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standard. The easiest way to detect the processing precision For many consumers do not have the experience of multi-storey parquet flooring, they are easy to ignore the processing of wood flooring, in fact, people are aware of multi-layer parquet processing Process, that is,faux stone panels in kerala the precision of processing will directly affect the overall laying of the floor in the future. The method of testing the precision of multi-layer parquet processing is very simple: take more than 5 floors in the same box on a glass surface or on a flat ground, assemble,

assemble and tighten the mortise slot Tongue and groove combination is tight, and then touch the hand, the feeling is flat, if the level of more prominent phenomenon, indicating that the product failed. Hand touch, then pick up two assembled multi-layer parquet in the hands of Akira, to see if it is loose. Composite floor lift the first wave of consumer demand The first wave of consumer wood flooring from the mid-90s rise of the composite floor, once flourishing Shenzhen Conway kitchen cabinet company, in 1995 the introduction of Sweden,

'Belle' laminate flooring. veranda decking optionsLaminate flooring is considered a revolution in the flooring industry. It has a natural wooden texture of solid wood flooring but is not made of pure solid wood. It is a high-density board and high-quality printed board that is simple to install, wearable and easy to handle. These characteristics immediately attracted Pengcheng citizens, and quickly set off a wave of consumption. Mr. Yang, who once made a fortune by selling composite flooring, told reporters that in 1996 he ran a 20-square-meter floor store with a

peak daily sales of 3,000 square meters of composite flooring and a profit of nearly 100 yuan per square meter.floating deck over flat roof front porch Due to the strong sales of composite flooring, only in 1997, Shenzhen, a variety of business more than 100 laminate flooring business. According to statistics from relevant departments, from 1996 to 1997, the sales volume of Shenzhen composite flooring was 5 times that of solid wood flooring. Rapid sales of multi-layer solid wood flooring Today, multi-storey solid wood flooring in the country began to show the

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