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Can be imitation solid wood flooring, substrate thickness should be irrelevant.There is no unified test standard wood floor sterilization is more than excuse me, recently, is to new home decoration Beijing consumer Wang somewhat confused because there are some claims on the market antibacterial wood flooring (hereinafter referred to as the floor).

Mr. Wang has a two-year-old son, it is agile age, if antimicrobial floor covered, son on the ground do not have to worry about playing. However, Mr. Wang made inquiries about the brand floor of the Internet after the rise of concern, almost every brand has antibacterial flooring products,

claiming to kill bacteria, eliminate dust mites, and some even claim to treat the disease. Mr. Wang difficult to make a temporary decision, do not know whether these claims credible. Reporters conducted an investigation. Antibacterial floor online claiming to cure According to Mr. Wang pointing,

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