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voice: The hidden substrate behind the floor price hike is likely to have ulterior 'funny.' The floor price rises behind the scenes behind the manipulation of the hands of the raw material shortage is the head? Flooring material prices 'swelled!' Recently, the industry has heard such exclamation. According to sources from authoritative sources, the average price of man-made fiberboard per cubic meter rose from 2,200 yuan to 2,600 yuan in only one month from August to September, black wall claddingwith a price increase of 20%. According to data from the

media, after entering the market in September, the prices of 8-mm thick plates of two major domestic high-density fibreboard manufacturers, Danya Wood and Jixiang Wood, rose by 4 to 5 yuan each, and each 12-mm thick plate rose. 7 to 8 yuan. In describing the increase in the price of floor substrates, the words ��fierce�� and ��surge�� have added to the ��panic�� atmosphere. In addition, the costs of electricity,laminate wood manufacturer malaysia transportation, and packaging costs have also increased to varying degrees, which is also seen as ��somewhat worse��. At the

beginning of this year, the 'price increase declaration' of the intensive flooring industry was really fulfilled. Many domestic brands' floor prices have recently been adjusted, and the price per square meter has risen by 5%-10%. The person in charge of a brand flooring company stated that the price increase is a good thing. If the cost pressure is not passed on to consumers, the company can only achieve maximum profits by reducing the synthetic wood decking india However, this ��good thing�� is simply ��improve�� the objective factors such as raw material price

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