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appears to be bound to put a little candlelight in the height of the children's room, will help to improve the psychological problems of fear of the dark. Philips space wall lamp, novel appearance, to avoid the danger of dragging the wire curiosity of children, providing soft night lighting, not only soothe children sleep peace of mind,how to cover existing deck floor
but also to make parents care about the child's sleep without disturbing the child. 5, floor material Children's room floor to shop the best natural wood flooring, both safe and easy to clean. Shop with stone, you have to consider the impact of radioactive materials contained in the stone. It is also not advisable to place

the carpet, although the safety of the carpet is high, not afraid of children fall, but because of easy to attach too much dust, long-term use will cause children suffering from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis. 6, the color of the room The color of the interior of the children's room first of all to be elegant, such as the blue embellishment at the end some grass green, yellow, pink is better,waterproof tongue and groove flat roof
can achieve a harmonious effect. In children's rooms, there are usually paintings. Pictures should be based on natural and positive contents. It is not appropriate to hang armored warriors, make-up celebrity pictures, and do not hang statues. Because it is easy to

make young children when the monasteries, build wood railings for cement porch
character easily become too precocious, adversely affect their natural growth. 7, put beds Bed placement is very important, if there are two or more children at home with a room, put their bed in the same direction helps to reduce friction and conflict between them. Children's bed head toward the east and southeast better. Because the east and southeast natural conditions best conducive to growth, good for children's health. But if the child is hard to sleep at night, you can choose the more calm in the west and north. Question 1: Small-sized living room, green corner area how to do? Solution: The living

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