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On January 4, reporter from the director of countrywide forestry office that in Zhejiang An Jishao opens the conference learns: Of the party 18 big since, our country becomes natural resources of forest of whole world of the corresponding period to grow most country. Total value of countrywide forestry property broke through 7 trillion yuan first 2017.

Zhang Jianlong of director of national forestry bureau introduces, of the party 18 big since, our country forestry reforms development to gain all-around, success that initiates a gender. Among them, land afforest is advanced steadily. 5 years of afforestation 508 million mus, the forest is enclothed rate achieve 21.66% , quantity of silvan save up achieves fifteen billion one hundred and thirty-seven million stere, become natural resources of forest of whole world of the corresponding period to grow most country. Silvan quality gets attention generally, construction and delimit country are laid in forest 47.66 million mus, the country is laid in forest the system is initial build. 5 years accumulative total processing turns land dene many mus 150 million, green the trend that retreats into sand consolidates further. Silvan city construction rises for national strategy, national forest city increases 137.

Forestry resource protection is strengthened in the round. Stop in the round natural forest commerciality cuts, natural forest protective limits enlarges the whole nation, 1.944 billion mus of natural arbor forest get be protectived effectively, reduce resource every year to use up 34 million stere, function of form of natural Lin Sheng restores stage by stage. Wet protection leads the whole nation by 43.51% rise 49.03% , started wet zoology benefit compensation, retreat return n cultivated land wet pilot, recover wet ground in all 3.5 million mus, arrangement is retreated return n cultivated land wet 765 thousand mus. Groove guard of countrywide forestry nature amounts to 2249 place, gross area 1.89 billion mus, occupy land area 13.14% .

2017, 3 industries scale is just a little of our country forestry 48 ∶ of 32 ∶ 20, tertiary industy proportion relatively increased 8 percent 2012, forestry estate structure is optimized ceaselessly. Countrywide forest owner wants an industry to drive obtain employment of 5200 much people. Condition of new job of forestry new industry develops flourishingly, among them silvan tourism became forestry industry 2017 the biggest point of growth, year welcome a visitor 1.4 billion person-time, the society is integrated production value 1.15 trillion yuan.

According to introducing, at present forestry estate still puts in many problems: Big and not strong, resource base is not firm, gross of silvan natural resources is insufficient, the capability of forestry property basis that prop up is weaker; The industry gathers degree low, innovation capability is not strong, labor cost rises ceaselessly, integrated competition ability is weaker wait. For this, national forestry bureau puts forward, our country will be harmonious in the near future advance development of domain of forestry industry stress, accelerate traditional industry to transform upgrade, characteristic of exert oneself development enrichs the people industry, cultivate burgeoning industry energetically, promote contemporary forestry to serve course of study to develop quickly.

In traditional industry respect, transform promotion lumber to breed, the industry such as machinery of chemical industry of treatment, forest products, forestry. Among them, the plan arrives 2020, build a country to lay in forest 210 million mus, add lumber newly every year to supply capacity above of 95 million stere, preliminary alleviate domestic timber supply and demand is contradictory. Enrich the people in characteristic industrial respect, exert oneself develops forest next economy, bamboo, wood the industry such as this oil plants, flowers.

According to introducing, reform of system of collective Lin Quan is deepened stage by stage, reform of state-owned forest zone gains level sex headway, reform of state-owned forestry centre is pushed in the round. Up to now, the whole nation counterpoises truly collective forest ground accumulates 2.705 billion mus, clear property right, contract a task is main finish, collective forestry is benign development mechanism is preliminary form, management level rises ceaselessly. Through turning hillock finds a place for, state-owned forest zone and forestry centre part appropriate finds a place for worker of have more than needed sixty-nine thousand four hundred with 70 thousand much person. State-owned forest zone reduces lumber yield every year 3.734 million stere, state-owned forestry centre reduces a forest every year to use up 5.56 million stere.

In collective Lin Quan the system reforms a respect, innovation of collective forestry finance obtains major breakthrough, collective Lin Quan mortgages loan remaining sum increases 81.8 billion yuan from 30 billion yuan; Policy of allowance of insurance cost of insurance of central finance forest covers the throughout the country, insurance area amounts to 2.044 billion mus. The respect is reformed in state-owned forest zone, inner Mongolia, Jilin, Heilongjiang 3 provinces (area) reform program wins approval entirely. The respect is reformed in state-owned forestry centre, 3776 state-owned forestry centre accomplish reform basically main task, among them 95% above are qualitative for commonweal institution. The worker produces living conditions to be improved apparently, worker year all wages increases 45 thousand yuan, implementation of medical treatment of basic provide for the aged is enclothed completely, old house of the danger that finish transforms 544 thousand.

According to introducing, national forestry bureau will implement project of rustic afforest beautification, the countryside that help strength revitalizes the strategy, cent pace goes build beautiful appropriate to occupy rural area: To 2025, make the person is resided the environment is close to or reach urban level; To 2035, rustic person resides an environment to achieve or excel city level, build civilization of wind of development of zoology harmony, estate, countryside, life basically the beautiful appropriate of each rich, characteristic occupies rural area.

As we have learned, national forestry bureau already started a work out " countrywide countryside afforest plans (2018, 2025) " and " project of rustic afforest beautification implements plan " , from reinforce rustic nature ecosystem protection, accelerate forestry of countryside of construction of rustic afforest beautification, promotion to develop estate of forestry of countryside of quality, development, inheritance to develop silvan culture 5 respects begin, raise rustic zoology appropriate to live a standard, the zoology foundation of modernization of tamp agriculture country. Rustic forest is enclothed rate strive to was achieved 2020 30% , achieve to 2035 38% , achieve to this century middle period 43%

Warmth of holy Pu Lisi hints: Chuxue is admittedly beautiful, heat preservation needs to strengthen!

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