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investigation, the respondent business should receive the complaint within 20 days after the reply. The investigation is generally closed within 12 to 15 months from the date of filing. Within 60 days after the final ruling,distressed ceiling wood panels the parties may appeal to the Federal Court of Appeals. Changzhou enterprises involved in Changzhou Dongjia Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Changzhou of Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Changzhou Wujin in Xin Wood Co., Ltd., Jiangsu Rocky Wood Co., Ltd.[url=http://wpcchinawholesale.com/wpc-decking/1572.html]building flower boxes from pallets[/url] and its North American companies 4. Recently, the Nantong Inspection and Quarantine Bureau of inspection and quarantine qualified, Nantong a softwood Co., Ltd. a

total of 3840 cartons, the value of 59635.2 (the Ministry of Science and Technology of the People's Republic of China) Euro cork flooring successfully sent to the Netherlands, plastic track for laminate threshold installationwhich is the first export of cork flooring in Nantong. Cork flooring due to the natural environment, insects are not borers, moisture and temperature maintenance and simple features, by foreign guests welcome. As the export of softwood flooring in Europe directly for indoor use, safety,[url=http://wpcchinawholesale.com/pvc-fence/9089.html]cheapest outdoor wood plastic fence cebu[/url] health, environmental protection and other requirements are very strict, in order to successfully help enterprises to enter the European market, Nantong State Inspection Bureau staff in-

depth enterprises, and actively help enterprises to establish and improve the epidemic prevention processing system ,deck stair calculator new zealand To understand the relevant European laws and regulations requirements for the smooth entry of products to the European market provides the relevant technical guidance. Changzhou Media Building, more than 30,000 square meters of floor works in the bid to spend Nanyang Wood, which is 2013, Nanyang Wood Engineering business is another benchmarking project,[url=http://wpcchinawholesale.com/pvc-fence/2008.html]plastic wood flooring malaysia[/url] but also Nanyang Wood strong engineering business strength fully reflected. Continuous engineering business successively signed to prove that the Nanyang

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our province is gradually reduced to Zhejiang and other provinces of bamboo flooring raw material supply. The reasons for the lack of brand prices led to the price of bamboo flooring price war is the reason for the formation of what? Some people think that because of my province bamboo semi-finished products outflow serious,

some people think that because of the competition of other provinces enterprises ... ... but the reporter found through the survey, the fundamental reason is: the province of bamboo flooring manufacturers small scale, low technical content, brand Poor awareness. According to statistics, the current bamboo flooring manufacturers up to 140,

of which 40 finished products manufacturers, bamboo blanks more than 100 production plant. Most of these enterprises are temporarily launched in the township, the overall quality is low, the market encountered some signs of trouble, they had to resort to price cuts. The province's nearly 1,500 large and small bamboo production enterprises,

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bring about rear axle tire upblaze, the wood on the car 500 thousand yuan is all and firing charcoal, the loss is severe. Checkpoint of lumber of the operatic circle of Jiangxi Mt Jade plans to deck board for boat floors apply for to cancel the announcement that register What is introducing lumber checkpoint above all? Lumber checkpoint is forestry most one of basic level executes the law unit, its main responsibility is 1, policy of plan of law of propagandist forestry law;

2, to Mu Zhu log and finished product, semi-manufactured goods (include vivid stumpage, dou of stub, tree, miniascape) the administration that start off carries is permitted (lumber carriage synthetic composite deck joist card and card of silvan plant quarantine) undertake checking supervisory; 3, the superior that finish is in charge of a branch to make granted other concerned job.

Next today we little a checkpoint. Checkpoint of lumber of the operatic circle of Jiangxi Mt Jade plans to register administrative office to apply for to cancel to the institution register,vinyl ceiling fascia trim prices already established liquidation group now. Ask creditor to remove introversion 90 days to be liquidated originally from June 28, 2017 group declare creditor's rights. Hereby announcement Group of liquidation of checkpoint of lumber of the operatic circle of Jiangxi Mt Jade On June 28, 2017 Empty news of lumber tax benefit and appraise cost worry attune of Potlatch stock grade to fall.

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Urge wooden industry guild organization, in Linyi city technology city establishs center of research and development of science and technology, the yield that builds long-term stability with place of courtyard of domestic famous college, scientific research learns to grind collaboration concerns, introduce group of qualified personnel of exterior fencing for malaysia house technology of high administrative levels and high level technology. Increase own innovation to support strength. Wooden estate company is applying for own innovation achievement to change,

when using the project such as technical research and development, give below coequal condition first consideration, give capital to give aid to to selected project finance. Participate in formulate to edit to chairing the wooden estate company of the standard such as international standard, state level and occupation standard,make a deck bench with back according to " award of contribution of innovation of Linyi city standard rewards method " , by be benefited finance gives 5, 500 thousand yuan award.

Encourage development of sale mode innovation. Guide wooden estate company to change traditional sale pattern and channel way stage by stage, make full use of " Internet + " with contemporary IT,high quality timber decking price develop contemporary electron business affairs to trade, widen product sale channel, adopt O2O, before the new commercial pattern such as straight battalion of the factory after inn, factory, extend market space ceaselessly.

