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a floor price adjustment, the price per square meter rose 5% -10% rangethe retail prices of wooden products such as flooring rose sharply. January 7, 'Vanguard' once again issued a price adjustment notice. Zhejiang Friends of the World, solid fence extensions
Suzhou, a, Tin Lok and other brands are also issued after the price adjustment notice, more than 10 tree species floor price increases are basically more than 10%. Flooring industry in 2006, it can be said that there is rain on the east of the west sunny, several happy few unhappy. The entire

industry has just emerged from the 'good faith' crisis, 'price storms' have struck, the cost of various materials soaring, so that many SMEs struggling 'price hikes' are accelerating the industry reshuffle the first half of this year, a variety of raw materials Prices and shipping costs continue to rise, solid wood, parquet began to levy consumption tax, which led to strengthening, solid wood, deck benches prices
parquet production costs rose 10% -20%. Into September, the floor price trend has finally come into full swing. Strengthen the upstream of the floor The

price of high-density fiberboard sharply increased, or a record high. 'Market Road, less than enough damage and surplus,' so a large-scale cost-driven trend of price increases, China's flooring industry brand differentiation will be further intensified. For some companies that are not strong enough and whose brands are not strong, it is simply a catastrophe that they are involved in the 'storm of price hikes.' Do not raise prices, paintable wood plastic wall panel
with the sales also hard to survive. Prices, then cut off their own price advantage, SMEs directly in an

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material is still solid wood flooring. Floor prices continue to rise April 1 this year, Heilongjiang Sen workers, Daxinganling Forestry Group to fully stop commercial logging, the respective forestry bureau owned the first quarter of the amount of logging, the amount of timber shall not exceed 70% of 2014 annual timber production plan. In the meantime, in recent years, South America and the United States have been out of stock of timber, and the governments of Indonesia, perforated dock covering
Myanmar and Africa have controlled the export of logs in

order to protect the local forest resources, resulting in a sharp drop in the volume of timber imports. The relevant person in charge of the natural floor, told reporters that the soaring prices of timber soaring, but also led to the general rise in domestic floor prices, solid wood flooring common two-winged beans, longan rose 15% -20%, or red oak rose even reached 30% -40%. The floor price increases, not just the raw material issues, labor, cost per linear foot of board fence
logistics and other aspects of the adjustment, but also lead to product prices. 'Both the

domestic floor or imported floor are in price increases, first, the strengthening of environmental protection efforts around the world, many countries gradually increase the restrictions on timber logging; the second is a substantial increase in human resource costs; third, custom outdoor wood plastic composite flower boxes
all aspects of corporate management costs. The main reason is the continuous rise in timber prices, a direct result of a substantial increase in floor production costs. 'Solid wood flooring is still preferred In recent years, as people improve the pursuit of life, the floor

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of Nanxun are normal, there is no impact due to the volume of sales discontinued or closed, this is almost no. The entire industry, our individual business, because it is not engaged in the main business, but the emphasis on other, for example, to guarantee other industries, agents, there have been problems.replace stair treads with composite
The actual relationship with our entire industry is not big. Sohu Reporter: Still relatively stable. Jiang Xuelin: Yes, it is

healthy too. We wood flooring industry compared with other industries, we are very stable, other industries even bigger fluctuations. There is room for profit in Nanxun, but profit margins have declined. It should be said. As we all know, in response to financial constraints, sales have declined, marketing costs have risen, and production costs have risen. Each enterprise has been adjusted according to their different circumstances, people say how winter, have a set,static caravan decking suppliers northern ireland
especially Nanxun enterprises, Nanxun enterprises have basically

done for ten years, have a certain basis, there are certain markets, Prospects are not sad. The larger industry is not large enterprises, small businesses more flexible. Because Nanxun this industry there are three patterns. The first is to do a complete brand, part of the brand is done, part of the whole country for OEM processing, there are some enterprises to do a single tree species, semi-finished products for all companies to provide semi-finished products, can be said to be raw materials , Can be said that the product.

