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17 batches of substandard products,privacy fence with lattice there are three batches of products, the intensity of the song can not meet the requirements of the standard. (End) In the first half of this year, Jiangxi exported 1671 batches of bamboo and wood products, the value of 40.394 million US dollars, down 15.5% and 11.5%. In order to promote the export of bamboo and wood products, Jiangxi Inspection and Quarantine Bureau introduced measures to actively help bamboo production enterprises to cope with difficulties.[url=]Specific Heat of Composite Wood[/url] The picture shows the inspection and quarantine personnel on the bamboo floor production enterprises on-site guidance. Recently, Jiangxi

Province Bamboo Industry Association held in Nanchang, "Jiangxi Province Bamboo Industry Association (Jiangxi Linyuan Import and Export Co., Ltd., Jiangxi Wuyuan Peak Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.) build garden deck over concrete patio Africabamboo flooring joint venture agreement signed." Attended the meeting of the Provincial Forest Industry Bureau He Hangwei Secretary, Wuyuan County Standing Committee Deputy Mayor Wang Juxing, Wuyuan County People's Congress Director Hu Zhenshun,[url=]how do i figure how many wood panels i need for fence[/url] the provincial bamboo industry association vice president, bamboo flooring professional committee vice chairman and so on. At the meeting, Mr. Liu Guang, General Manager of

Jiangxi Linyuan Import & Export Co., Ltd.floor composite supplier for in johor, made a statement on the cooperation of the bamboo flooring cooperation (joint venture). The signing of this agreement is Jiangxi bamboo flooring (bamboo products) export alliance structure of the early trial operation, in order to expand the Jiangxi bamboo flooring (bamboo products) of the external sales, set up a export platform. Provincial Department of Forestry Deputy Director Wei Yunhua was invited to attend and made an important speech. Wei Yunhua first of Jiangxi Linyuan Import and Export Co., Ltd. and Jiangxi Wuyuan Peak Bamboo Industry Co., Ltd.[url= ]Advantages of Wood Plastic Composite Flooring[/url] in Nanchang officially signed a

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began around 8mm good or 12mm good start a solemn discussion, some corporate CEOs, brand marketing director and even industry experts have 8mm and 12mm dispute As a change in market demand is inevitable, many people also believe that the popular 12mm will be a development trend. 12mm, foot feel better, less noise, more beautiful texture ... ...

more and more consumers began to pay attention, 12mm floor as if overnight became a "meat and potatoes." Behind the scenes straight to the Kono Holy Land in 2007 the mainstream of the flooring market is a few millimeters? "This depends on the needs of consumers, a very simple question, the business is the word, is to speculation."

A floor industry insiders told reporters that this view: to strengthen the floor in environmental protection, performance There is no "fried" place, and now "fried" thickness, nothing more than for their main products "wearing a hat", to suppress the market share of other brands. Who is the master behind the battle?

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Everything in the world can not be replaced by perseverance, talented but nothing is everywhere, impoverished smart people commonplace, only perseverance and determination is the most important. Hunan Chenzhou Bayer floor store manager: Huang Kequan March 10, 2007. The 9th China International Ground Material & Pavement Technology Exhibition was opened - the first exhibition of Asian flooring,

the construction of China's geosynthetics and the world's main channel by the Shanghai Wan Yiu Long Exhibition Co., Ltd. and the German Hanover

Exhibition Company jointly organized (DACF2007) will be unveiled at the Shanghai New International Expo Center on March 28, 2007, and well-known enterprises and professional visitors and buyers from the domestic and international flooring industry will reunite.

The China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition (DACF2007) City, a total of the industry event! China International Ground Material and Pavement Technology Exhibition (DACF) has successfully laid the "first in Asia, the world's second" professional flooring exhibition status, as the Asian ground materials industry Of the annual event.

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In order to produce high-density and more healthy material products, the continuous press production process must be adopted.At present, the production of continuous press is the most stable and more healthy with the product specifications within 7 ~ 8 mm.

Higher or lower than this range can lead to the overall performance of the product defects.Floor enterprises believe that the evaluation of quality by the thickness of the experts believes that, theoretically, the market is 8 mm thick floor.If the standard manufacturer produces the qualified product density of more than 850 kg/m3, the density curve is in English "U"shape.

Generally speaking, the density of the upper and lower surface is much higher than the middle density.This density distribution is required because the upper and lower surface should be tightly tied with the impregnated paper at high temperature and high pressure without falling off.

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brand wind, all the way the price is very smooth, but also rising.building a patio planter box out of composite Today, the floor price tide again in the industry Fengshengshuiqi, the Chinese flooring industry seems to fall into a "price - price - price" cyclical cycle, and floor manufacturers, businesses, distributors and other stakeholders are in this circle In the other side was injured, suffered heavy losses. Jiangxi Province,[url=]cellulose based fiber wall board[/url] June 6 (Reporter Li Xingwen) Jiangxi Provincial Quality and Technical Supervision recently on the market sales of laminate flooring products were supervised checks and found that nearly 40% of the product quality is not qualified, some products, formaldehyde, surface Wear

resistance is poor. Quality supervision departments to three of the serious quality of the product to be exposed. Quality supervision departments of the total inspection of the 43 enterprises to produce 43 batches of products,anchor vinyl fence to wall qualified 26 batches, sampling pass rate of only 60.5%. Spot checks show that the current Jiangxi market sales of laminate flooring products, serious quality problems. Quality Supervision Department informed that the German Dexter State (Group) Co., Ltd.[url=]cedar tongue and groove porch flooring[/url] produced the trademark for the "Dexie state" to strengthen the floor, Jiangsu Luoke Wood Co., Ltd. produced the trademark "Rocky Wood" to strengthen the floor ,

