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requirements, temperature and pressure and output flow rate control more accurately, the core layer and Co-extruded surface of the welding and coating better. In addition, the screw design is also different, requiring a larger compression ratio, larger contact surface, smaller shear, higher extrusion pressure. Although the start of the production of wood-plastic production late, but the rapid development,brown vinyl fencing sale price
large-scale, is now the world's second largest producer, but have to admit that the current wood-plastic technology products

and technology is still behind the international advanced level . Part of the reason for the low quality of the product is the domestic use of material back, if we can seize this great opportunity for wood and plastic co-extrusion product replacement, improve product quality and grade, the industry's healthy development has great benefits. In fact, wood and plastic co-extrusion is not just a new wood-plastic products,disadvantages of glass deck railings
but wood and plastic industry is very important product upgrades, wood and plastic industry will bring a reshuffle, Wusu manufacturers should pay attention.

What is home, of course, not just a house so simple. Home is home, from people, as well as emotional temperature between people. A home, the child is the core, therefore, in home design full consideration of the needs of children is very necessary. I learned from the Jiuding decoration, from the decoration point of view, the more simple children's room decoration, pollution will be less, pvc railing manufacturer in south africa
so children's room to avoid over-fitting. This issue of home improvement consultants for you to uncover the children's room decoration four major matters needing attention. Safe design, safety near the master bedroom is one of the key points to consider when designing

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, good toughness, creep, no PE wood and plastic products. The final use is different, PE wood-plastic products mainly outdoor garden construction, green wood such as guardrails, floors, trash cans, flower ponds, trays and so on. Solid wood flooring has always dominated the flooring market because it is made from natural wood, giving him a natural feel and natural wood fragrance, which is often used in interior decoration. Today we want to talk about plastic wood flooring he is a newly emerging environmentally

friendly plastic wood composites.nails used for decking His greatest strength is the ability to recycle capital, which is used in many landscape and outdoor platforms. Today's trees are severely harvested and forests are becoming less frequent, while the appearance of plastic wood just eases this serious trend. To a large extent, he can replace plastic wood, which not only deal with the problem of insufficient tree resources, he also has excellent environmental effects, lifetime pvc fenceplastic wood in the future trend is bound to replace solid wood. After such a brief introduction

presumably we probably know about plastic wood flooring and solid wood flooring. Wood-plastic materials with water-resistant, corrosion-resistant function, long service life, WPC materials and their products compared with wood, anti-strong acid and alkali, water,build deck around pool corrosion resistance, and not multiply bacteria, insects are not easy to moth, not long fungi. Long service life, up to 50 years. Outstanding strength and functionality of wood-plastic materials, wood-plastic composite materials containing plastic, so have a good elastic

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processing products. Why Plastic Wood WPC Flooring After these two years of promotion, from Nanjing Sun Yat-sen, Confucius Temple, Xuanwu Lake, Huangshan, Taiwan Bali Scenic Area and other scenic spots to the Beijing Olympic Games, Shanghai World Expo venues, and then to the United Kingdom, the United States, France Europe and the United States and other countries, can see the application of plastic wood products more widespread, widely. Buy plastic wood, wood,best wood plastic composite door plastic wood flooring, wood flooring to my

company, we are waiting for your visit! In recent years, outdoor attractions, residential green areas, parks and other places of the floor if you look carefully, you will find that some floor looks like a wooden floor, but it is not a wooden floor, which is the plastic floor . With the increasing impact of wood-plastic flooring in the flooring industry, but through the observation in recent years, because the plastic floor waterproof mold, ever grain envision composite decking pricescold and high temperature, easy to install some of the properties make it mostly used outdoors, but So,

WPC flooring can only be used outdoors? In actual fact. Wood-plastic materials according to the different materials can also be mixed in different environments, for example, wood-plastic materials generally contain a part of the plastic material, wood-plastic mixed with different types of plastic, then made of wood-plastic material will be different Generally speaking, PE, PP, PS and PVC can be mixed into plastic made of wood and plastic. existing wood deck coveringsOne of the most commonly used polyethylene (PE) and polyvinyl chloride (PVC).