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According to statistics, the timber imports in Suifenhe have accounted for 1/3 of the total amount of Russian timber imports, and it has become the largest import and distribution center in China.In order to make full use of the advantages of timber import, the city has made great efforts to realize the value-added value in the deep processing of wood.

The city party committee and the municipal government put forward the strategy of "large processing"from the strategic height of building "north Shenzhen"and "rebuilding a Suifenhe in five years".The development of wood processing industry has been encouraged and a wood processing park with the emphasis on scale processing and finishing is set up.

Hong Kong, Yichun, Harbin, Dalian and other domestic large timber processing enterprises and forest industry enterprises, have come to invest in the construction of timber enterprises,In Sui fen he shi, the establishment of more than 10 million yuan of large-scale wood processing enterprises.

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Executive quality whole promotes a plan, perfect quality superintends a system, consolidate promotion has the class of dominant product quality such as plywood, carpentry board and product property,wholesale wood composite decking the key develops project of door of furniture of type of tall plate washer, ambry, floor, wood and custom-built household, direction of product of the terminal to green environmental protection, high additional cost, high end develops implementation product.

Strive 2025, the interior decoration of 70% decorates man-made board product to achieve E0 class above, terminal product production value is occupied than achieving 30% above. above ground pool deck design plans The wooden industry such as coating of paper of fittings of sticky agent of glue of industry of positive development woodworker, timber, hardware, adornment, paint product of industrial form a complete set,

ability of industrial form a complete set and fluctuation swim cooperative rate increases apparently, spin fill neat industry chain. Technical equipment standard promotes apparently. millboard decking prices Advance deep " Internet + advanced make " , through " two change confluence " , " machine substitution " , accelerate those who have manufacturing facilities and technical technology to transform, promote traditional timber industry to make informatization standard considerably, implementation industry is changed to high end,

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4.To assure to accord with code of European Union lumber, what is the schedule of FSC? A. Online statement platform (OCP) . The management of attestation certificate is at present dispersed at each attestation orgnaizations, answer very hard the asks to offer one a complete set of to supply chain date from file of the European Union.

FSC also did not ask to be planted to the material of lumber, the information such as country of origin undertakes stating. Certificate hold person need uses a mobile phone or computer, submit the lumber information of treatment or commerce OCP database, the director branch of country of European Union member can undertake checking to these information.

FSC is building relevant information system and legal file, in order to ensure the confidential sex of these information and dependability. This system will begin to carry out in October 2013, the management of the person that predict hold of will all inside a year certificate transfers this platform. Attestation orgnaization and office of FSC China delegate will to certificate hold person offer groom relevantly.

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The output value will be 1600000000 yuan after the production is put into production, and 3000 people are placed in employment, and the profit is 150000000 yuan.In 2004, the new enterprise has been formally established, and the production of pulp and paper production is 70000 tons in the whole year, and the profits tax is 57690000 yuan.

The second is that 7 in the integrated forest area have formed a total assets of 643000000 yuan, a annual output of 300000 cubic meters of the Gen he board company,Realize the group, specialized operation.The company also formed a listing operation with 3 other forest companies in Inner Mongolia Inner Mongolia Industrial Co., Ltd.

It is now officially registered and will soon enter the public service.In 2004, the company's annual production reached 216000 cubic meters, and the output value was 226000000.0 yuan, and the profit was 16300000 yuan.

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The market is active and the quality of products is uneven.The statistical results show that the share of the single brand with the best market performance is about 10%. Compared with other mature industries, the brand concentration difference is very large.

The floor industry is still in the fierce competition development period, domestic and import have the development space and potential.With the coming of the hot summer, home decoration has also entered the people's usual term for selling off season,The author has made a visit to the market of home-building materials in the provincial capital.

In view of the low season sales and market situation, interview with the nature, Sheng xiang, Jill, Hong nai and other brands of the head of the floor merchants,It is known that the off-season is caused by the weather, the characteristics of raw materials and people's consumption habits, but in fact the slow-season is not "light".

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Another is great bulletin: American Department of Commerce turns over allowance duty to will have suspension on August 25 to what Canadian sawn timber collects. Y because, opposing allowance tax actively is those who press American Department of Commerce adjudication is collected surely first, till effectiveness for 2x2 wood plastic composite patio tiles sri lanka a given period of time reduces time eventually to what decide formerly. Reduce time eventually now by remit to the end of the year, according to relevant provision of the United States, the levy effectiveness for a given period of time that reduces first cannot be lengthened accordingly.

The levy that produced to be cut into parts eventually to the end of the year from August 25 so " empty window period " , here " empty window period " inside, canadian lumber waterproof balcony flooring options OK and many duty-free enter American market. Market of this pairs of China especially important, because China will arrive centrally in 779 months,

Lumber and patent of ligneous moral course of study got a soldier 2017 ability call-up Each concern an unit: To be carried out seriously and be fulfilled " the State Council about recycled wood building exterior wall panel print and distribute " 935 " protection of national intellectual property and the announcement that use a program (the country sends 2016 〕 of 〔 86) " reach " about talent of intellectual property of print and distribute " 935 " the announcement of the program (the country knows to send person handwriting 〔 2017 〕 12,

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