Shanghai Jiahua Wood Co., Ltd. produced the trademark "Shen Hao" to strengthen the floor and other product quality failed. According to reports, the main problems of nonconforming products,pvc tongue and groove porch decking one is the individual product formaldehyde emission exceeds the national mandatory standards; Second, the surface wear resistance is poor. The spot checks of 17 batches of substandard products, there are 12 batches of products on the surface wear resistance of less than the required requirements.[url=]composite gates and fences st helens[/url] Surface wear layer failure will affect the service life of the product, damage the interests of consumers; third is the low bending strength. The sampling of the

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According to divulging, this trading company exported the plank of 735.69 stere in nearly two years of indrawn China, overbalance 3.5 million ruble. According to Russia relevant law, lightweight composite decking boat offended the item that smuggles goods and materials of strategy of a huge sum. At present this case still is in farther cognizance.

Occupy Russian media coverage additionally, besides the Beijiaerde after the bare tower that is the same as border on of Chinese Inner Mongolia the area contrabands lumber to China rampant ultra deck quick cap end cap besides, also abound in to contraband the phenomenon of lumber to China in Yierkusike and the Siberia area such as new Siberia.

Among them not long ago of new Siberia custom just hunted down experience record amount the case of billions of ruble. This smuggling gang is used forge the smuggling lumber with long-term waterproof outdoor decks in gotland county and many file to go to China. But as a result of too greedy, still hope to use exit drawback policy to acquire more interests again, was about to beg drawback 2016 only 100 million much ruble, result by fish the file is suspected of forging.

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Visit the floor production process, on-site learning floor knowledge Anxin in Qingpu floor production workshop is the country's largest flooring factory, under the leadership of the security staff, we visited the solid wood flooring and composite floor production of the whole process. First visit the An Weil Weng floor display hall,

to understand the various solid wood material color and characteristics, see the different materials and the actual effect of the laying of the decoration style. Then came to the letter of the floor of the raw materials storage warehouse, the world over the timber will be registered first, and then stacked here.

Workers in the floor moisture content of the film, moisture content is not up to the floor is caused by arch, deformation of the main reasons, unqualified floor will be sent to the warehouse to re-health, after health, the floor moisture content will be closer to the local climate. After visiting the exhibition hall,

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In 2004, EMC sold solid wood floor finished 3000000 square meters, plate 2000000 square meters, successful entry into the US, Japan and Europe market. When buying solid wood floor, users do not blindly pursue expensive, according to their own preferences, living room conditions to choose.

The main attention to the following aspects: material should consider the ground conditions of the house, such as a bungalow or the bottom of the building, because of its direct contact with the ground, the humidity is large.We should choose the floor of Qiu mu, Korean pine and white pine, and these three kinds of wood are not easily deformed after being wet.

The floor of high-rise buildings can be used as water, teak, Chinese fir, Bai Hua and other solid wood floor, the material is beautiful pattern, little scar, the hard is good.The moisture content of the wood floor is also important.Be sure to be consistent with local balanced moisture content.

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Valinge Unilin and have already applied for more than 10 patents in China.Individual patents have been approved by the Chinese government, and some non-authorized patents need further scrutiny.Foreign patent holders have been staring at the floor production enterprises in our country, want to grab the expensive patent fee.

Levy: the lion's opening, Valinge and Unilin, the two-dominated enterprises to the Chinese enterprises to open a levy.People familiar with the matter told reporters that from the beginning of the investigation, Valinge hired 4 lawyers to run around the world to sue Chinese companies for evidence."at present, European companies are asking Chinese companies to pay $100000 to $120000 a single time,"he said.

At the same time, the floor cost of $0.65 per square meter, including the previous sale of the floor is also required to charge additional charges."countermeasures:"this is our third meeting, and we have to hold the Cheng tuan er and the other side of the war.

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3 it is to begin an enterprise actively to classify administrative job, according to company quality safety the canal controls capacity, undertake classified rating to its, to according with wood laminate floor installation the enterprise that one class, 2 class superintend, decrease accordingly selective examination batch, rise involve rate.

4 it is to work overtime begin servive routine of fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs, be coordinated actively and supervise unit of fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs different types of outdoor fences relevant personnel, accomplish not within call, articulatory holiday to begin servive routine of fuming or steaming-treating diseases with fumes as in moxibustion or with steam generated by boiling medicine herbs,

5 it is with reform go ahead of the rest is motivation, active exploration is exporting bibcock enterprise try out to import raw material of for private use to examine new pattern to the factory, make the enterprise imports content to shed cost to decrease 43% , will arrive before of harbor goods close time to fall by 5~6 day to 2~3 day, buy composite decking in ireland can save business other people to flow considerably cost and raise content to shed efficiency of have enough to meet need, reduce manufacturing cost.

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