cooperation agreement with China's Forest Products Industry Association. Yesterday, the first non-aldehyde soybean gum floor was born in Ningbo, which is the first key industrialization project of science

and technology achievement settled by Ningbo Materials of Chinese Academy of Sciences in Ningbo. It is also an important scientific and technological achievements industrialization project supported by Ningbo National Hi-tech Zone.floating deck from shifting dullness After several years of research, using a soybean as a raw material and using water as a dispersion medium, a Chinese American scientist at Ningbo Materials Research Institute of the Chinese Academy of Sciences has developed a kind of formaldehyde-free wood-based adhesive that can

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industry and literary and art circles. The strategic cooperation between Henglin flooring industry and 'Confucius' crew will comprehensively enhance the overall quality of Henglin flooring industry. The organizers said that the fourth exposition will set up a higher promotion mode from the number of domestic exhibitors, waterproof deck boards sale in Venezuela the coverage of the industrial chain, the area covered by the exhibition, the introduction of the brand enterprises in the industry, overseas buyers, exhibitors and exhibitions and exhibitions, Professional buyers' invitation

and breadth will be more than the last show, and strive to reach 200 exhibitors, display area of ??20,000 square meters, buyers at home and abroad and exhibitors, professional visitors more than 20,000 people. Overall, the market potential, brand motivation, cultural charm will run through the fourth (China �� Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo. Vice Mayor Jiang Feng attended the launching ceremony. Related Links Heng Lin floor Xiaxi flowers and trees create a provincial industrial cluster brand cultivation base Actively

respond to the global financial crisis Heng Lin floor gorgeous 'turn' Taian County party and government delegation Qu Bo Heng Lam floor small industry made a big article Expand the international market and enhance regional influence. On the morning of March 22,Armadillo composite decking problems the 5th (China \u0026 Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo was grandly opened in Shanghai New International Exhibition Center. China Forest Products Industry Association, Wang Man, deputy mayor Jiang Feng attended the opening ceremony.pool composite deck pictures Fifth (China

\u0026 Wang Lin) International Flooring Expo grand opening China Forestry Industry Association a

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focus on the following three aspects to further expand and strengthen the flooring industry : First, to expand the scale of the industry, consolidate the basic economics of the cluster rules and proven that the effective expansion of the industrial scale is to resist market risk and win market competition, an important way to access the status of the industry, we will follow the ' Five-Year Plan 'and' Horizontal Laminate Flooring Industry Cluster Development Plan 'requirements, and further improve the existing industrial policy,formica solid surface wall panels effective use of

land, taxation, finance, infrastructure construction, government coordination services and other regulatory tools to speed up the allocation of limited resources To the flooring industry tilt, to Dry enterprises tilt. We will also focus on nurturing industry associations and intermediaries, improve service levels, achieve industry self-regulation and promote industrial upgrading, and strive to create a favorable industrial environment. We will strive to achieve a breakthrough in the scale of cluster sales of 15 billion yuan by 2012 and

more than 1 billion U.S. dollars of foreign trade exports . Second, to enhance the industrial level, to build cluster advantages In order to better meet the consumer demand updates and adapt to changes in market competition, we will focus on the following five aspects to improve the industry level and build cluster advantages: First, playhouses for kids in cyprusto encourage internal and external resources for industry Effective integration to achieve the optimal allocation of resources; 10 x 10 deck kitthe second is to further strengthen the coordination mechanism within the division

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the impact of the cluster and strengthen regional advantages so as to enhance our competitive strength and enhance the image of Heng Lin. We believe that under the leadership of all leaders , Ladies and gentlemen from all walks of life, with the enthusiastic participation of the vast number of enterprises, cost of synthetic teak deckinga series of activities of the 4th (China �� Wanglin) International Flooring Expo will surely be a success! Finally, I sincerely thank all the leaders, distinguished guests and friends of the media for the floor expo, Heng Lin flooring

industry, Heng Forestry constant economic support. thank you all! I wish you good health, work well, the family happiness, all the best! Accelerate the development of clusters to become stronger and special industries - the floor of the world conference speech Wujin District, Changzhou City, cost of building a composite deck in southern marylandJiangsu Province Henglin Town party secretary Xu Yuexing (March 23, 2010) Dear guests, ladies and gentlemen, Good afternoon! First of all, let me express my heartfelt thanks to all the leaders and experts attending this event on behalf of

more than 400 industrial enterprises on the Henglin floor. Henglin Town is the base of production (export) in China with the largest capacity of laminate flooring industry, the largest variety of fabrics, the strongest supporting collaboration,buy stone grey composite decking online the lowest commercial cost and the best agglomeration effect. Heng Lin flooring from scratch, from small to large development process, the market continues to expand, production capacity continues to expand, the continuous improvement of the industrial chain, the increasing visibility of the

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precipitation, began to fight back: Some companies focus on material segmentation, the main Burma teak flooring, African rosewood flooring; some brand focus Color innovation, the introduction of plastic wood flooring, Dali (real estate) stone flooring; more brands focus on technological innovation, and constantly upgrade the lock floor products. Recently, the sixth generation of retractable lockout floor production, to the subversive function to change the use of the floor and paving tradition, become the first choice of 80, 90 after the

wedding room decoration floor materials. The status quo Great demand for domestic wood flooring market As a real estate downstream industries, the flooring industry is largely subject to the property market development and macroeconomic trends. Although the overall turnover of the upstream real estate has declined in recent years,build a high deck at backyard bbq the total demand for floor decoration materials has basically remained stable. According to the 2014 China National Floor Sales Statistics Report released by the China Forest Products Industry Association Flooring Professional Committee, although the overall wood floor consumption in the whole country dropped by 2.8% in 2014, the total volume was staggering. Th

e total sales volume of the scale flooring enterprises reached 388 million square meters, of which,pallet pool deck in uk 212 million square meters of flooring, 97 million square meters of parquet, 41 million square meters of solid wood flooring. On the other hand, after 30 years of extensive development of the domestic flooring industry, market competition has become extremely wood floor shine product In recent years, due to the sharp rise of raw materials and unreasonable industrial structure, the era of huge profits of Chinese flooring has come to an end. A

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