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A few days ago, to be held in Shanghai on the 2005 Shanghai International Exhibition of woodworking machinery, There is a phenomenon attracted the attention of the Industry: the foreign woodworking machinery enterprises to participate in the show than the previous reduction.

Famous expert of woodworking machines, After a visit to Heilongjiang Province, Vice-President of the Association of woodworking machinery exhibition that In fact, this reflects a gratifying phenomenon--after years of development, Chinese woodworking machinery Already has the strong international competitiveness, and firmly occupied the domestic market.

If there are significant changes in woodworking machinery exhibition, according to reporter understanding, The area of the 2005 Shanghai International Exhibition of woodworking machinery increased by 55% per cent over the previous year, the exhibition is divided into 3 exhibition, WoodMac pavilion shows the initial, intermediate, and advanced woodworking machinery technology;

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Качества: для крупных строительных материалов супермаркете или магазине купить, попробуйте купить известных брендов. Прежде чем вы покупаете, проверьте упаковку продукта, товарный знак изготовителя и инспекции качества, гарантийные обязательства.

Выпуска количество формальдегида: формальдегид выпуска в количестве является очень важным показателем, содержание формальдегида в украшении пола стандарт будет серьезный вред здоровью человека и даже привести к заболеваний или рака.

Нашей страны связанных с стандарт формальдегида фанерной продукции на каждые 100 граммов формальдегида фанеры должны быть меньше или равна 9 мг (т.е. & Amp; lt; 9 мг/100 г), для вас и вашей семье здоровья, должен быть ниже, чем стандарт бренда.

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Digging a new marketing channel for enterprises proliferate, capacity increasing dramatically, either production or sales area, presents the situation of "not enough", the wood floor market prices falling, in this situation, the wood floor presents management more difficult situation, so how to choose the right sales channel, develop the market quickly?

Is this a problem in front of most enterprises. One of marketing channels: cooperate with decoration company which is the ideal for a handful of big brand dealer sales channels.

Decoration company dealing directly with the owner, do and say to the owner directly impact on the behavior of the purchased materials, some owners believe decoration company, easy to accept the recommended brand floor, especially the large adornment company of its output value most in ten million yuan of above, the wood floor as to occupy a certain share of the material, so distributor can rapidly improve the wood flooring sales.

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The most important of the solid wood flooring, laminate flooring and engineered wood flooring, there are two special: soft wood and bamboo flooring.

Solid wood flooring---beautiful and comfortable, Noble enjoy a long history of solid wood flooring It is made from wood floor, Mostly tongue-and-groove floors, easier to install, the price in accordance with the different tree species and different brands of 100 yuan per square meter to 700 yuan/square meters.

More than half of the floor on the market is the result of the finished floor of the coating (paint), generally known as the "paint-plate".

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As urban family adornment market warms up continuously, the demand that builds adornment material also shows ascendant trend.

When the user's selection and application of some family decoration decoration materials, More into the health, safety, environmental protection, and the concept of culture, is a group of people dotes sense of fashion, personalized non-toxic, harmless, non-polluting new decorative materials.

Natural stone, wood and bamboo, paper fiber, cotton and other natural materials are particularly favored.The most obvious feature of these materials is a simple and natural, Concise and fresh, give a person with elegant and warm feeling, in line with growing consumer demands of environmental protection, the trend of sales and marketing.

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Как для гостиной, спальне обеспокоен, боссов компании Нортбаунд украшения рекомендуется использование противообрастающих, Hu Jian сильная способность стекла противоскользящей плитки, ваша точка стоит, потому что эти деньги не могут быть сохранены, участие, вероятно, вас.

Приобретение список, без латекса, что один. В настоящее время широкий спектр продукции латексная краска, какие пять в 1, три в одном, поколения продуктов и вторичных продуктов есть бесчисленное множество. Но время покупки, вы не можете быть небрежно, потому что это «копейки фунт.»

Известный бренд с дешевые мексиканские Браун, очень большая разница в свойствах прочности. Пол выбрать и купить, можно приобрести в одном из крупнейших сумму денег, так что это также один из наиболее часто чтобы сэкономить деньги. HU Jian считает, что цвет древесины настил более практический, дешевые и природные текстуры.

" лучший настилов цветок " , деревянных настилов хорошо лег на траве , дешевый способ сделать композитные и виниловые перила , сверху теплоизоляции композитных палубе пол "
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Regard country of the first settle as the enterprise of forest industry city, "Industry of auspicious day timber " promotion of quality of the product after company go into operation, the market extends, what the enterprise produces nowadays is medium floor of high-grade fact wood sells past Japan entirely, price of floor of every square metre achieves 700 yuan of above.

"Industry of silvan far timber " the company is a country forest industry city 2 period the company that the division that be stationed in garden joins after project complete, capital of poineering initial stage is in short supply. Xu Zhenjiang of company general manager says, after be informed company difficulty,

forest industry city carries the state small loan assures for enterprise pay for sb and expect to be repaid later the raw material money of 70% , after the product is sold again reimbursement. Forest industry city offers support country " baby-sitter type serves " , nowadays " industry of silvan far timber " company product is popular city of line of domestic just a little, order year after year increases by degrees.

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The resilience of cork can significantly reduce, while standing or walking to the human body back, leg, ankle reaction. Old bones in glial component decreases, articular cavity elasticity is insufficient, cork floor can have very good buffer role.

In addition, soft without good anti-skid feature. In the shu step wood cork floor lab microscope you can see, the pure cork floor surface is made up of countless gasbag of the cork cells are cut up small "sucker".

Foot in cork floor, and cut the airbag boundary friction coefficient will be greatly increased, the contact point of the pure cork floor friction coefficient is 0.4, level 6, that is to say, even though the pure cork floor pour water or oil, people is not easy to slip and fall.

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our country can have 90% of regional awareness bamboo floor. If used in the northern region, bamboo floor moisture content should be 6% -8%. Hot home improvement market this year to cool the reporter learned from the Municipal Bureau of Statistics, by the national macro - control and land resources shortage,

rising prices of commercial housing and other related factors and the size of the city demolition and transformation of this year 's real estate market growth rate may slow down, will be direct Affecting the sale of goods related to housing decoration materials, kitchen and equipment and other goods sales growth.

The two years of continuous warming of the home improvement market is expected to steadily fall in 2007 prices. In addition, according to forecasts, this year the city's consumer market will have several major points: cars, jewelry and other high-end market sales situation is optimistic, green food, nutrition and safe food consumption will increase,

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Beaverboard of association of Chinese forest products is stationed in meeting vice-chairman Wu Chengfu of Zhang Zhongtao of feldspathic peak of Qian Xiaoyu, secretary, deputy secretary-general, vice-chairman, former chief engineer of designing institute of program of industry of forest products of bureau of forestry of vice-chairman,

country is like batman, association of industry of Chinese forest products is presiding bureau of forestry of expert, country Sun Jian of former vice director of plan money department, the leader honored guest such as tide of Li Kefu of director of association of industry of Guangxi forestry estate, secretary-general week gathers together, discuss industry of our country beaverboard to develop a major programme of lasting importance jointly.

Chinese man-made board formaldehyde is released implement new standardAfter Qian Xiaoyu made working report of the 5th standing council, membership is voting, the election produces vice-president of board of the 6th professional committee and spell director, election of height of king of Inc. of group of trade of Guangxi abundant forest becomes one of spell directors.

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