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People likes to install real wood floor board in the shop in sitting room, bedroom, study very much now, because real wood floor is healthy sense of environmental protection, foot is good, and have very good adornment sex again. Although real wood floor is having very much advantage, but also have a few drawback at the same time. Today for what does the common flaw that says real wood floor have and point of construction of real wood floor.

What does the common flaw of real wood floor have?

The first, bug eat by moth

The bite because of the insect in lumber eat by moth, floor surface often can see the powder of one caboodle, make a person vexed.

Reason: Concern with floor select material.

Measure: It is the floor board that the choose and buy passes production of technology of oast gush steam to go out, although price is relatively high, but already killed the bug egg in lumber; entirely 2 it is to choose keel seriously, what always have bug eye or bark is uniform need not.

The 2nd, gather up seam

Some floors extend count day, larger crack appeared between batten.

Reason: This mostly as exorbitant as the moisture content before floor laid about, contract because of indoor high temperature or airing.

Measure: The moisture content before noticing floor laid is inside 8-13 interval, after and spread be over, want to go up in time oily.

The 3rd, noise

The floor can give out the noise that creak creaks.

Reason: Because the quality of floor laid is not high, when ambulating, people can discover the noise of creak above, after hearing very uncomfortable.

Measure: Want to notice keel and ground, union is firm between floor and keel, the measure that uses a hammer and length are appropriate. Meanwhile, should prevent keel span too big or moisture content is exorbitant, otherwise dry systole becomes loose after laid, also can cause certain effect.

The 4th, beautiful face

Use the batten that same tree plants, color also appears bigger difference.

Reason: If laid is undeserved, appear extremely easily piece " beautiful face " .

Measure: Using laid of floor of varnish instinctive quality, especially when off color huge cultivates kind of batten, you should consider to choose attrib wattly and be allocated, the color that accomplishs a floor by shallow enter deep, or by development shallow transfer gradually.

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