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be some adjustments, there are many people in this exhibition are interested in our products, we will gradually examine and put some good dealers to stay. We do not particularly say that to expand the dealer size, we have to select, our products require very strong very good service,weight of engineered composite wood but also have a very good idea to do our products. Soufun home network: relative to other products, the Pan American demand for the dealer is more stringent? Yang Jianzhong: Yes, relatively strict and relatively high, not just selling products,

dealers his philosophy, his conviction, his service requirements are very high. Soufun home network: We know that China is a big country, we strengthen the floor at the core of the issue,all resin tongue and groove porch flooring what do you think? Yang Jianzhong: I think it wants to develop an enterprise, to the long-term survival and development must have innovation, there is no innovation this business can not be long, whether it is compound or strengthen the floor business, all industries must innovate, we should focus on innovation .outdoor composite flooring for basements Our company is imported from

abroad on the laminate floor, so the emerging technology will not be lost to others. Then how do we innovate in their technology, which requires more input from our people and shoulders New innovations, come up with better products, so that we can occupy the world market. Soufun home network: March 17 EU's ceramic industry for the anti-dumping case was sentenced to a result, to the ceramic industry has brought a lot of blows, in fact, the United States last year, China has nearly 200 companies put forward; double reverse;

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