The three floors of the entire floor are more reasonable and relatively standard, and the three are highly complementary. Nanxun did not appear this year, a business because of production problems, or sales problems, and there have been cut-off, black aluminum railing for porch
shut down things, in fact, is relatively stable. After the industrial agglomeration has its effect of agglomeration, including all costs are declining, the logistics is also very obvious, we Nanxun more prominent point is more convenient logistics, logistics and prosperity of the entire industry. In

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exhibition, at the Las Vegas show, there are more and more Chinese flooring enterprises, while many flooring enterprises are famous overseas Enterprises have conducted long-term and close cooperation and the frequent foreign trade has also increased the risk of trade frictions. This year, with the gradual recovery of the economy in many countries in Europe and the United States represented by the United States, composite wood board patio roofing in spain
the export of wooden flooring such as parquet and laminate flooring in our country has also increased significantly.

At this time, the United States has monopolized this market and set up various kinds of trade Barriers such as anti-dumping, countervailing and other obstacles to slow China's wooden flooring into the United States market. According to media reports, the 'war' has just started. The five types of subsidies filed by the United States in the 'double reverse' prosecution materials are manufacturing tax relief, local tax relief for manufacturing enterprises, reclaimed deck boards cape town
tax exemption for foreign-invested enterprises in specific regions, import of

equipment VAT and tariff relief and tariff subsidies. Relevant experts, due to the existence of China's local protectionism, some flooring companies as a local pillar industries, there will indeed be some tax incentives, and the current parquet export tax rebate is 5%. In addition, the recent renminbi exchange rate has also become one of the bases for the U.S. 'double reverse' investigation because, plastic sheets for boat floor
for the first time, U.S. companies include the 'undervaluation of the RMB exchange rate' in the 'double reverse' lawsuit as the type of subsidy. At the just concluded G20 finance ministers and central bank governors meeting, reached a consensus to avoid playing 'exchange rate war', but the United States on the

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sluggish domestic enterprises this year. China's flooring industry encountered anti-dumping anti-subsidy investigation of the United States China became a 'big producer' blame? It is understood that China's laminate flooring has also been filed by other countries anti-dumping investigations, and was such a large area of ??the United States anti-dumping anti-subsidy investigation for the first time.wood bench bracket
One of the reasons is that China has become a 'world factory' fame has already been established, the export industry to 'OEM form'

reputation, and in recent years, with the development of the industry, the United States has gradually become China's flooring industry, an important export destination Countries, dominate the export volume, cheaper products into the United States market, gradually occupy the United States market share of the flooring industry, wpc indoor panel water
which became the flooring companies anti-dumping investigation is one of the important reasons. However, the unbalanced production and marketing of the domestic flooring market is one of the driving

forces behind the vigorous development of exports. Professor Yang Meixin said that the floor was originally a relatively balanced production and marketing industry, but due to the property market in recent years, the rapid development of the building materials industry soared, while the relatively low threshold of the flooring industry, a large number of enterprises to enter,Serbia pvc edge banding for melamine board
thus triggering excess capacity. After the maturity of the floor industry, there are more opportunities facing the world market. For example, at the cross-Strait

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technical regulations' position technical certificate, is the first batch of qualified professional installation workers, which improve the holy symbol installation and after-sales staff to lay a solid foundation for the overall knowledge and skills. WPC Products Case Diy Deck
Resistance: 10 years rebate 'stored value' second decoration 'May 1, 2007 to May 20 period, where to buy Ultra-resistant solid wood flooring consumers, in addition to enjoying the macro-resistant introduced the same period of significant other promotional offers, but also get a discount card, the Card

can enjoy a full 10 years after back offers. 'This is the macro-resistant floor launched in the' May Day 'Golden Week,' now choose macro-resistant, full return after 10 years. 'The launch of the '10-year rebate' discount is actually reached 10 years with consumers Commitment, through the 'expected to send' to achieve the long-term friendship between consumers and macro resistance,wood insulation plugs
virtually brand reputation. Wang Wei, president of Hong-resistant flooring, said that this not only from the marketing out of the road to

