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technical regulations' position technical certificate, is the first batch of qualified professional installation workers, which improve the holy symbol installation and after-sales staff to lay a solid foundation for the overall knowledge and skills. Resistance: 10 years rebate 'stored value' second decoration 'May 1, 2007 to May 20 period, composite materials for garden floor panelwhere to buy Ultra-resistant solid wood flooring consumers, in addition to enjoying the macro-resistant introduced the same period of significant other promotional offers, but also get a discount card, the Card

can enjoy a full 10 years after back offers. 'This is the macro-resistant floor launched in the' May Day 'Golden Week,' now choose macro-resistant, full return after 10 years. 'The launch of the '10-year rebate' discount is actually reached 10 years with consumers Commitment, through the 'expected to send' to achieve the long-term friendship between consumers and macro resistance, virtually brand reputation. Wang Wei,composite decking maintenance in HongKong president of Hong-resistant flooring, said that this not only from the marketing out of the road to

differentiation, but also reflects the macro-resistant to their own products and brands of confidence, outdoor laminate panels weight in Koreato a large extent coupled with a heavy responsibility in accordance with the activities of Specific preferential regulations, discount cards will take effect 5 years after the purchase of the floor, the first purchase amount to consumers as the base for the return, again 5 years after the purchase of macro-resistant floors can enjoy the rebate 50% discount, after 6 years Purchase can enjoy the rebate 60% discount, and so on, after 10 years

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Expanding the advantages of the flooring and furniture industry, integrating the logistics of the Southern Jiangsu plate, improving With an internationally competitive industrial chain, deck chairs wooden plans it strives to form an industrial economy with a scale of over 20 billion yuan in 3-5 years. The reporter learned from the ��Strategic Reporting Meeting on the Development of Flooring Furniture Industry�� in the city the day before. Wulin Henglin Town, which is known as ��China's Capital of Reinforced Wooden Flooring,�� is ambitiously reconstructing the industrial blueprint and

cracking down on the ��international brand�� of floors and furniture. Because horizontal forests are difficult to shake, the strategic reporting of the day will become a grand event for domestic flooring and furniture industry. More than 900 industry representatives, sellers and suppliers from Jiangsu, Zhejiang, Liaoning, Shanghai, Guangdong, Hunan and Hubei gathered, Yang Zipeng, vice chairman of China Light Industry Federation, Zhang Lin, president of China Forest Products Industry Association, instructions on pvc ceiling panels installation and China flooring Zhang Wenling, chairman of the

professional committee, Lu Zhaoqin, deputy director of the Provincial Agriculture and Forestry Department, Chen Jinghuan, secretary of the Party Committee of the Nanjing Forestry University, Sheng Keqin and Wang Zhengping attended the special trip. The party secretary Fan Yanqing also called for congratulations. In addition to the extraordinary growth rate of the Yanye Henglin characteristic industry, the guests of different fields are concerned that, as an industry leader, Lin Lin,how to build a pvc planter after completing the first round of scale expansion, how to lead the

industry to achieve an efficient 'second venture'? How to deal with industrial problems such as industrial upgrading and international trade barriers? These questions were tentatively interpreted at the strategy briefing. The concept of Henglin's development of an international industrial base also followed the concept of the paper. Relying on the process of integration in the Yangtze River Delta, the regional advantages of Changzhou��s eastern gateway were utilized to focus on the development of flooring and furniture. At the same time as the two pillar

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market in China's flooring industry. Coupled with many factors such as the climate environment,plastic product manufacturer in belgium geographical location, cultural traditions and living habits, the floor is almost Become one of the essentials in home decoration. The Shenyang Geo-Expo is currently a relatively mature model in many domestic trade shows. It is also an unlimited business opportunity that is composed of weather, geography, people, and many other factors. It can be said that Shenyang Geo-Expo is currently a superior ��external transfer��. Within the 'market bridges and ties,'

the tempting huge cake of 'domestic trade' has super attractive power for enterprises. Therefore, I believe that the huge publicity effect of the flooring industry brand during the exhibition will once again raise the awareness of the company itself, and make the floor brand produce the snowball-like rolling social effects and industry influence. During the exhibition, it can be with many foreign brands. As well as continuous learning and improvement in exchanges and contacts between outstanding companies, it can be said that such exhibition opportunities are

very rare for brands.continental tongue and groove fence panel In addition, it is believed that the ��Top Ten Flooring in Liaoning Province�� will be unveiled during the exhibition and will also show the world a new image of ��Top Ten Liaoning Provinces��, laying a more solid foundation for the future long-term development of the flooring industry in Liaoshen District.curved deck railing solutions Here, we also hope that the Liaoshen district floor brand will continue to be perfected on the basis of such a good platform. In the future, more and more affordable products will be given back to the vast number of consumers, making due

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