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maintenance tips Vine furniture with its natural material, strong toughness, not afraid of crowding, not afraid of pressure, supple and flexible characteristics by the low-income groups like. Although rattan furniture has a certain playfulness, but the excessive adsorption of water, will make the furniture becomes soft,decking materials research loose structure, flat sagging, eventually leading to furniture deformation, so the summer should attach great importance to furniture maintenance. When rattan furniture damp, we must try to maintain the shape of the furniture and the deformation of the gap, so as to ensure that the furniture after drying shrink to its original size. In addition, the

purchase of rattan furniture, the best choice to buy a solid solid frame and have been treated with good quality anti-mildew furniture, this furniture is not only the surface smooth, and moisture-proof moth ability. Metal furniture maintenance tips Metal we are no stranger to the metal in the humid environment is very rusty, metal furniture is no exception. During the summer, metal furniture surface prone to spots, fading, furniture, handrails or support exit is easy to rust. locust split rail fencing for saleTherefore, the summer metal furniture maintenance should use a dry scouring cloth ground scrub, if there is rust should be timely with a kitchen towel or toothbrush anti-rust agent brush

removal, pay attention to waterproof moisture. Iron furniture rust patch if there is a timely repair. In everyday life, housewives often clean and maintain their furniture to keep them bright. But you may not know, wood bench for sale coloradosome wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily make the furniture clean, but actually caused potential harm to the furniture, with the use of time, your furniture will be an irreparable problem . So in this way for everyone to support a trick, how to care for the furniture at home. First, the dust should be regularly dedusted, because the dust rubbing the surface of solid wood furniture every day is best to use a clean soft

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