differentiation, but also reflects the macro-resistant to their own products and brands of confidence, the most common Wood Plastic Composite FAQS
to a large extent coupled with a heavy responsibility in accordance with the activities of Specific preferential regulations, discount cards will take effect 5 years after the purchase of the floor, the first purchase amount to consumers as the base for the return, again 5 years after the purchase of macro-resistant floors can enjoy the rebate 50% discount, after 6 years Purchase can enjoy the rebate 60% discount, and so on, after 10 years

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economy. However, in the face of the new international competition and the fall of raw materials, micro-economic control and other multiple factors, the flooring industry in China is entering a new phase of market mediation and strategic structure.prices of cheap floor ceramic tiles in ghana
The erroneous market forms, prompting companies to take advantage of the situation only in order to get rid of adversity, to win in the fierce competition. Upstream property market regulation has a direct impact on the flooring industry since 2010 unrelated to the introduction of a series of continuous control of housing prices, speculation attacks on real estate speculation, the property market has once again boil cool, the real estate industry, followed by a straight line

of trading volume, which The flooring industry formed a positive negative effect. However, the downturn in the property market has a definite hysteresis of the impact on all the home industry, at least not after six months. The flooring industry, many industry professionals are more in the 'short-term bearish long-term positive' view, that the floor so that the entire home industry will be a new round of real estate regulation and control of the potential victims. inground swimming pool slide
The industry believes that the downturn in the property market will not

indirectly affect the needs of the flooring market, this impact is not only small, and will be limited to the short term, will not be too long, so the rigid demand of the flooring industry will not be eliminated. The country issued a series of policies to regulate the real estate industry, the flooring industry is certainly not a merit.india wood plastics conference
Flooring companies should constantly refurbished marketing forms and forms of work, through the rich product line, low-carbon green growth patterns to enhance the overall competitiveness of enterprises and the

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pollution will be Health effects, easy to get the first disease is glaucoma, eye pain; cataract, chronic conjunctivitis, keratitis. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui, to live steadfastly, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. above ground pool deck covering
6, the balcony of the house, especially the master bedroom, do not look straight at the road a lot of such a host, their body is generally not very healthy, this Chong Sha, especially the air into people susceptible to flu. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui,

to be pragmatic, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. 7, our housing balconies and master bedroom do not point sharply According to the physical all the objects are composed of molecular, proton movement, all the objects are generated electrical signals, electrical signals have a focus point,wood stair stringer layout
we Of the tower must be sharp, the receiver must be round, so this location is not good, this place try to avoid, if not avoid, Mr. Feng Shui is sharp knife evil, poor owner or even Causes schizophrenia. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui, to be

pragmatic, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. 8, in the railroad house because most of the workers beside the railway are very easy to deaf, poor hearing, life is relatively short. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui, to be pragmatic, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. 9, who lives in a villa or a yard Do not fence the fence is too high on the wall is not good, it is best transparent point, Thailand Chiang Mai decorative wall panels for patio
if the wall is too high, will feel in a closed environment, especially uncomfortable, Easy to get mental depression in the big city to

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moderately dry. Maintenance method four: waxed furniture if used in the year, the gloss will gradually disappear, affecting its appearance. Encounter this situation, the floor wax, beeswax and other baked in the sun or fireside soft, with the old leather shoes brush repeatedly rub, so that the brush is covered with a lot of tiny wax particles. And then use this brush covered with wax particles in the furniture repeatedly brush, this method is called 'dry shaking wax.' After the 'dry-trembling wax' treatment, tarnished furniture immediately 'red', with what can i cover my exterior housewallmore effective than the women's cosmetics. You can also use the Polaroid beads or floor wax bought directly.

