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pollution will be Health effects, easy to get the first disease is glaucoma, eye pain; cataract, chronic conjunctivitis, keratitis. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui, to live steadfastly, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. above ground pool deck covering
6, the balcony of the house, especially the master bedroom, do not look straight at the road a lot of such a host, their body is generally not very healthy, this Chong Sha, especially the air into people susceptible to flu. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui,

to be pragmatic, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. 7, our housing balconies and master bedroom do not point sharply According to the physical all the objects are composed of molecular, proton movement, all the objects are generated electrical signals, electrical signals have a focus point,wood stair stringer layout
we Of the tower must be sharp, the receiver must be round, so this location is not good, this place try to avoid, if not avoid, Mr. Feng Shui is sharp knife evil, poor owner or even Causes schizophrenia. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui, to be

pragmatic, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. 8, in the railroad house because most of the workers beside the railway are very easy to deaf, poor hearing, life is relatively short. In the big city to buy a house also feng shui pay attention, special treatment must buy to avoid the ominous feng shui, to be pragmatic, to avoid losing the ticket again, you have to stay away from these. 9, who lives in a villa or a yard Do not fence the fence is too high on the wall is not good, it is best transparent point, Thailand Chiang Mai decorative wall panels for patio
if the wall is too high, will feel in a closed environment, especially uncomfortable, Easy to get mental depression in the big city to

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moderately dry. Maintenance method four: waxed furniture if used in the year, the gloss will gradually disappear, affecting its appearance. Encounter this situation, the floor wax, beeswax and other baked in the sun or fireside soft, with the old leather shoes brush repeatedly rub, so that the brush is covered with a lot of tiny wax particles. And then use this brush covered with wax particles in the furniture repeatedly brush, this method is called 'dry shaking wax.' After the 'dry-trembling wax' treatment, tarnished furniture immediately 'red', with what can i cover my exterior housewallmore effective than the women's cosmetics. You can also use the Polaroid beads or floor wax bought directly.

Waxing should be noted that after the dust is completely removed, it will form wax spots, or cause abrasion and scratch. When waxing, we must master from shallow to deep, by the principle of point and surface, step by step, uniform waxing. Of course, the ideal or to professional manufacturers to wax. There is another way is to burn the wax, the wax dry wipe the surface of the furniture, and then use a hot hair dryer to dry the wax into a liquid state, with a brown brush even after cooling until solidification, and then use wood or bamboo will surface Float wax removed, and finally with a brown brush and cloth 'shake net', polish. This is a more

professional and more difficult way, get a good package will engage in 'new', do not advocate amateurs and novices used. Children's bedroom 1. Children's bedroom can not be located in the side of the machine room, balcony, located in the machine room easily lead to brain weakness. 2. Doors at the door can not have a mirror door, so as not to talk more than right and wrong. 3. bedroom ceiling should be flat to milky white (dark fierce); ceiling decorative vertical and horizontal wooden, but not hanging all kinds of strange ornaments. discount composite fencing4. Do not shop the bedroom floor dark red carpet and hair blankets, so as to avoid suffering from bronchitis. 5. Do not hang too many campanula bedroom, so as to avoid nervous breakdown. 6. Bedroom light should be bright; the main color bogey, red, dark black, so easy to restless personality irritability. 7. Small bedroom, not decorating too complicated, making the room look too messy. Do not close the doll in the bedroom, locked up. Do not hedge the bedroom door with the toilet door. Children's bedroom walls 1. Children's bedroom walls can not be posted too fancy wallpaper, so as to avoid confusion, irritability. 2. The wall can not be posted peculiar bizarre animal portraits, so as to avoid strange behavior of children, because there must be spiritual shape, things to gather together. 3. The walls can not be posted Samurai fighting map, so as to avoid the child's mind to have a brave and ruthless mentality. Children's desk 1. Behind the desk and so can not be exposed. 2. desk can not face the toilet, nor can it be backed by toilet bathroom; not flush with the toilet bathroom door. 3. Not in the kitchen stove up and down, the toilet bathroom up and down.plastic outdoor rugs 4. It is best not to have a high desk before oppression (bookshelf on the desk is not good). 5. desk can not be facing the alley outside the house, red road or water tower. Children's bed 1. Children's bed can not be placed under the

