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Gather all the power, to maintain a voice, for a point to the extreme. Nowadays popular low-carbon products, compared with other flooring category, bamboo flooring actually has a natural advantage - low-carbon environmental protection. At present, bamboo flooring companies need to increase consumer guidance,

and gradually cultivate consumer awareness of bamboo flooring. The establishment of sales network, and further increase the bamboo flooring publicity. Flooring as a durable consumer goods, in the publicity process, we should pay attention to practical publicity, not flashy.

On the current situation in the market, the bamboo flooring advertising, most manufacturers are more to take the "practical combat" and print media, the role of the common line. At the same time in the promotion of the use of "a profit more than home Huan" model, so as to achieve advertising effectiveness.

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in August, it is worth celebrating all the more than Jia, in 2011, "Top Ten Chinese flooring brand," the national network selection, than the majority of consumers Ka support from hundreds of floor brand competition Stand out, once again reelection "China's top ten brands of flooring multi-layer solid wood" award,

the success of creating "top ten brands of Chinese flooring," three coherent myth, a model industry. Discount, buy gifts, special, etc., all kinds of concessions take turns into battle, discount rate, straight pick the bottom line of the industry; multi-storey, multi-storey shopping malls, Solid wood flooring, laminate flooring, IN art flooring, etc.,

a variety of floor display in front, excellent quality, directed at the high-end technology; 5A + services, the whole escort for you. Activities: 1, "Ka" section of courtesy, during the event, where the family visit with the store than the Ka and the next single, you can receive "Ka" section of a harmonious gift pack;

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prone to breakage, collapse of the phenomenon future for wpc fence india , while V-groove is not easy to clean, so soon replaced by U-groove, and now V-slot is now Gradually in the floor to the market out. U-slot era, the emergence of U-slot, it can be said that the end of V-groove. U-groove wood fencing panels cheap wholesale is taken by a molding technology,

that is, the floor surface and the floor chamfering at a molding, so the chamfer and the floor surface covered with aluminum oxide wear layer, with the wear-resistant layer of protection, U Even if the water best suppliers wpc decking boards , as long as it is clean and timely, U-groove floor can still intact use, so the service life is very long.

Therefore, the U-shaped groove chamfering is not easy to be broken. U-groove flooring in the flooring market still holds an important place. High light round arc (R-slot era), high-light circular arc plastic wood decks price per sq foot , also known as the R-groove, Yan-slot, the floor chamfer there is no obvious gap, but smooth transition,

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this problem points to do: 1. When you do not have the original wood flooring on the cement composite boat manufacturers , do not do? I love my home network Xiao Bian remind, Wooden keel generally choose 40 * 40 or personnel activities with a large cross-section size of 40 * 60, the spacing of the first by the wooden floor of the wood floor,

Modulus to do canva terrace railing cover , but not greater than the distance 350, wood keel piece to use and add glue, and the ground with a fixed anti-corrosion wood bricks around the wooden keel, according to the mountain-shaped fixed wooden keel piece farm internal double floors fence ! The bottom side of the keel are anti-corrosion paint brush 2-3 times!

Wood keel on the plane to planing, planing after installation to complete! Solid wood flooring with screw nails. 2. If the economy allows the case, the floor strength (such as regular meeting place) good plywood wall panel column australia , when the first work is completed, the shop full of nine plywood or 18 Da Xinban, better, walking in the above foot feeling Very good,

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Chemical substances wipe the sofa leather Waterproof deck sheet vinyl . Because it will accelerate the aging of leather sofas and hardening, affecting its service life. Should be wiped with warm water to wipe the region clean, to maintain good ventilation (if necessary where can i buy wood plank in singapore , can be dried with cold air), to be leather surface water evaporation clean,

and then evenly applied on some body lotion, the formation of protective film. Experts stressed that to prevent moldy leather furniture, the most important thing is to maintain good indoor ventilation; Moreover Reviews for deck veneer , we should pay attention to maintaining the surface clean leather,

especially food and beverage stains to be immediately removed, do not give mold growth nutrients. Fabric sofa cover thin blanket can be moisture-proof, in addition to leather sofas, some home cloth sofa is also easy to long-haired furniture, plum rainy weather composite decking veneer . A furniture official told reporters that the surface of the fabric can be unpicked.

