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started to vigorously expand its domestic sales. In the meantime, given the debt crisis in Europe and the continued sluggish economy in Europe and the United States, exports will continue to shrink. This means that China will boost domestic demand this year. So, in this context, flooring products and how to sink the domestic sales channels?can i put screws in composite board Industry stakeholders believe that in this wave of domestic market to expand the tide, the flooring sales channels will completely sink from first-tier cities to second and third tier cities.

Narrowing the Income Gap between the Mainland and the Coast Helps to Boost Home Textiles Sales In recent years, the income gap between the Mainland and coastal residents has been steadily shrinking with the help of many coastal industries shifting to the Mainland. According to a work from Shenzhen back to Chongqing, Mr. Huang introduction, before 2008, fade resistant trex composite deckingin Shenzhen in CNC machine tool operations, the basic salary of only 2,000 yuan, if overtime, up to 2,500 yuan per month; 2009, Mr. Huang back Home to find a

job in Chongqing, soon found a base salary of 1800 yuan in a machinery business. It is understood that when the average wage in Shenzhen was only about 300 yuan more than Chongqing, except for the cost of living, the difference between the two places has been basically the same. This phenomenon is not an example. The wage gap between other central provinces and the coastal areas is also shrinking.composite deck slipping clutch It is also because of rising incomes that the consumption of home floorings in these provinces is also on the rise. Not only in central China, but also in some western capital cities. Second and third tier cities narrow the gap with the first-tier cities and promote the sinking channels With the deepening of

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