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moisture is the key to lighting maintenance, especially bathroom, bathroom lighting and kitchen stove headlights, have to install moisture-proof shade to prevent moisture intrusion, to avoid corrosion damage or short circuit leakage. Lighting is best not to use water to clean, as long as the water can be wiped dry rags, if accidentally hit the water to try to dry, avoid using light rags immediately after turning on the lights. Unexpected situation, furniture also has good and bad fortune. Faced with natural factors such as sunlight,ultradecking composite decking fusion reviews air and seasonal changes, and human factors such as moving, placing, transporting, cleaning and dusting, even a slight

negligence and carelessness can cause fatal injuries to the furniture. Those who care for the two tips of a black discoloration of the exquisite antique furniture to their hands, no doubt into the hell, less aggressive. The following will start from seven aspects, specifically about the concept of furniture maintenance, methods and taboo. Maintenance method One: conform to the wooden human health pay attention to human nature, furniture maintenance should conform to the wood,wpc board floors wikipedia which is the furniture of the 'temper': the winter of every household heating in the north, people from the heating is very comfortable, but the furniture was Far from the

heating, so as not to over-temperature caused by excessive shrinkage of wood, leading to cracking. Summer is coming, and it is often raining. The furniture should be kept away from the window so as not to get damp in the rainy weather, uplifting the surface and damaging the mortise and tenons. A lot of furniture is also afraid of the wind,non skid boat deck cleaner especially the furniture with the surface such as tables and cabinets and other furniture, subject to 'dry shrinking wet expansion' effect, blowing in the tuyere for a long time easy cracking, warping. Furniture is better than a camp bed, you can toss it hard. Therefore, the movement of furniture can not be violent, you

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maintenance tips Vine furniture with its natural material, strong toughness, not afraid of crowding, not afraid of pressure, supple and flexible characteristics by the low-income groups like. Although rattan furniture has a certain playfulness, but the excessive adsorption of water, will make the furniture becomes soft,decking materials research loose structure, flat sagging, eventually leading to furniture deformation, so the summer should attach great importance to furniture maintenance. When rattan furniture damp, we must try to maintain the shape of the furniture and the deformation of the gap, so as to ensure that the furniture after drying shrink to its original size. In addition, the

purchase of rattan furniture, the best choice to buy a solid solid frame and have been treated with good quality anti-mildew furniture, this furniture is not only the surface smooth, and moisture-proof moth ability. Metal furniture maintenance tips Metal we are no stranger to the metal in the humid environment is very rusty, metal furniture is no exception. During the summer, metal furniture surface prone to spots, fading, furniture, handrails or support exit is easy to rust. locust split rail fencing for saleTherefore, the summer metal furniture maintenance should use a dry scouring cloth ground scrub, if there is rust should be timely with a kitchen towel or toothbrush anti-rust agent brush

removal, pay attention to waterproof moisture. Iron furniture rust patch if there is a timely repair. In everyday life, housewives often clean and maintain their furniture to keep them bright. But you may not know, wood bench for sale coloradosome wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily make the furniture clean, but actually caused potential harm to the furniture, with the use of time, your furniture will be an irreparable problem . So in this way for everyone to support a trick, how to care for the furniture at home. First, the dust should be regularly dedusted, because the dust rubbing the surface of solid wood furniture every day is best to use a clean soft

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how to choose, bright colors, full of childlike play Children's perception of color awareness in the growing process is very important. Science has proved that color plays a huge role in children's psychological growth. Different characters have different needs for color. For weak personality, introverted children, should adopt a strong contrast to stimulate the development of their nerves; while for the character of irritable, active children, how to install wild hog railingelegant colors, it helps them create a healthy state of mind. Second, the green eyes of children with beneficial visual development; blue, purple can develop children's quiet character; pink, light yellow helps to

girls gentle, well-behaved personality development. Third, children's room decoration wallpaper how to buy, durable, easy to replace Children like new things, long-term use of the same kind of wallpaper, and sometimes let the child tired; and the child is hyperactivity, good smear, the wallpaper will soon be posted Destruction, need to be replaced, so replacement will not let parents too distressed. Children's room decoration wallpaper how to buy, and now you should have a ruler in mind, freestanding deck roofchildren is our future, absolutely sloppy. Children's room decoration wallpaper how to buy, I hope you can learn to use, to their children to create a better future.