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location of factories and the salary levels of factory workers also directly affect the price range for WPC products. The last point depends on the amount of material you buy. This is the case for each item. If you buy less, the price will be much worse than the one you purchased. For example, if you buy a 10 square-foot wood-plastic floor and 1000 square meters of wood Plastic flooring prices will certainly be a lot of difference, faux cedar lumber material safetyespecially when purchasing directly to the factory, I believe this we all understand. The above is Shaoxing

Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. Why the price of wood for different reasons, if any other factors, please add. As we all know, composite flooring is now more and more loved by the majority of consumers, but the so-called outrageous, difficult to get consumers and businesses sought after, and its pursuit of performance are inextricably linked, so more and more types of laminate flooring Today, we Yongsheng New Materials Co., Ltd. introduced wood floor and bamboo flooring for a comparative analysis. First of all, the plastic floor, we have already talked a lot before, on the characteristics and performance of the plastic floor: First, the plastic floor has a good strength, high hardness, non-slip, clear plastic patio furniture covers

wear resistance, insecticidal, corrosion resistance, , Flame retardant insulation and other superior physical properties; Second, both the plastic floor wood has the natural appearance and texture,singapore outdoor blinds but also has better stability than wood; Third, wood floor with sawing, planing, sticky Knot wood secondary processing; Fourth, but also the most important point, WPC flooring not only will not release harmful substances cause air pollution, but also one hundred percent recycling, environmental performance is very superior.

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600 or so, see the different venues can choose. Although plastic wood flooring has many advantages, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, can be used for waterfront, rainy days more places, the most afraid of wood flooring insects do not have the problem of plasticity, high environmental protection, can be re-recycled, easy to install ,Pontoon decking screws free privide Post-maintenance and so on, but WPC flooring in the installation process to pay more attention to points, if the installation is unreasonable, there will be many problems later, such as the keel did not

pave the way, there will be cracking, board tilt problem. Half of the plastic wood floor when immersed in water, half exposed in the air, the same will appear cracking, board tilt problem. One of our main problems is the dislocation of the plate caused by the expansion of the plate after installation (the dislocation of the floor is shown in the following figure). This problem has also appeared in our previous case,plastic exterior wall cladding forsaleespecially the solid floor because the solid floor is more telescopic , So you have to pay attention to improve the installation

method to avoid this problem, in fact, the solution is very simple, that is, when the carpenter floor must be installed in the card before the key stuck with a slant screw, so that the following plate does not appear Out of touch For the plastic wood floor installation, in different installation environment there will be different problems, we only continue to find in the improvement, adjustment, in order to accumulate more experience in the installation, so that the maximum use of the floor life. The above is the new material for the release of Shaoxing Yongsheng original, for reprint,prepainted tongue and groove deck outlet please indicate the source, thank you! For the choice of wood products, or for the choice of wood-plastic manufacturers, the key factors

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most important thing is that it has greatly depleted the timber, deforested it in large quantities and destroyed the environment. In view of the above, this new material - wood was born. For consumers, WPC flooring is energy-saving and environment-friendly products,hidden decking clips ireland
not only can well control the emission of harmful substances, but also to make the ground waterproof and moisture-proof effect. For designers, the new type of wood-plastic flooring materials, both the affinity of natural wood, and models, a variety of colors to meet the

designer's innovative, different design requirements. For decoration companies, WPC flooring installation easy, can greatly reduce the material cost of construction, labor costs and construction costs. Duration advantage can improve the winning rate of project voting, but also have the opportunity to undertake more other projects ahead of schedule, for the enterprise to win more benefits. Product waterproof, moisture-proof,indoor wood bench seat plans
anti-corrosion, non-deforming features can greatly reduce the cost of maintenance services after the

completion of the project. For the future of the flooring market, especially outdoor flooring, plastic flooring will play a very important role. Wood and plastic, a new environmentally friendly material, with the rapid development in recent years, the demand for plastic wood is getting higher and higher, people are getting smaller and smaller understanding of WPC. Today we make an analysis of wood-plastic products on the issue of wood-plastic and environmental protection. As we all know, wood is an environmentally friendly renewable resources. Precisely because of this,poly wood decking boards UK
it will surely become the future trend of future outdoor landscape and become a substitute for other non-renewable resources.

