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donkey technology in the flooring market, it should be said to be a pioneering work. Hu Yongzhong also said that the "ten years to return" is based on the second renovation, although now the maintenance of the maintenance time is gradually shortened, some families in three to five years after the second renovation,

but after all, this number of people limited. Specific to each owner, in the purchase of the floor will consider the possibility of their second renovation. On the other hand, as the saying goes, "empty no", how to ensure that five years, ten years after the return of a guarantee,

these are consumers should be concerned about. Consumers choose the floor, the need to do rational consumption, or blind consumption will have a certain risk.How do you choose the right "armor" for your home floor? No matter what kind of floor to choose,

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For this point, the industry has a different view: in the end is Peng Hongbin abandoned the elephant, or the elephant abandoned Peng Hongbin? Peng Hongbin said that before 1997, the elephant was his personal, and later introduced a strategic investment, he is also a shareholder,

and occupy a considerable share, no one can deprive his shareholders the right. "Unless I take the initiative to give up, no one can let me give up, and I really do that." Peng Hongbin said that although he was very young, but then already have to worry about money,

and no need to anyone " Waist ", take the initiative to give up is to start again. Question 3: Peng Hongbin where can be compared with the Niu Gensheng press release that Peng Hongbin business ups and downs and Mengniu president Niu Gensheng amazing similar. What is this similarity?

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Although it has been 51, Qiu Tao Road good good market within the several well-known bathroom manufacturers 51 special still hanging on the product. The Tajiku International Ceramics Museum's Tadashi Eagle Brand Ceramics Living Center is holding over 200 discounts of over 100 business trips.

to June 3. And the price of tiles also stabilized, B & Q (view map) and other building materials supermarket sales posters on the brand tiles prices compared with last month, almost no change. However, Marco Polo, Nobel and other brands are personalized tiles on the work,

an art tile prices up to two or three hundred dollars. In the new era of decorative market on the first floor of the ceramic area, new, the latest words can also be seen everywhere, a brand of four art tiles portfolio price as much as 3600 yuan. Industry sources said last year,

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will greatly play the "headquarters economic effect." Through the headquarters of the economy to re-allocation of resources, not only to enable enterprises to obtain in the original layout model is difficult to obtain the advantages of resources and resource allocation of integrated cost minimization,

and make the headquarters of the central city-intensive talent, information, technical resources to the fullest Performance release. With the accelerated construction of the "four centers" in Shanghai, the voice of Shanghai's development of the headquarters economy is increasing,

and the headquarters economy, as a concrete manifestation of the transnational corporations' economy, will inevitably become an important connotation and prominent symbol of the international metropolis. Through the development of the headquarters economy, to attract multinational.

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First of all, please the top 100 furniture chairman Mr. Chen Xiaotai. Top 100 furniture Chen Xiaotai [Chen Xiaotai]: very honored, good afternoon! I am honored to be able to attend today 's meeting. Talk about personal point of view, why cooperate with love grid?

I went abroad for 97 years, worked hard in the furniture industry for nearly 20 years, so the industry is no stranger. 97 years to go abroad, we visited a lot of furniture companies, including material suppliers, which we examine the love of home love grid plate,

in cooperation, first of all we choose a German designer, he recommended us to use love home love grid This plate, the recommended reason is very simple, is a word: ok. Where is it? With the words of our industry, that is because it is the largest in Europe; second,

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Rate was 95.9%. (Zhongshan) Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Dazhong Zongde Wood Products Co., Ltd., Zhongshan City, Jindao Wood Products Co., Ltd. three companies successfully through the quality of products, as a solid wood flooring product quality national supervision and inspection.

Part of the better quality products. The sampling, China's wood composite flooring products sampling rate and the first time in 2005 the national supervision and sampling of sample sampling rate compared to a slight increase. Spot inspection results show that the overall quality of solid wood flooring products is better,

especially the quality of large enterprises to maintain product quality, for two consecutive years of national supervision and inspection pass rate is 100%.Factory buy first debut Springs. Shanghai Guangguang factory to buy the trip, the manufacturers pay for your trip!

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a remote mountain village. ** the impact is not isolated because of the isolation, the impact of their parents, so that his dream of his childhood practice a good martial arts, protect the family. 14 years old, he walked out of the small village, to find martial arts master.

3 years later, when a strong and courageous young man standing in the village when the people found that his luggage is not a sword and sword, but a large bag of books, not martial arts Cheats, but about agriculture and new technology books. When people guessed his whereabouts for the past few years,

he has been busy working. In 1985, Liu Binbin in his hometown to create furniture factory, which was also generally asked the carpenter door made furniture in the era, caused a sensation. He first taste victory. After that he started the pig farm, feed processing plants,

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exercise baby strong physique And strong will.2007: no-name floor dead years As of mid-2007, a large number of floor brands in the market disappeared. This seems to confirm the previous industry forecast, 2007 is the death of Chinese wood flooring. Which makes the hearts of the Chinese flooring.

industry cast a layer of lingering shadow. Indeed, just spent a lot of things in 2006, this year let the Chinese flooring industry suffered an unprecedented test, tragically 337 investigation, anti-dumping countervailing, raw material prices, the appreciation of the renminbi and other bad news,

followed by One after another flooring brand gradually fade out of people's attention ... ... Although the China Forest Products Industry Association Zhang Senlin recently in a wood conference to speak that 2007 is not the wooden floor of the "death year", but can be seen as The floor industry.

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Wood floor favored in the work of a public institution in the Kaiping intends to marry at the end of this year, the reporter saw him in the building materials shop is picking wooden floor for his new home to prepare, he said that the average price of mid-range tiles per square meter 80 yuan or so,

and a little better to strengthen the price of wood flooring, but 160 yuan, and the use of wooden floor to decorate new home more fashionable, modern, in line with the mentality of young people, better reflect a person's taste. Ms. Hu's house has been 10 years old,

and she intends to pry the floor of the tiles in the bedroom, put on the wooden floor, she believes that the use of wooden floor for the decoration of the room more home feeling. It is understood that, in addition to the public, some shops, corporate decoration also tend to use the wood floor,

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professional committee secretary Long white and red analysis, "but some irresponsible price disorder is not conducive to the healthy development of the flooring industry, product quality is also difficult to protect." White red that the floor industry irresponsible discount prices,

must sacrifice product quality, service Quality of the cost, breed shoddy, jerry and other illegal acts, which give consumers, the enterprise itself and the development of the industry caused irreparable damage. Consumers must be done before the renovation of the overall planning,

and more understanding of market conditions, the appropriate grasp of floor performance and price information. At the same time, the decoration has been identified style, try not to cut prices because of easy to make big changes, do not think that "after this village did not shop this",

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