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minimize the external impact. 2. Curtains and other soft decorations: First of all, the street houses are more suitable for thicker and shaded curtains because thick materials can absorb some external noise while high light-shading can avoid the household environment being affected by street lights, neon lights, street lights Other light interference. In addition, the best use of soft furnishings in front of the street interior, floor can try laying carpet,ipe decking cost per linear foot which are to reduce indoor noise is of great help. 3, the color choice: Because the street is more susceptible to outdoor dust plagued, so the decoration is more suitable for light-colored, because the light-colored

walls, the ground more dirt-resistant, even if some dust is not so obvious. But here to remind everyone is: the use of light-colored system just to make the family environment looks more clean and tidy, but not because of 'clean' to neglect the cleaning of the room Oh. Stability and Tips Principle Points: Stability and Lightness is almost the portrayal of people's inner pursuit, do it yourself wooden flat sawn balusters patternsorthodox introverted, rational and sensual inclusive and form a perfect way of life. Use this attitude to arrange the home, then, and Rococo style quite coincide. In light, natural, simple, smooth features, the use of curves to play most incisive Rococo furniture, in recent years, the retro

style is extremely stylish. Application skills: stability is the overall, light is local. Apply bright colors and delicate decorations in the living room to pursue the beauty of light and slenderness. Yellow, green, gray tricolor is the main color in the living room. Gray has always given people a sense of elegance and calm, dilute the dull gray,how toinstall laminate floor to a front door green and yellow in the dazzling, all the arrangements are in order to eventually form a perfect unity of stability and lightweight. Matters needing attention: home layout too heavy will make people feel depressed, boring; too light will make people feel frivolous, edgy. We should pay attention to the combination of light and

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