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wood, Warping, no cracking, no scarring; nailed, sawnable, planer, bondable, and easy to maintain; insensitive to insects, recyclable and reusable, biodegradable, environmentally friendly, and easy Installation, saving a lot of manpower and resources resources, how to make a deck with palets the most important thing is to save both wood, but also the use of waste plastics for the Earth's environmental protection has made its due responsibility and contribution. For reprint please indicate the source: Wood is a new type of material, which is

made by mixing wood flour, plastic and some chemical ingredients. It is a new type of environment-friendly wood-plastic composite material.plastic composite sips panels cost Extruded wood-plastic material is more used to make Into the floor. At present, the occupation of the flooring market is mainly marble, ceramic tile, wood flooring, etc., of which the most popular is the wooden floor, by its outdoor, its natural wood material, beautiful and natural, giving a return to nature, The feeling, regardless of the texture has its own unique, but there is no source of

pollution, and some wood aromatic tincture, issued a wholesome, soothing aroma. However, wooden flooring, though so many benefits, but in the end it has a lot of shortcomings and deficiencies, composite tongue and groove waterproof decking such as wind and rain prone to change moldy, easy to change in the expansion and contraction, made of wooden flooring need to go through long Craft, from cutting trees to make the floor, which spent more manpower and resources more complex, but after making the floor for the beautiful, many still have to brush a layer of paint. The

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convenient life trends, such flooring will be the future development of the mainstream flooring products. In addition, WPC also provides outdoor special wood leisure chairs, WPC bins, wood-plastic landscape pieces, WPC boxes and tree ponds, etc., please call,how to cover outdoor concrete walls Tel: 0575-82001678 This article by Shaoxing Yongsheng WPC New Material Co., Ltd. original release, please do not reprint, thank you WPC production line, is a twin-screw extruder, vacuum setting Taiwan, traction machines, cutting machines, molds,

turning planes and other components. Green can be wood production line with a special design of the screw, barrel, mold and processing technology and production with profiles Fucai to produce green wood, ecological wood, green wood. As an eco-wood production equipment,synthetic decking for rooftops eco-wood production line has great significance. Nowadays, solid wood flooring is getting more and more expensive. With the disappearance of forest resources, we must have a more eco-friendly and green material instead of solid wood. Obviously the

emergence of ecological wood solves this problem, and it is in the production of eco-wood composite materials, wood laminates philippine pricesextrusion process has the product quality and stability, lower cost, less investment. Presumably after reading we all understand the value of eco-wood production line, but any product will have problems or problems, if we want to avoid the emergence of the problem we must do a good job of routine maintenance work, the same wood-plastic production line, and its working hours For a long time or long-term does

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Recently air temperature pelter, have no a warm climate, small make up hint here everybody:

The Na Fei that flies south this, the molt of this molt, what be no good really is hibernant, if be afraid of Leng Ke in order to go corner, because the corner has 90 to spend...

If return Leng Ke to lie in order to go on the ground, because the ground has 180 to spend...

If return cold, that gives a Buddhist on the shop Dai Ke floor board only!

Be in however cold winter, floor of smooth Dai Ke having Buddhist is insufficient, you still need to prepare a beautiful clothes to wooden floor, that is a warmth the carpet of individual character!

So how do wooden floor and carpet match ability after all good-looking?

Small today make up will teach teach everybody, floor of how tie-in wood and carpet!

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the appearance will be similar to that of anti-ancient wood. If there is any other need, There are embossing and gear. 3. Q: self-processing is convenient? A: Easy processing, wood processing methods are applicable, sawing, nailing, drilling, planing, assembled into the products you want. 4. Q: Is it pest control? A: The polymer plastic component in the composite determines the plastic wood profiles under the same conditions of use, compared with wood has excellent acid and alkali resistance, corrosion resistance. And pest

control mildew 5. Q: Will deformation? rustic wood outdoor furnitureA: itself due to moisture absorption and other factors caused by deformation is small, the long-term by gravity parts will be slightly deformed, so in the installation process, the distance between the keel and the keel can not be greater than 300mm. 6. Q: Is it wear-resistant? A: High abrasion resistance, 0.15g / 1000 revolution (ASTM D2394). 7. Q: Will it fade? A: Every kind of colored materials will have more or less faded, wood-plastic profiles are no exception, light weight decking materialbut Shaoxing

Yongsheng new material wood-plastic profiles is relatively stable, there will be some fading at the beginning, after the meeting will be Gradually stabilized, no longer fade. This content is published by Shaoxing Yongsheng For reprint please specify Wood-plastic is a new type of composite material, which is made by mixing wood flour, plastic and other chemicals with each other.concrete fence repair It is formed by extrusion, grinding and embossing to look like a wood board. It is shaped like wood but better than wood Some

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