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Bubba Watson's new watch: Richard Mille RM 38-01

The alliance between Richard Miller and U.S. golfer Buba Watson looks more foresight than ever before, as the long-term self-taught golfer won his second Masters on Sunday. Race (and major). In 2010, when Richard Miller checked him into an athlete ambassador, Bubba was relatively unknown and won only one PGA Tour championship four years after the tour. Of course, it all started with the limited-edition RM 038 Golf Tourbillon Tourbillon that was launched in 2011. As usual, during the game, the sight of the special style watch on Baba Watson's wrist does not take a long time to reach. Enter the sports news headline.

This time, Richard Mille developed a special tourbillon watch for Bubba Watson, adding functionality to complement his powerful power on the track. The new RM 38-01 Bubba Watson includes Mille's patented G-sensor and tourbillon mechanism to provide Watson with new insights in his game. Richard Miller Mechanical Gravity Sensor, Richard Miller World first in 2012, contains more than 50 moving parts in a mere 17mm, and allows users to see their accumulated movement in G's devon watch replica

When viewing the RM 38-01 Bubba Watson, a unique frosted green bezel and case was immediately observed - a suitable evolution from the previous pure white version. We saw some hints of this color in the Bubba Watson RM 38 "Victory Watch", but the material approach is entirely new here. The front and back frames of the RM 38-01 are made of TZP-G, a ceramic material based on alumina powder microtubes that injects green colorants under 2000 bar pressure; The hardness of the material is increased by 20 - 30%. This is followed by a long and arduous process and grinding process to obtain the typical complex curves and arcs designed by Richard Mille. The strap is a grade 5 titanium alloy made of white rubber.

A sensor below 12 o'clock can record the force generated by a golfer's swing, especially in the last period of time. In fact, this means that the RM 38-01 can record accelerations of up to 20G, which is very important for golfers, such as Bubba Watson, who is famous for hitting at over 200 miles per hour. Reset the sensor to zero for the next swing. Simply press the aerodynamically formed push rod at 9:00 once.replica Hublot Mp 02 Key of Time 902.OX.1138.RX Watch

The G sensor mechanism is integrated into the core part of the manually wound tourbillon movement and has a power reserve of approximately 48 hours. In addition to being a technological miracle, the design of the movement is also quite attractive. Five-stage titanium, PVD-treated, was used to machine the hollowed out asymmetric flybridge and flat panel.


Richard Mille RM 030 Limited Edition Watch

The Richard Mille RM 030 Limited Edition watch is a perfect complement to the very successful RM010 and RM016 Dark Night series. The company currently only releases 25 watches and will be available this summer in several exclusive showrooms in Europe, the Middle East, Africa and Russia. The Richard Mille RM 030 Limited Edition watch features a detachable rotor. It took the designer four years to develop a motor that can be automatically separated. This helps prevent harmful debris from accumulating in the barrel of the watch, especially when the flange releases too much energy associated with prolonged winding. Releasable motors can help improve watch timing results. At the instant when the spring is completely wound, the winding drum is automatically disconnected from the winding mechanism of the rotor. It also connects the power reserve indicator to the optimal winding control. This helps maintain the best torque/power ratio for ultimate timing Urwerk replica watches

The beauty of the Richard Mille RM 030 limited edition watch detachable motor is that the rotor will automatically clutch after the power reserve is reduced to 40 hours. This caused the designer's watch to start winding again until the power reserve reached 50 hours. The rewind indicator at 12 o'clock helps to inspect these separating and winding mechanisms and lets you know the status of the watch. The Richard Mille RM 030 Limited Edition watch also features a variable inertia free spring balance. It is very reliable and resistant to impact and disassembly. The watch's titanium crown also prevents accidental winding of the watch. The variable geometry of the rotor created by Richard Mille also helps rewind to adapt to your level of activity and lifestyle. Double barrel system improves torque stability for a long watches replica

The design and development of the Richard Mille RM 030 Limited Edition watch is not limited to the mechanism of the watch. The case and dial are designed to adapt to new technologies. The watchmaker performed 86 swaging operations to design the case of the watch. It takes about 20 hours of work time to process each watch, and programming takes another 30 hours. The final process, including glass and polishing, takes about five hours to complete.

The three solutions provide water resistance below 50 meters. The mini-flange is made of black carbon fiber. Sapphire dial is protected by 8 silicon brackets. The sapphire bezel also provides anti-glare finishes on both replica brm gulf watch