Furniture maintenance focus is dust-proof, because the particles in the dust can easily draw on the furniture surface, affecting the appearance of furniture and service life. In the maintenance of furniture, we can first wipe with a dry cloth, and then cleaned with a cloth dipped in furniture cleaners. Cortex furniture care tips Summer rainy,cost to put roof over deck humid climates, leather prone to leather hardened, mildew and other symptoms appear on the surface, the situation may also lead to furniture, wooden frame deformation, leather color subsided and other issues. Therefore, the focus of summer cortical furniture maintenance is to do a good job of drying dehumidification.

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for grass-roots processing technology, brushing, adding a lot of thinner, no intention Causing serious indoor benzene pollution, but also volatile for a long time indoors, not easy to remove. Home decoration design to consider from the macro environment: When considering the design of interior space, we must first analyze from a large environmental point of view, consider the indoor effect and the environment in which it co-ordination relationship.vinyl floors on concrete Interior design activities and external space, and the courtyard, and afforestation, and furnishings art, daily necessities and so on, are closely related. 1 pairs of the building environment To fully

understand the structure of the building is generally done in the interior design of the unmovable factor. Unless the function is necessary and the structure is limited, the designer can partially change the original building structure in the interior design process. Such as: due to indoor activities need to open new windows and doors, aisles or replacement beams. We must be cautious about the handling of such buildings for the original buildings. If there is no practical guarantee for safety issues, we would rather sacrifice the functional requirements of some of the interior spaces. Home decoration, is to live a more comfortable, how to add hand railing to treated outdoors stepsbut the comfort can not

be at the expense of hidden costs! In essence, the building structure is a reasonable product after mechanical calculation, its existence is to support the needs of the entire space, and sometimes even a The beauty of technology is a manifestation of the architectural temperament. Interior design does not necessarily hide the original structure, sometimes even emphasize the original structure. Instance shows that any space is a certain plasticity, designers can use shelves, partitions,galvanized wire mesh under home decks picks and other different technical means, in the original large space to create a small space and even a new space sequence. Of course, in the original space less plastic case, change the space function may be more difficult. But interior designers can still make a difference. The architectural structure does limit the designer, and designers because of this limitation creative inspiration.

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children's room decorated with environmentally friendly materials will certainly meet the environmental requirements. Let's look at the children's room decoration to pay attention to what matters, to avoid pollution. Reasonable calculation of housing space carrying capacity. Currently on the market a variety of decorative materials will release some harmful gases, even in line with the national interior decoration materials, hazardous materials limit the standard material,rona canada wall stone sheets in a certain amount of indoor space can cause indoor air harmful substances in excess of the situation. Therefore, what materials to shop on the ground, the wall is painted or

wallpaper, the size of the furniture and the selection of materials and other issues will take into account the space of the material bearing capacity, in the children's room decoration try to use simple decorative materials. In accordance with the national 'indoor air quality standards,' indoor air volume should be guaranteed at not less than 30 cubic meters per hour per person. In the children's room also have to install new indoor air conditioners and ventilated air conditioners. Pre-contamination levels are reserved for the purchase of children's furniture and other decorative items indoors. Because indoor air pollution is a variety of pollutants

accumulated in the indoor air, if the rendezvous and decontamination of indoor harmful substances already up and down in the national standard, then if the purchase of furniture and other decorative items, these items will also release harmful gases, on Will cause indoor pollutants exceeded.Avoid children's room pollution five measures 1, black fencing 2 foot tall shrubschildren's room decoration to ensure scientific, environmental protection, pollution-free. In particular, pay attention not to fight the platform, not carpeted, not ceiling, less use of colored paints and coatings. 2, children's room furniture to choose to pay attention to: in accordance with national standards to choose; also pay attention to furniture volume should not exceed 50% of the room; wood-based panel furniture, house plan 90 sq meterpay attention to strict edge banding and all with double panels; children's clothing on the new furniture inside To be closed