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from 300-1000 yuan / square meter range. Solid wood flooring in the price of the end but the product variety of brands to live home as the representative of the price from 300-1000 yuan / square meter ranging from the Baroque antique floor in the high-end parquet in the typical.

Another example of the recent push as the "new solid wood" (to Kang tree and Anderson as the representative), than Jia, North American Maple flooring and other brands of best-selling price performance is also more than 300-600 yuan / square meter; Solid wood flooring as the main products of nature,

the World Friends of the long-Sheng and to strengthen the floor for the production advantages of Del, Le Mai and other brands also produce solid wood flooring, but the performance of the market as life, Anderson and other strong, and the price is relatively Higher.

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Plastic flooring is another name for Dark Composite Decking . The main components of PVC material, plastic floor, although many advantages, but because it is not made of natural materials, so its environmental performance is worrying, then the so-called home plastic Indoor Composite Flooring Denmark can be used for home decoration?

That the plastic floor should not be spread into the bedroom, study and living room. Pvc flooring at first generally used for outdoor places, because of their own material with harmful substances, so the use of plastic Custom Wood Plastic Fencing Price in the home should note the following: First, you can home in the plastic floor shop in the courtyard, balcony, bathroom, etc.

To try not to home plastic floor shop in the living room, study, bedroom and other places in these places as much as possible to choose the wood floor laying, one to protect the environment Easy Assembly Outdoor Fences ; secondly, more grades. Tidy study, is the end of the day after work again back to the office environment of a place.
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In line with the four conditions, the reporter found that, although many wood floor businesses have said that "my family's floor can be used for geothermal heating", in fact, geothermal flooring is a certain professional standards, not all of the wooden floor can be used Geothermal floor.

What kind of wood floor in the end for the geothermal heating the most appropriate? Geothermal floor and the difference between ordinary wood floor where? Some of the current market, although the wooden floor can be used for geothermal heating, but strictly speaking, these wooden floor and may Not really the standard geothermal floor.

Therefore, consumers in the purchase of wooden floor time to pay attention to, can be used for geothermal heating wood flooring and floor heating are two concepts. Relatively speaking, geothermal floor of the technical indicators to be higher, the price is higher.

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On the surface of the floor wear resistance, the new solid wood pools of wood composite decking after de-worming, sterilization, fire-retardant and other processes of the multiple special treatment, wood moisture content balanced response to up to 30 years of family and people flow is not intensive business sites no problem smooth composite decking boards .

Third, in terms of technology in terms of new solid wood floor style more traditional solid wood in order to ensure product stability, generally do not dare to play in the surface more tricks 7 foot plastic privacy fencing . In the traditional solid wood flooring, teak wood material can make three styles to good.

The "new solid wood" can be made more than 10 kinds of composite best material for outdoor hand railing , expressive force is more abundant, grasping pattern, drawing, smoke, convex surface treatment methods are used to enrich the interior decoration. There is also a place worthy of attention to consumers,
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even if the glue does not fail, there are still bonding paint for composite decking , but its dry slowly, in addition to affecting the construction process, the chemical composition contained in the glue slowly dry slowly, will affect the indoor air quality after living. Cement should be added antifreeze, winter construction, the mixing of cement once the cold may be ineffective composite railroad landscaping ties .

In addition, the more serious is that has been posted brick, then the temperature plummeted, will seriously affect the strength of cement, so that the quality of the project is threatened. And low temperature will also lengthen the solidification time of cement plastic replacement stair treads , in the construction period without benefit.

A designer suggested that the winter construction, it is best to add antifreeze cement, in order to protect the construction quality. Terrace tiling, but also add a layer of outer insulation material coverage composite paneling for shed , so that double insurance. Brush should pay attention to the indoor temperature, make a layer of paint dry and then brush the second film.

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