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even exceeding 50%. 'Real estate regulation has brought shocks to the immediate cause. Faced with this reality, many branded merchants' t plans have been temporarily suspended.' Insiders told reporters. 'I concluded that the development of the home industry has gone through three stages of saving money, making money, and earning money.wood composite cooling decks direct Now it is losing money. No matter how much you pay , it may not be able to achieve balance. In general, the development of the industry Three to five years, there will be a trough

period, but now the impact of real estate regulation is the most direct. 'An influential boss in Chengdu' s home industry somewhat reluctantly told reporters. ��The real change was in July of the second half of last year. In fact, many people had expectations of changes in the market situation, but did not expect to come so fast.�� Another In that flooring sales told reporters in July last year. After that,wood deck or composite deck em portugal precos the company's orders began to decrease substantially. The reporter found that in the decoration industry, some decoration companies have

been forced to reduce their operating costs due to shrinki Ng business and rising costs, but even this will not escape the fate of losses. ��The home improvement industry is a little better. There are no issues such as product inventory, but the building materials and furniture industries are not so lucky.�� The Person in charge of a decoration company told reporters that the overall performance of its stores in the first half of the year fell by about 30%, even in sales. In the high season,patio roof wood insulation in miami florida it is not too much for the fierce market

competition. ' It feels that the industry is now fluctuating, and companies are competing for customers is also a surprise.' Tang Ruilin of the nature floor told reporters. In the interview, the reporter also learned that some of the original homes that are very sought-after And need to acquainted with people and find relationships can now have a lot of 'empty storefronts', while a new store in the red archway business circle, even opened, does not Half a year, but now it is preparing to change. Antique flooring continues to

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