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Background: B & Q has opened more than 700 building materials chain stores in 14 countries and regions in the world, the first in Europe, the third world building materials transnational organization.In our country, the last three years in the last three consecutive decoration performance first, now has exceeded 1000000000 yuan, is the only domestic decoration enterprise with 500 strong background in the world.

B & Q plans to open 78 chain stores in China in 5 years. The "investigation on indoor environmental pollution of the first children room in Beijing"was concluded by June 10th, which is organized by the legal evening law and the Bei zhuang coprocessor.A total of 630 families have been tested for free.

Today, environmental protection commission released the latest figures, 95% of the children room has different degree of indoor environmental pollution problems.The expert group of the Bei zhuang committee of the coprocessor co-ordination of environmental protection committee conducted a detailed analysis of the "test report"and the "children's room situation questionnaire"which was examined by the parents.

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Plant from the tree in light of, the southern pine, pine that spend a banner is the exit breed with main material of American needle leaf. Right China exit is mixed with southern Huang Song, hemlock Hua Qisong is given priority to, among them southern Huang Song is in China market ovation, year export growth is achieved 36% . best porch floor suppliers Code of new edition HS is right import log edit.

2017 edition " commodity name and encode coordinate a system " already carried out formally in global each country on January 1, 2017. Press statistic of tax regulations of 2017 edition best wood fence designs imports and exports, turn this edition involve 8 tax items of our country about 760 multinomial, hold sum total of tax items of tax regulations of imports and exports about very one of.

Forest products also is in this castigatory limits, 44 chapters 01 eye (44.01) the complement that has 9 option. This castigatory purpose is to enclothe more extensive tree to plant, get more accurate trade statistic data, be in the product that already brought into detailed list of international treaty environmental protection at plastic fence panels on amazon the same time " harmonious system " in alone line item, so that international trade monitoring is mixed,administer jointly. Encode of new edition HS establishs tropics kind of sole branch line, cultivate kind of trade statistic data in order to get detailed and accurate tropics.

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establish a new tray technically to hire service firm, introduced a batch of professional, preliminary research formed base oneself upon the tray with 9 real rivers hires pattern. At present lanneret timber industry had signed agreement of the intent that rent with 3 enterprises, much home company reached preliminary consensus, wholesale plastic wood hand railing predict to hire gross of tray of carry out standard to amount to 50 thousand this year, pass pilot, will build 100 thousand standard tray pool finally.

Chief of lanneret timber industry expresses, lanneret timber industry standardizes pilot tray to produce service category eye to bear the weight of as the first batch of content shedding enterprise,high quality garden fence circulate in tray common crucial effect has in the system, this is good luck of a development, it is responsibility of a society more. Content shedding standardizes pilot policy hard-earned,

company general is mixed strictly according to the country occupation standard, advance a project to build. Next, area of and other places of lake of company general and Nanchang city, much should a composite fence cost overgrown with weeds discusses cooperation, build tray alliance, layout tray serves a site, build the service network with tray common loop.

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Australia Golden Mile companies to bring China into the floor Silkwood Live: Australia Golden Mile enterprises to enter China to bring Silkwood floor Live: Australia Golden Mile enterprises to enter China to bring Silkwood floor topics: Silkwood floor Beijing Exhibition Hall-cum-opening Australian Golden Enterprises Limited Beijing.

Representative Office Opening Hours: April 2, 2007 Venue: Embassy of Australia in Australia Welcome to Silkwood Floor Beijing Exhibition Hall Opening and Opening Ceremony of Beijing Golden State Enterprise Co., Ltd. Beijing Representative Office. Please present the Australian Minister Peter Bosborne,

Mr. Australian business minister, Mr. Peter Osborne [Europe]: gentlemen, ladies and gentlemen, good evening! I am honored to be here today to represent the Australian Government at the opening ceremony of the Beijing Metropolitan Government Beijing Representative Office and the Boral Group Silkwood Floor Beijing Exhibition Hall.

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the bamboo, in Jiangxi Chongyi Watson Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd. Successfully developed. "Compared with the general bamboo flooring, heavy bamboo flooring with high density, strong hardness,plastic decorative panels for outdoor patio strong anti-corrosion, environmental protection and other advantages." The company responsible person. In 2012, the Institute of Urban Environment, Chinese Academy of Sciences in Chongyi set up to carry out research on activated carbon, an area of ??several acres of activated carbon industrial park planning completed, [url=http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/16036.html]wood porch flooring materials[/url]the county bamboo industry scientific and intensive development ushered in the new Opportunity. Jiangxi Tai Sheng

Carbon Co., Ltd. took the lead in force, and the Institute to develop a series of bamboo wood activated carbon supplies, car cushion, home accessories, daily fuel, and other hundreds of products,Outdoor Wood Plastic Flower Planter Box sold in Zhejiang, Jiangsu and other places. Technology promotion, Chongyi bamboo activated carbon products sell well throughout the country, widely used in chemical, environmental and other fields. "In the energy use, the main research of bamboo raw materials, [url=http://greencompositedecking.com/wpc-products/3236.html]lightweight flooring suppliers[/url]deep processing of waste, such as made products, to explore pollution-free carbonization waste heat power generation projects." The Institute researcher Wang Yin said that these

scientific research will enhance the technological level of bamboo industry, Upgrade. By increasing the investment in science and technology, expanding the scale of bamboo industry credit, Chongyi actively guide enterprises to carry out technological innovation, extend the industrial chain,house plans with rooftop deck view bamboo products industry cluster rough prototype. At present, the county has 111 bamboo processing enterprises, [url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/choose-wood-plastic-flooring-tips.html ]Choose Wood Plastic Flooring Tips[/url]of which 17 with an annual output value of 5 million yuan to form a bamboo sheet, bamboo flooring, bamboo handicrafts and other leading six major series of more than 200 varieties, "Watson Wang" brand Bamboo plastic plate exported to the

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It is also an important opportunity for relevant enterprises to win the second half of the market share.So the industry enterprises are very optimistic about this home-house night market, almost all of the company in Hangzhou home decoration brand companies have been named, the home material supplier is also very high spirits.

