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children's room decorated with environmentally friendly materials will certainly meet the environmental requirements. Let's look at the children's room decoration to pay attention to what matters, to avoid pollution. Reasonable calculation of housing space carrying capacity. Currently on the market a variety of decorative materials will release some harmful gases, even in line with the national interior decoration materials, hazardous materials limit the standard material,rona canada wall stone sheets in a certain amount of indoor space can cause indoor air harmful substances in excess of the situation. Therefore, what materials to shop on the ground, the wall is painted or

wallpaper, the size of the furniture and the selection of materials and other issues will take into account the space of the material bearing capacity, in the children's room decoration try to use simple decorative materials. In accordance with the national 'indoor air quality standards,' indoor air volume should be guaranteed at not less than 30 cubic meters per hour per person. In the children's room also have to install new indoor air conditioners and ventilated air conditioners. Pre-contamination levels are reserved for the purchase of children's furniture and other decorative items indoors. Because indoor air pollution is a variety of pollutants

accumulated in the indoor air, if the rendezvous and decontamination of indoor harmful substances already up and down in the national standard, then if the purchase of furniture and other decorative items, these items will also release harmful gases, on Will cause indoor pollutants exceeded.Avoid children's room pollution five measures 1, black fencing 2 foot tall shrubschildren's room decoration to ensure scientific, environmental protection, pollution-free. In particular, pay attention not to fight the platform, not carpeted, not ceiling, less use of colored paints and coatings. 2, children's room furniture to choose to pay attention to: in accordance with national standards to choose; also pay attention to furniture volume should not exceed 50% of the room; wood-based panel furniture, house plan 90 sq meterpay attention to strict edge banding and all with double panels; children's clothing on the new furniture inside To be closed

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