What does the floor install intellectual Piao ground to warm shop woodiness floor needs to notice? from qqqq's blog

Recently air temperature pelter, have no a warm climate, small make up hint here everybody:

The Na Fei that flies south this, the molt of this molt, what be no good really is hibernant, if be afraid of Leng Ke in order to go corner, because the corner has 90 to spend...

If return Leng Ke to lie in order to go on the ground, because the ground has 180 to spend...

If return cold, that gives a Buddhist on the shop Dai Ke floor board only!

Be in however cold winter, floor of smooth Dai Ke having Buddhist is insufficient, you still need to prepare a beautiful clothes to wooden floor, that is a warmth the carpet of individual character!

So how do wooden floor and carpet match ability after all good-looking?

Small today make up will teach teach everybody, floor of how tie-in wood and carpet!

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