At last, the organizing committee was strictly selected, more than 40 regular companies, more than 100 designers, and more than 20 brands of materials and professional markets.After careful preparation, it will appear at the exhibition.I thought it was a relief, but to ensure the health of the family of the lazy family, go to an air test.

Speaking of the indoor air especially should cause the owner's attention, except after the decoration to timely conduct air inspection outside.In fact, it should be considered when the material is determined before the decoration, so to really live in a healthy and healthy life.

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all for your" brand concept, Liu Clear general manager of this move greatly mobilized the enthusiasm and enthusiasm of the staff with a better state to treat every customer to come to consult, but also to come to consult the customer greatly appreciated the recent and deeper Bayer Enterprise impressions.

Bayer enterprise uniform design of the booth, the staff full of working conditions and the booth of the flow of people such as the lively scene, became the day of the Expo a beautiful landscape. Fan Yanqing met with Greek guests at the International Fair at the noon. On March 29th, Party Secretary Fan Yanqing met with Costa Rica,

President of the Greek Chamber of Commerce, who was invited to attend the first (China �� Changzhou) International Flooring Fair in Changzhou Fudu Traders Hotel. City leaders Shen Ruiqing attended the meeting. Fan Yanqing welcomed President Kosta's arrival. He told the guests that Changzhou is a very obvious advantage of the city,

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it is to optimize structure of wooden industry industry. According to production garden area is changed, enterprise dimensions is changed, product environmental protection changes an end, red cedar 1x6 tongue and groove better siding with science and technology of industry of national forest products construction of demonstrative garden area is core carrier and development platform, reasonable differentiate functional area,

accelerate industrial catenary efficient conformity, form overall arrangement stage by stage the wooden industry of form a complete set of perfect, industry collects reasonable, function garden area. Have industrial current situation in the light of garden area, accelerate enterprise conformity to promote, plastic wood board fence will adopt fall into disuse close stop, the standard is rectified, annex weighs the means such as the group, carry out " vacate basket change a bird " , active dish of vivid existing land that put an amount, increase garden area effectively to develop a space.

3 it is to increase own innovation strength. Implement the 18 great mind that fulfil a party and national economy deep " 935 " the requirement of the program, change before extensive type " 3 foot tall white no dig fencing manage mode without the brand " idea, firm establish brand consciousness, increase a brand to breed strength, breed mainland of a batch of take root hard and the famous brand that owns own intellectual property, the consequence of brand of have the aid of rises the area competition ability of board of Lan Shan district again.

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square meters, bamboo plastic template processing up to 15,000 cubic meters, in the processing Bamboo products production,places to buy composite decking online improve product quality at the same time, the county also attaches great importance to increase publicity efforts to increase the bamboo product marketing network construction, efforts will be built to become the national "bamboo flooring".[url=http://wpcfloormaterial.com/solution/the-benefits-of-wood-plastic-flooring.html ]The Benefits of Wood Plastic Flooring[/url](Reporter Li Xingwen, Lingxin) Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision recently on the market sales of laminate flooring products were supervised checks and found that more than 40% of the product quality is not qualified, some of the products of the product Surface

wear resistance is poor. Reinforced wood flooring is one or more layers of special paper impregnated thermosetting amino resin, paved in the particleboard,400 sq ft pvc deck price medium density fiberboard, high density fiberboard and other wood-based panel substrate surface, the back plus the balance layer, the front plus wear layer, Made of a decoration materials. Quality supervision departments of the total inspection of 41 enterprises to produce 41 batches of products,[url=http://fence-pergola.com/suppliers/3444.html]order wood fence panels online[/url] qualified 24 batches, sampling rate was only 58.5%. The main problem with nonconforming products is that the surface wear resistance of the product is poor. The spot checks of the 17 batches of

substandard products, 15 batches of products, the surface wear resistance does not meet the requirements. Surface wear layer failure will affect the product life, damage to the interests of consumers.square top composite fence pickets Quality Supervision Department informed that the production quality of substandard products enterprises include: Shanghai Chaomao Wood Co., Ltd., Shanghai Chen Wang Decoration Materials Co., Ltd., Wuxi City Delong Wood Co., Ltd., Changsha Tianqi wood processing plants.[url=http://wpcfloormanufacturer.com/review/14131.html]outdoor composite wall board[/url] Recently, a new "log" - to more than 4 years of bamboo age of high quality bamboo as the material, by cooking, drying, hot pressing and other processes produced from

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In the face of such trade barriers, June 6th,More than 30 key floor enterprises in China Forest Industry Association have held the third meeting of floor-catching intellectual property rights in Beijing in Beijing.The meeting advocated the whole industry to strengthen self-discipline, strictly follow the relevant laws and regulations, actively participate in the domestic and international market fair competition;

At the same time, the domestic floor production enterprises to improve their own R & D capacity, increase the investment in the development of new products.In order to enhance the innovation ability and core competitiveness of enterprises, we can realize the leap of China from the floor of the floor to the floor power.

According to the director of the floor branch of China Forest Products Industry Association, China's wooden floor industry has experienced the development course from small to large in the past 10 years.And in recent years, it has entered a rapid development period, its annual growth rate is more than 20%.

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