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600 or so, see the different venues can choose. Although plastic wood flooring has many advantages, such as waterproof, moisture-proof, can be used for waterfront, rainy days more places, the most afraid of wood flooring insects do not have the problem of plasticity, high environmental protection, can be re-recycled, easy to install ,Pontoon decking screws free privide Post-maintenance and so on, but WPC flooring in the installation process to pay more attention to points, if the installation is unreasonable, there will be many problems later, such as the keel did not

pave the way, there will be cracking, board tilt problem. Half of the plastic wood floor when immersed in water, half exposed in the air, the same will appear cracking, board tilt problem. One of our main problems is the dislocation of the plate caused by the expansion of the plate after installation (the dislocation of the floor is shown in the following figure). This problem has also appeared in our previous case,plastic exterior wall cladding forsaleespecially the solid floor because the solid floor is more telescopic , So you have to pay attention to improve the installation

method to avoid this problem, in fact, the solution is very simple, that is, when the carpenter floor must be installed in the card before the key stuck with a slant screw, so that the following plate does not appear Out of touch For the plastic wood floor installation, in different installation environment there will be different problems, we only continue to find in the improvement, adjustment, in order to accumulate more experience in the installation, so that the maximum use of the floor life. The above is the new material for the release of Shaoxing Yongsheng original, for reprint,prepainted tongue and groove deck outlet please indicate the source, thank you! For the choice of wood products, or for the choice of wood-plastic manufacturers, the key factors

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