Waxing should be noted that after the dust is completely removed, it will form wax spots, or cause abrasion and scratch. When waxing, we must master from shallow to deep, by the principle of point and surface, step by step, uniform waxing. Of course, the ideal or to professional manufacturers to wax. There is another way is to burn the wax, the wax dry wipe the surface of the furniture, and then use a hot hair dryer to dry the wax into a liquid state, with a brown brush even after cooling until solidification, and then use wood or bamboo will surface Float wax removed, and finally with a brown brush and cloth 'shake net', polish. This is a more

professional and more difficult way, get a good package will engage in 'new', do not advocate amateurs and novices used. Children's bedroom 1. Children's bedroom can not be located in the side of the machine room, balcony, located in the machine room easily lead to brain weakness. 2. Doors at the door can not have a mirror door, so as not to talk more than right and wrong. 3. bedroom ceiling should be flat to milky white (dark fierce); ceiling decorative vertical and horizontal wooden, but not hanging all kinds of strange ornaments. discount composite fencing4. Do not shop the bedroom floor dark red carpet and hair blankets, so as to avoid suffering from bronchitis. 5. Do not hang too many campanula bedroom, so as to avoid nervous breakdown. 6. Bedroom light should be bright; the main color bogey, red, dark black, so easy to restless personality irritability. 7. Small bedroom, not decorating too complicated, making the room look too messy. Do not close the doll in the bedroom, locked up. Do not hedge the bedroom door with the toilet door. Children's bedroom walls 1. Children's bedroom walls can not be posted too fancy wallpaper, so as to avoid confusion, irritability. 2. The wall can not be posted peculiar bizarre animal portraits, so as to avoid strange behavior of children, because there must be spiritual shape, things to gather together. 3. The walls can not be posted Samurai fighting map, so as to avoid the child's mind to have a brave and ruthless mentality. Children's desk 1. Behind the desk and so can not be exposed. 2. desk can not face the toilet, nor can it be backed by toilet bathroom; not flush with the toilet bathroom door. 3. Not in the kitchen stove up and down, the toilet bathroom up and down.plastic outdoor rugs 4. It is best not to have a high desk before oppression (bookshelf on the desk is not good). 5. desk can not be facing the alley outside the house, red road or water tower. Children's bed 1. Children's bed can not be placed under the

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moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially bathroom, bathroom lighting and kitchen stove headlights, have to install moisture-proof shade to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid corrosion damage or short circuit leakage. Lighting is best not to use water to clean, as long as the water can be wiped dry rags, if accidentally hit the water to try to dry, avoid using light rags immediately after turning on the lights. Unexpected situation, furniture also has good and bad fortune. Faced with natural factors such as sunlight,ultradecking composite decking fusion reviews air and seasonal changes, and human factors such as moving, placing, transporting, cleaning and dusting, even a slight

negligence and carelessness can cause fatal injuries to the furniture. Those who care for the two tips of a black discoloration of the exquisite antique furniture to their hands, no doubt into the hell, less aggressive. The following will start from seven aspects, specifically about the concept of furniture maintenance, methods and taboo. Maintenance method One: conform to the wooden human health pay attention to human nature, furniture maintenance should conform to the wood,wpc board floors wikipedia which is the furniture of the 'temper': the winter of every household heating in the north, people from the heating is very comfortable, but the furniture was Far from the

heating, so as not to over-temperature caused by excessive shrinkage of wood, leading to cracking. Summer is coming, and it is often raining. The furniture should be kept away from the window so as not to get damp in the rainy weather, uplifting the surface and damaging the mortise and tenons. A lot of furniture is also afraid of the wind,non skid boat deck cleaner especially the furniture with the surface such as tables and cabinets and other furniture, subject to 'dry shrinking wet expansion' effect, blowing in the tuyere for a long time easy cracking, warping. Furniture is better than a camp bed, you can toss it hard. Therefore, the movement of furniture can not be violent, you

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