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minimize the external impact. 2. Curtains and other soft decorations: First of all, the street houses are more suitable for thicker and shaded curtains because thick materials can absorb some external noise while high light-shading can avoid the household environment being affected by street lights, neon lights, street lights Other light interference. In addition, the best use of soft furnishings in front of the street interior, floor can try laying carpet,ipe decking cost per linear foot which are to reduce indoor noise is of great help. 3, the color choice: Because the street is more susceptible to outdoor dust plagued, so the decoration is more suitable for light-colored, because the light-colored

walls, the ground more dirt-resistant, even if some dust is not so obvious. But here to remind everyone is: the use of light-colored system just to make the family environment looks more clean and tidy, but not because of 'clean' to neglect the cleaning of the room Oh. Stability and Tips Principle Points: Stability and Lightness is almost the portrayal of people's inner pursuit, do it yourself wooden flat sawn balusters patternsorthodox introverted, rational and sensual inclusive and form a perfect way of life. Use this attitude to arrange the home, then, and Rococo style quite coincide. In light, natural, simple, smooth features, the use of curves to play most incisive Rococo furniture, in recent years, the retro

style is extremely stylish. Application skills: stability is the overall, light is local. Apply bright colors and delicate decorations in the living room to pursue the beauty of light and slenderness. Yellow, green, gray tricolor is the main color in the living room. Gray has always given people a sense of elegance and calm, dilute the dull gray,how toinstall laminate floor to a front door green and yellow in the dazzling, all the arrangements are in order to eventually form a perfect unity of stability and lightweight. Matters needing attention: home layout too heavy will make people feel depressed, boring; too light will make people feel frivolous, edgy. We should pay attention to the combination of light and

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appears to be bound to put a little candlelight in the height of the children's room, will help to improve the psychological problems of fear of the dark. Philips space wall lamp, novel appearance, to avoid the danger of dragging the wire curiosity of children, providing soft night lighting, not only soothe children sleep peace of mind,how to cover existing deck floor
but also to make parents care about the child's sleep without disturbing the child. 5, floor material Children's room floor to shop the best natural wood flooring, both safe and easy to clean. Shop with stone, you have to consider the impact of radioactive materials contained in the stone. It is also not advisable to place

the carpet, although the safety of the carpet is high, not afraid of children fall, but because of easy to attach too much dust, long-term use will cause children suffering from respiratory diseases such as bronchitis. 6, the color of the room The color of the interior of the children's room first of all to be elegant, such as the blue embellishment at the end some grass green, yellow, pink is better,waterproof tongue and groove flat roof
can achieve a harmonious effect. In children's rooms, there are usually paintings. Pictures should be based on natural and positive contents. It is not appropriate to hang armored warriors, make-up celebrity pictures, and do not hang statues. Because it is easy to

make young children when the monasteries, build wood railings for cement porch
character easily become too precocious, adversely affect their natural growth. 7, put beds Bed placement is very important, if there are two or more children at home with a room, put their bed in the same direction helps to reduce friction and conflict between them. Children's bed head toward the east and southeast better. Because the east and southeast natural conditions best conducive to growth, good for children's health. But if the child is hard to sleep at night, you can choose the more calm in the west and north. Question 1: Small-sized living room, green corner area how to do? Solution: The living

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decoration, we tend to focus mainly on the kitchen and bathroom above, while the childrens rooms and study more contempt, the following Xiaobian introduce you to the next study and children's room decoration Notes: The study must first be 'clear.' Because the human eye is too strong or weak light in the work, will have a great impact on vision. So the best desk on sunny but not direct window.wood fencing supplier in Kenya
This work-tired can also take a closer look at the window to rest eyes. Study room must be equipped with lamp and bookcase with spotlights, easy for the owner to read and find books. But pay attention to the lamp to light evenly in the place of reading and

writing, not too close to people, so glare glare. 'Static' is very necessary for the study, because people in a noisy environment to work more efficiently than in a quiet environment. Therefore, when decorating the study to use those sound insulation and sound effects of good decorative materials. Ceiling can be used gypsum board ceiling, 6 ft stockade fence price
the wall can be pvc sound-absorbing panels or soft decorative cloth and other decorations, the floor can be used sound-absorbing carpet, curtains to choose a thicker material to block out the window noise. Study layout to be as 'elegant.' In the study, not just a large bookcase, plus a large desk, a chair, to fully

incorporate the fun of study in the decoration, an art collection, a few paintings or photos even if it is a few plain simple crafts, Can add a little elegant study for the study, somewhat fresh. Study also pay attention to a 'preface' word. Such as sub-write area,6 foot wood fence price estimater
access area, storage area, etc. were stored, so that even the study in an orderly manner, but also improve the efficiency of work. Writing desk, chair color, shape should be carefully designed to achieve a reasonable sitting and comfortable, easy to operate natural. In the hue should try to use cold colors. Style to be elegant, simple, quiet, solemn. Bookcase embellishment of some crafts, wall

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