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Through your nursing assessment accurate measurements of your patient's vital signs provide crucial information about body functions . Even if these have been carried out by another practitioner it is important to reassess pulse and respiratory rate as a minimum, as you need to judge the quality (such as rhythm and depth) as well as rate, and be alert to any changes or deterioration. No matter whether you plan to write up your notes as you go along or later, chart or make a note of vital signs as you record them, as they are very easily forgotten.

Interpreting level of consciousness and vital signs through your nursing assessment


A rapid determination of level of consciousness can be achieved using the AVPU scale. This scale is applicable to all age groups. The practitioner assesses the patient as fitting into one of four categories:

• Alert

• Responds to Voice

• Responds to Pain

• Unconscious.

Any concerns following this initial nursing assessment should be followed up with a full Glasgow Coma Score assessment.

Track and trigge

NICE (2007b) recommends that a physiological 'track and trigger system' (in the form of a multiparameter or aggregate weighted scoring system) should be used to determine deterioration or to grade the risk of deterioration in all adult patients in acute hospital settings. A variety of different systems exist, with weighted systems such as an Early Warning Score (EWS) or a Modified Early Warning System (MEWS) being amongst the most commonly used. Such systems consider vital signs and other findings such as urine output and AVPU to determine deterioration or risk. Choice of tools and parameters vary from one setting to the next, so it is important to familiarise yourself with the tool(s) used in your care setting. Scoring systems are also being developed for use with children – Paediatric Early Warning Systems (PEWS). For more information on EWS, see Baines and Kanagasunduram (2008).


If you obtain an isolated abnormal value when monitoring vital signs, firstly look at the whole patient and other findings. If the value seems unexpected and the patient seems otherwise well, it may be appropriate to recheck the reading again, but don't automatically assume the reading is inaccurate. Electronic devices in particular MAY give inaccurate readings for a variety of reasons, but on the other hand patients with concerning abnormal fi ndings may not look obviously unwell. Remember also that normal readings vary with the patient's age – for example, blood pressure increases as you get older. But don't make assumptions that such abnormal readings are 'normal in the elderly'; any such abnormalities should still be reported and explored further.


Also remember that an abnormal value for one patient may be a normal value for another. Each patient has their own baseline values, which is what makes recording baseline vital signs so important wherever this is possible.

Repeat vital sign recordings

Afterwards, take or request measurements of vital signs at regular intervals, with frequency depending on the patient's condition. A series of readings invariably provides more valuable information than a single set.

MEWSing on the problem

If the patient is acutely unwell or deteriorating, repeat initial observations and AVPU scoring at frequent intervals. Consider findings in relation to a 'track and trigger system' such as an Early Warning Scoring system (EWS) or a Modified Early Warning Scoring system (MEWS), which uses vital signs and other findings to predict risk of deterioration.

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NOTES: The Pelicans and Jazz split their previous two meetings. They meet once more on April 4 in Utah. ... The Jazz are 8-29 on the road. ... Utah next plays on Sunday in Oklahoma City. ... Evans has hit 20 points 15 times this season and has nine double-doubles. ... The Pelicans shot 50.7 per cent (36 of 71), marking the third time during their current winning streak they eclipsed the 50 per cent mark. Wholesale Jerseys USA . Owens was roughed up in Torontos 20-9 defeat to Montreal on Tuesday, needing treatment twice after hurting his neck and taking a hard shot to the abdomen. In other news from Fridays practice, Jerious Norwood took most of the snaps at running back for Curtis Steele. Norwood also did some returning, although Milanovich said returns would likely be done by committee. Wholesale Jerseys Supply . -- Whenever a Royals pitcher has issued a walk lately, the runner has usually scored.TORONTO -- CFL players have started voting on their tentative agreement with the league. The CFL Players Association and CFL agreed in principle on a five-year contract Saturday. The players have until 8 p.m. ET to vote. The CFL board of governors will hold its ratification vote Friday afternoon. A majority of players -- 50 per cent plus one -- on six of the nine CFL teams must support the deal for it to be accepted. If the agreement is rejected, the union will notify the CFL and try resuming talks. A strike is also a possibility given the tentative deal wasnt well received by some players. Many were unhappy that the agreement calls for a $5-million salary cap in the first year after the CFLPA had originally sought a $6.24-million cap. Last year, the CFL salary cap was $4.4 million. The CFL also got the players to agree to its gross revenue formula that would trigger the renegotiation of the cap or entire collective agreement. The players, who initially wanted the CBA to include revenue sharing, wanted the cap or entire agreement renegotiated if league revenues increased by more thhan $18 million -- excluding the Grey Cup -- in the third year of the deal. Wholesale Jerseys From China. . But the union ultimately agreed to the CFLs figure of $27 million. The union did get the option year on CFL contracts eliminated, excluding rookies. Also, the players practice day, for the most part, remains at 4.5 hours but can be increased to a maximum of six hours while teams will hold just one padded practice a week during the season. Toronto Argonauts players met Wednesday night to discuss the agreement and centre Jeff Keeping, a member of the union executive, said good questions were asked. "Im happy the guys have all the facts," Keeping said. "I feel at the end of the day the guys are more informed than they were prior to that. "The mood is mixed. Guys are entitled to their own opinion and every man is going to make his own choice." Keeping said players will be able to vote electronically until 8 p.m. ET, after which the ballots will be tabulated. He added the results are expected later Thursday evening with the union releasing them sometime Friday. ' ' '
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square meters, bamboo plastic template processing up to 15,000 cubic meters, in the processing Bamboo products production,places to buy composite decking online improve product quality at the same time, the county also attaches great importance to increase publicity efforts to increase the bamboo product marketing network construction, efforts will be built to become the national "bamboo flooring".[url= ]The Benefits of Wood Plastic Flooring[/url](Reporter Li Xingwen, Lingxin) Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision recently on the market sales of laminate flooring products were supervised checks and found that more than 40% of the product quality is not qualified, some of the products of the product Surface

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Advantages and Application of External Wall Insulation In recent years due to the needs of building energy efficiency, single material thermal conductivity is too large, can not meet the requirements of thermal insulation, so often use load-bearing materials and high-performance insulation board (such as rock wool insulation board or polystyrene insulation board) composed of weight of plastic wood composite walls. According to the location of different insulation materials, but also divided into a variety of ways, including external wall insulation and external wall insulation is the most commonly used fixed two ways.

Commonly used insulation techniques such as hollow brick walls, plus steam concrete walls and so on. Composite wall is very good to play the advantages of the two materials, will not make the wall is too thick, but also load-bearing, insulation effect is good, so the developed countries are basically used in this new building. China if you want advantages of wood preservatives to achieve 50% energy saving requirements, in addition to part of the reinforced concrete can be a single wall, the use of composite walls will be the general trend. Relative to the external wall insulation, external wall insulation has seven advantages.

First, to protect the main structure, to extend the life of the building. The use of external insulation technology, because the insulation layer on the outside of the building envelope, the buffer due to temperature changes caused by structural deformation of the stress, reducing the air harmful gases and ultraviolet radiation on the envelope. Facts have proved that as long as the wall and roof insulation material selection appropriate, the thickness is reasonable, external mold resistant composite decking insulation can effectively prevent and reduce the wall and roof temperature deformation, effectively eliminate the common diagonal cracks or character cracks. So the external insulation effectively improve the life of the main structure, reducing long-term maintenance costs.

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