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for grass-roots processing technology, brushing, adding a lot of thinner, no intention Causing serious indoor benzene pollution, but also volatile for a long time indoors, not easy to remove. Home decoration design to consider from the macro environment: When considering the design of interior space, we must first analyze from a large environmental point of view, consider the indoor effect and the environment in which it co-ordination relationship.vinyl floors on concrete Interior design activities and external space, and the courtyard, and afforestation, and furnishings art, daily necessities and so on, are closely related. 1 pairs of the building environment To fully

understand the structure of the building is generally done in the interior design of the unmovable factor. Unless the function is necessary and the structure is limited, the designer can partially change the original building structure in the interior design process. Such as: due to indoor activities need to open new windows and doors, aisles or replacement beams. We must be cautious about the handling of such buildings for the original buildings. If there is no practical guarantee for safety issues, we would rather sacrifice the functional requirements of some of the interior spaces. Home decoration, is to live a more comfortable, how to add hand railing to treated outdoors stepsbut the comfort can not

be at the expense of hidden costs! In essence, the building structure is a reasonable product after mechanical calculation, its existence is to support the needs of the entire space, and sometimes even a The beauty of technology is a manifestation of the architectural temperament. Interior design does not necessarily hide the original structure, sometimes even emphasize the original structure. Instance shows that any space is a certain plasticity, designers can use shelves, partitions,galvanized wire mesh under home decks picks and other different technical means, in the original large space to create a small space and even a new space sequence. Of course, in the original space less plastic case, change the space function may be more difficult. But interior designers can still make a difference. The architectural structure does limit the designer, and designers because of this limitation creative inspiration.

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